Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mingalaba. Ningowla?

That's about the extent of my spelling in Byrmese... Not only are we teaching English but they're teaching us little words too haha. Wow, how fun was it to talk to yall a bit on Christmas!! Sorry I didn't get to sayin much. I swear my mind just went blank when I saw you haha. I didn't really know what to say anyway I guess. 
Jimmy Ray is a hoot. That's just what I have to say. He KILLS me hahaha. We got to see him a couple times this week and he's doing pretty well. Till at church  the first thing he said was, "yall are pushin me too much".. gaaaa! It's cause he's making another "gospel CD" and has the excuse that it takes a solid year to get it out and he wants to get it done. He also was so kind to give me one. He said to me the other day, "it's just too bad y'aint just a bit older, I'd marry yuh" pffff haha. he's like in his 80's so don't be alarmed. Anyway, he's doing fine, we got it resolved.
Alma! OH MAN, she's the coolest! Not sure what I've told yall bout Alma but she's so prepared. She's an eternigator, but now is definitely her time. We taught her the restoration 2 weeks ago and she closes her eyes while we talk to her and she'll talk it through so she understands it and asks the most incredible questions! You can just see the cogs spinnin. We saw her Saturday on exchanges and she had read the chapter we gave her and had notes and questions, but after she recognizes the answer she'll turn to me and say, "ok I don't want to get off track, what did you come to teach me today?". We taught the plan of salvation because the time before she asked questions that lead into it! While teaching the premortal life she asked, "so if God has a body of flesh and bone, why can't we see him?" leading right on to the veil. Then during the fall of Adam and Eve she understood 2 Nephi 2:22-25 really well saying, "oh, so it was all part of the plan!?" and she said that nobody has ever explained it so clearly. We finished on the atonement and I was putting our little pictures away when she asked, "wait, you're not done are you?" haha she in UNREAL. We haven't set a date with her YET, but not for a lack of tryin. We are focusing on a date and getting her to sacrament this week.
We also have a family from Cuba/Honduras that we just started teaching! They only speak Spanish but one of them served a mission in Honduras and hasn't been to church in a while and they were referrals from a member! I taught them on exchanges and the one that served (Nidia) bore her testimony of the book of Mormon! The spirit was pretty powerful as she did and we're excited to get her activated and the rest of the family involved. They committed to read the bom as a family. Even the Pentecostal dad was pretty excited! 
Elizabeth we just found out is moving out of our area pretty soon so we'll have to hand her off, but that's ok! She's so so ready! Herb has kinda gone MIA in the past few days so we're worried.. 
On Christmas we ate so much it was uncomfortable. We had exchanges that night and went back-to-back so it was a crazy weekend, but so fun! Both the sisters I went with are amazing missionaries and so much fun to be with. I love getting to do exchanges cause I get to know other sisters, get new ideas, etc. ope, gotta run! 
Love yall!!! Que tengan un feliz Ano Nuevo!!!
Hermanita Jackson

Monday, December 22, 2014

你好家庭!圣诞快乐![Hello family! Merry Christmas!]

Well heck, FELICITACIONES to the most beautiful couple in el mundo!! Sounds to me like it was the funnest wedding anyone has ever been to haha. Are they honeymooning? Will I get to speak with them on Christmas? Also, looks like we are skyping cause I'm calling outside the US. If yall don't get back to me on a time I'mma have to guess and say 12:00 here.. Plan on that unless I hear from Pops in the next bit. 
Wew, so Belleview continues to be incredible! I'm in love with this oldieville. AAANNND I got a new companion!!! Sister Taylor is from Bountiful, is a BYU coug (we went there at the same time), served in texas for 6 weeks waiting on her visa to Australia speaking Mandarine. She made it to Australia and had visa complications so now she's here! She's been here for about 5 months. We're havin so much fun! We've seen so many miracles this week and have so many solid people to work with! it's almost like "we don't have room enough to receive (these blessings)" haha. So last week I failed to mention Amber. Amber had an incredible week 2 weeks ago and was really starting to progress. We had a cool lesson on the law of chastity and the word of wisdom and actually... The member we set fell through 2 hours before so we were frantically calling members. We got sister Winston to come and she shared her experience with the word of wisdom and it was SO perfect for Amber's situation! Man, The Lord must have a lot of fun organizing tender mercies like that! It was cool. She posted on FB a picture of coffee stating to everyone that it would be her last and tagged us! She lasted a couple of days before the headaches got to her... But this week she and boyfriend aren't doing so great and she's busy busy busy with school and getting overwhelmed with everything. So we actually haven't been able to meet with her in a week. Jamie Ray.. I think I told yall bout him last week.. He called during weekly planning the day before Denise's baptism and said he was looking for sister Thomson. He said he needed to come to church. We invited him to the baptism and he came and loved it. We tried to give him a chapel tour after and it kept getting interrupted and such so it didn't actually work. BUT he came to church for the first 2 hours. We met with him on Monday night and we asked what he would need to do to find out for himself that this is the truth and he said while pushing his finger to the table in sync with his words: "I HAVE to go to church".hahaha AMEN! Then we were teaching about the book of Mormon and he said, "I got one question for yall... why didn'tcha come earlier?! This is good stuff!". To give you an idea of his accent and personality.. Y'know the new missionary on The Best Two Years? The goofy one with a drawl and coke bottle glasses? Straight up Jamie Ray! His accent is such that we're actually not sure if he's sayin Jamie Ray or Jimmy Ray haha. He's always talkin about "the man upstairs". He's sure been through a lot of health issues! He's got a baptismal date for Jan. 17th!! wooohooo! Yesterday he came to church and after sacrament wanted to talk to the bishop. He asked bishop if he could take a hymnal for a week. He used to be a big singer and such and plays the drums and guitar and keyboard. I hope you've got a good idea of this fellow cause he's seriously adorable and makes us laugh pretty hard.
We received the most GOLDEN media referral this week! Her name is Elizabeth. She lived in California and has a really rough past there, but some members reached out to her last Christmas and invited her to the church for the Christmas program. She says she's never felt so much love and the spirit was so powerful! she's elated about taking lessons and being baptized! She received the first 3 lessons in Cali and had a member family take her in as their own. I guess her family has kinda pushed her away so she loves the church family. She can talk your ear off but she's the sweetest thing! She called us the other day to ask if the lady she cares for can join in on the lessons and we can start over! We're working on setting a date with her. She's set on being baptized and can be ready soon, but she wants that family to be there. She called them and they said they will come whenever she's ready. She's praying about it too. She came to church yesterday but could only stay the first hour cause her lil lady she takes care of is really sick and getting surgery this week. 
We have tons of members helping us out all the time and this week we have potentially 3 families having our gators over for Christmas! Pray we won't have to eat 3 times...... 
We got another referral who wanted a Bible. We stopped by and he wasn't expecting missionaries to come with the book but after a bit of explaining the book of Mormon and stuff he wants us to come back in a week! his name is Mace.
We met a man Saturday night coming home from a lesson, he was out smoking and we were driving by and rolled down the window. Invited him to the Christmas program and he didn't show up so we texted him to see if we could come by. His name is Kevin and he's visiting from Virginia. We had an amazing lesson last night with a return missionary (this week from Texas- she's amazing). Anyway, the spirit was super strong and we'll see him tomorrow before he goes back. 
Denise is doing wonderfully :) She studies so so much! And asks really good questions and everything. I'm just obsessed with her!
I loves yall and I'll see you Thursday eh?!

XOXO, Hermanita Jackson

Monday, December 15, 2014

My Cup Runneth Over

Oooo what a week!!! Last Monday we got to go to the choir concert for Denise at a presbyterian church. It was a grand ol time and spiritual too. We were definitely the youngest people in there by a long shot haha welcome to the villages. That night we tracted a lil street that had given us some luck before and the one and only door we knocked on was a lady and her 30 year old son. They were so cool! She kept saying, You're both so happy and different.. and 20th century, like you're pretty with it in style haha. She asked us to please come back the next day! Mind you, we approached the whole situation with the He is the Gift vid (eye brow raises that Dave always does with a smirk haha). Unfortunately they fell through the next night, so we'll be in touch with them. BUT she held our hands and sang "you areso beautiful to me, can't you see! You're everything 've ever hoped for, you're everything I need. You are so beautiful, etc, etc." She prolly said you are so beautiful about 10 times hahaha. It was really hard not to laugh cause she was dead serious.
Happenings with Denise this week: We had an incredible lesson on Joseph Smith with her member sister and invited her to pray once more about him. She read the talk by elder anderson this last conference and was lead to the book of Moses where it said, "God's words never cease". She was really excited to tell us the next day. She cried trying to read a quote about the atonement by elder holland. PS she reads conference talks like a maniac haha she's AWESOME! She's trying to share the gospel with her mom who was really offended ten years ago by the last missionary experience. At her baptism Denise got up and said, "My cup runneth over" to begin and said the sweetest lil testimony! I spoke at her baptism on the holy ghost haha she printed off a talk and highlighted what she wanted read from it so basically my talk was done, but then her sister thought she was speaking on the holy ghost as well so I hadda rebound and tie in the baptism side after finding out when I was announced to speak haha. It turned out pretty good. Helps to be prepared eh?
Our memebrs are UNREAL! I'm obsessed with belleview!
Gotta run actually, but I loves yall.. Matty n Shan, I wish I coudl be there for yuh, but just send me the pics k? Lani, wish I could be at yours too! I love you all dearly and have the best week!!!!!
Hermana Jackson

Monday, December 8, 2014

I NEVER want to be too busy to help someone

I've been pretty selfish today in reading all the emails from loved ones.. :) sorry! I forgot last week to report on the cool plan our ward is doing with reactivation and stuff. We're working with a sister who we and the bishop and wml prayed about, the bishop met with her and now we teach her basics once every week. there are 12 lessons. Last week we taught about the BoM and she was so emotional as she remembered the swelling in her bosom when she read it a long while ago. She also had come to church last sunday with a question and shared her sweet and personal experience. She had been praying all morning before we came that the spirit would testify to her and she just couldn't hold it together! The spirit definitely testified to all of us and she's so excited to read the BoM again.
Um, Denise Brown is getting BAPTIZED saturday!!!!! EEEE. She just makes me the happiest. She's so involved in everything and loved the christmas devotional. We get to go to her concert today in the villages at the presbyterian church cause our memebr got us tickets!! I'm pleased as punch with that cutie. Thanks for all the prayers! PS she is converted on the word of wisdom and doing wonderfully :)

One night we were coming home from exchanges and a man was on the very edge of the busy road in his lil jazzy with nothing but his phone flashlight to identify him. We turned around after barely seeing him and drove next to him slowly with our blinkers on so he could get home safely. We were home late unfortunately, but I don't feel guilty about it at all! He was so overcome by it that he started to cry and thank us profusely. When we told him that we are missionaries he got so excited! He seems to be in a search for truth and is open to try all beliefs. It made me the happiest person! That right there is joy. I thought over and over that night how I NEVER want to be too busy to help someone like tha! I never want to pass up opportunities to serve.
We had 2 wonderful exchanges this week :) We're focusing a lot more on our sisters, even at the expense of things in our area cause that's what we're supposed to do. I just love the sisters in our zone! We've had some definite challenges this transfer, but I'm happy to report that things are swell.
I found out from dear sister Kreiberg that Richard, whom we taught in Lake Noney is baptized!! Imma get permission to write him! He divorced his wife cause she was being a pill about it I guess. Sounds like he's doing amazing!
Had MLC this week and almost didn't make it cause our tire popped..! BUT miraculously we made it there even 20 minutes early on our donut. MLC was incredible and we talked a lot about going JSUT ONE MORE! SO that's our focus and it's already helped.
I get to teach a spanish family in Lecanto! (about an hour away) but there's no other missionaries up here who speak spanish! They're SO prepared and it was the happiest thing to talk to them in spanish cause i don't have too many opportunities to use it.
Dad, I thought of you at the christmas devotional :) when we sat on the couch together watching it at home! haha how long ago was that? Also, I promise to pick up the piano again when I get home! I actually was  thinking that and then turned to where i was in matthew about the parable of talents.. Not a coincidence.
Chels, a two year old lil girl leaned to me from her mothers arms the other day and it was almost like it was Sophs haha. Give her my loves.
Alright, I've got to run. Love you all! Mama, fly safe, Matty, keep calm and carry on (You can do all things through Christ ;), Papa, I hope you're well back in Madrid. Loves to the rest of you!!!
Hermana Jackson
BETCHA! hahaha saw this on exchanges and just about died.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Feliz Dia de Acion de Gracias

Hey hey fam! So before I forget! At zone conference they showed us these new lil pamphlets we'll be getting as missionaries to show our family tree and stuff. i need some birth dates, death dates, etc about my relatives :) I think 4 generations.
So we didn't hear from Denise hardly at all while she was gone to Chicago for 2 weeks. Probably the scariest thing ever, but we got permission to text her sister Saturday and she said that Denise was "being a good little mormon girl and has her own lil testimony of the word of wisdom!" eeee! Just makes me pleased as punch. Denise called this morning and she's home safe after a terrible day of driving yesterday. She's putting up Cristmas decorations and it's hard for her cause she had a stroke a few years back and so we get to go spend some pday time with her :) YES! I'll take pictures. She's getting interviewed this week.
Thanksgiving was wonderful! We have THE BEST memebrs in Belleview. No joke, I love this ward and hope I can stay here for a lil while longer. Mostly likely will with SIster Conger leaving. The Gilmans made us the yummiest Thanksgiving at lunch time and then the Copelands (he served as a mission president years ago in portugal) fed us the most extravigant(sp?) meal with creme brulee. Don't worry, I got some yummy hoem made punkin (:)) pie at the Gilmans.
We've been focusing TONS on He is the Gift!! I really hope yall have seen it, are passing onut the 9 pass along cards from the ensign and whatever else! Email it to friends, put in on insta, etc. It's the coolest that the church is going through so much efforts to #sharethegift. We went knkocking the other night ([prolly the first or second time I've knocked here in this area) and the second door we came to a woman named Pam let us in to watch the video. She and her husband watched it with us and she ended in tears. It really brought the spirit and led us into the restoration and such. They are looking for a church and at first were hesitant saying they probably wouldn't come to church or allow us back, but ended up taking our number and saying they would probably call us back! She admitted that the video really opened the door.
Amber is doing well. She had a bit of a scare this week cause she has lots of family members who are members of the church, including her mother who was excommunicated and such. So she got some opposition and her husband doesn't like our religion but refuses to listen to us. She's getting there. Unfortunately she didn't come to church yesterday cause she was asleep when our memebr went to lead her there.
Antonia and girls didn't come last week to church but called us and said that since she wanted to be early, he was speeding and got pulled over.. But she came this week even though we tried really hard to be in touch with her this week. she loves church and stuff, but they have family here.
We met a new guy, Dan on saturday when we stopped the car in our complex to talk to him. Gave him the restoration pamphlet and set a time to go back later that day and within an hour he called us and said, "hey, I'm reading about priethood meeting in this pamphlet and I'm wondering if I can go to that meeting!" He had read the whole pamphlet. Unfortunately yesterday was the 5th sunday and a combined meeting about emergency preparedness, but he came and loved church. He's like TOO knowledgable in sciptures.. Its hard cause he believes different things cause he reads a different bible.. like 8 days of creation and stuff. We went back last night and had an ok lesson. He's just kinda hard hearted.
We met a James on exchanges 2 weeks ago and have been trying hard to meet with him and something happens every time. But we met with him last night and he's SO cool! He too knows the scriptures but reads the king james and said he will read the bom in a week haha. He's super humble and it seems to me like he's recently hit a rock bottom. His friend was there too and he's a young guy that doesn't believe in god. He wasn't taking things too seriously and finally the woman with us bore her firm testimony and started crying about how god spared her life to bring her son (who was present and recently returned from his mission) to earth so he could serve a mission. It was unreal. Like the spirit was so strong!
The burmese family is progressing just ever so slightly haha they're the cutest family and we love them. Taught them about testimony, god, jesus christ and the bom this week :)
Reading in Matthew (SO behind in the mission read) but I'm learning a ton! Lot's about following Christ Immediately. I thought of you Mama and Papa being so quick to say yes to your present calling. I also learn tons about the attributes of Christ. he's just constantly ministering to those in his path. He'll be on his way to raise the daughter of Lazerus (sp?) and then stops to talk to the woman who touched his garment! LOVE it. It's so rich with love and good lessons.
Gotta run cause I just talked to the guy next to me for a bit haha. He's gonna watch he is the Gift :D hahaha. Alrighty, Loves yall and have a wonderful week. I'm so grateful for yall and hope you know I'm tryin to email and write yall back..
Hermanita Jackson

Monday, November 24, 2014

re: McGuire's are in Madrid!

Oh how fun is that?! Please send them my love!! I sure appreciate them keeping in touch with me and sending me birthday loves and such. They're so awesome! 
Denise is in Chicago right now wth family for her daughter's wedding. We're praying she's staying strong with the word of wisdom and everything! I'm in love with that lady. You'll definitely have to meet her one day!
We don't get the whole day for thanksgiving haha we're gonna be out finding and teaching all day.. Mostly with our Asian families and such haha.
re mail: I actually haven't gotten anything in the past 2 weeks.. not sure what's up with the mail but I'm awaiting some letters.
We had zone conference this week- it was incredible!! Sister Conger and I gave a training!! haha seriously the scariest thing eva but we survived. 

XOXO hermanita Jackson II

my last district 
Some good fun at the Halloween party haha 

Man... those are Reeses PIES! I promise I didn't eat very much! Only a few yummy bites haha. 
sometimes yuh just need a treat. 
The coolest lady. Obviously has faith in Christ. 

On exchanges and she had hiccups.. This was the remedy that a member gave us hahaha. 

Out at Walmart :) I just can't get over the golf carts here! 
Remember this sista from Semoran?! Well one day back then she nudged me and said, "I know how we'll be companions one day... we're gonna be STLS" haha then she invited me to pray about it. She is now an STL with Hermana Fisi!!! Haha we've just about died laughing about it. Love this Sister to death.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Denise is still a champ ...

I was going to send pictures real quick, but it's not working..

I'm not even gonna lie, this week was nuts and I've prolly never been so stressed haha! We have some sisters who are going through a rough time and it's more than just them not getting along, there's some depression involved. We were with them last Monday, on exchanges from Thursday Morning after ZTM to Friday night, and Saturday night for a few hours of comp inventory. I'm learning a lot about myself and a lot about Christlike attributes. It's been a roller coaster, but they're doing a bit better every day and we're praying for the best. I'll tell yuh, it was the most miraculous exchange I've ever been on haha  I was in Eustis. The first day a man stopped his car next to us while we were making a phone call in a neighborhood and said, "where yuh been? Go see James in that house right there" so we did and taught Jason, the son, and set a date with him, then came back the next day and he was totally solid! He came to church yesterday too! We got a member referral and the member was less active and was like a kid on Christmas while he talked about his mission and got way choaked up. and on and on. The Lord was definitely answering my prayers for those sisters to see some happiness.
Denise is still a champ! She's been drinking a cup of coffe a week to get rid of head aches (that's pretty solid after drinking like a pot a day!). So we invited her to get a blessing and she got it yesterday after church. we saw her last night and she's fully confident that she will be fine. She leaves tomorrow to Chicago for her daughter's wedding. For 2 weeks. She has her member sister to help though, so we aren't worried. Love her tons! gotta go! Love yoU!

Hermana Jackson

Thanks Mommy! Love hearing from you! Sounds like yall are just as stressed out over there- if not more! Just please pray for not only me, but the sisters in our zone. We have 5 companionships in training and one that isn't but that comp. is reeeeally fragile right now. We were with them for the majority of the week. lots of emotions there and I hate to say it but pride is the main problem. Depending on today they could be ET-ed which would only hurt the situation, but it just depends on what President decides ha. Sister Conger and I are doing well. She's SO cool and really an awesome missionary! I'm so so grateful that she's dedicated and focused even though she's fixin to go home! I'm wanting you to meet sister Allred and sister Conger when they come home and you'll be there for the wedding!! when do you go back to Spain? That would be the BEST!

Hermana Jackson

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hey mama and papa :)

I just wanted to email yall today cause i don't feel like I get to very often and you both have asked questions. I actually haven't had the time to read your emails today but will read them later. 
1.My companion and I are doing great,, don't worry haha. We're just different and working through things. 
2. Yes, Lanner's engaged and she was really sweet to give me a heads up a few weeks before haha he sounds awesome and i'm so happy for her!
3. We had such a BOSS MLC the other day about planning and such and we're really excited for this transfer!
4. That being said, we've had some serious miscommunication/misinterpretation apparently from MLC so this morning our phone was blowing up! All in all, we have to replan our transfer and exchanges and such. 
5. Wew, this morning has really just been nuts. Between comp. maintenance, talking to district leaders about sisters, Assistants about exchanges, sisters going through a really hard time and about to go home, then president.. etc. I don't want you to think I'm complaining, because really, I LOVE my calling and I'm grateful for how much it stretches me. But I'd be lying if I said I was perfectly fine haha. I'm happy and well and praying, but I'd love some prayersies so I can BEST minister to others! ;) please don't think I'm not doing ok cause honestly, it's just fresh from the morn haha.
6. Denise is INCREDIBLE and Imma have to tell you all about her next week. She couldn't come to church yesterday but she listened to conference all day and had somgs picked out for her baptism haha. I LVOE HER!!!
And i loves you both! Thanks for all you do!
hermana Jackson II

Monday, November 3, 2014

This ward is BOMB

Hey hey fam! Guess what!? this week is my first time not going to transfer meeting since January haha. It's nice. Sister Conger and I will be staying here in good ol retirement capital del mundo :) 
So Denise yall! she. is. my. favorite. Ahhh, she's really the most prepared and dedicated person I've met! We brought a member this week who we found out is in a singing group with her! They're good friends now and we had a meal set up with that member so we had her call Denise and invite her. Turns out, they stayed for about an hour chatting after we left. We had the ward mission leader and his wife (RS pres) over on Saturday and talked about the word of wisdom. Background: last time she was meeting with missionaries 10 years ago, when it came to the word of wisdom, they went into her kitchen, dumped out her coffee and wine and TOOK her coffee maker.... eeeeee. So she had a sore spot from that. We told her that we want her to make that decision. We also taught her about fasting earlier in the week and she told us she wants to fast to know if this is what she should do for sure. She was slightly worried about keeping the word of wisdom, but she agreed and we started the fast together so that she could have the strength to keep it. Well church was wonderful! She got there early, her member sister came, testimonies went well, etc. AAaaand then we went to RS.. Who knew a priesthood lesson could quickly turn into a "homosexual" lesson?... The member sister has a daughter who is, soooo that was a turn off. The spirit left the room for a few moments as things got heated and minds were turned from doctrine. Denise's sister was cool about it! Like a very good attitude. Denise on the other hand was shaken up becasue that was a concern of hers from the beginning. She doesn't like that those people are judged, and we need to love them. So everything we taught her about loving them but disagreeing with their actions when they act on it totally backfired in that lesson. We stayed after to talk a bit about it and apologize. Luckily her sister stayed with her at the church building and they stayed from 1-3:30 talking on the stairs outside. We called her last night to see how she is doing. Yeah, she's THE COOLEST! anyone else could have ran from that, but she said she felt peace after talking things through with her sister and stuff. Man, thank goodness for that support! What if her sister hadn't come?! She still has her date for DEc. 13th and we're now less worried about when she leaves for her daughters wedding cause her sister will help her out too. 
Not sure if I told yall about the Burmese family we are teaching english to :) haha I seriously LOVE them. They're so adorable and really progressing. We're slowly easing into talking about God and Jesus Christ. The two kiddies shoot their hands up when we ask who wants to pray haha. We've been looking for teaching materials in Burmese, but they hardly exist... 
We started teaching Antonia english becasue that will help in her long-term conversion. She's a little up in the air right now casue she hasn't been to church in two weeks (last week casue of the temple walk with the YW) but she also fell through on a lesson and we haven't heard back or been able to catch her at home. We'll see... 
We have a new investigator named Herb. The first lesson we realized something was different, like he was speaking through is teeth and such, but the other night when we visited he was uncontrollably shaky. We found out that he has parkinsons. He's there and listens and participates very well! He's nervous to come to church because when he did in Leesburg he was shaking the pugh and was embarrassed. It's difficult to see how he's reacting to things as well. Definitely a different situation. He's so so sweet though and is progressing very well. The other night a member came with us and was so great at sharing her testimony. She shared that she was just diagnosed with lymphoma and testified of the atonement. It was SO powerful and really brought a great spirit.
We go to an assisted living home every sunday to serve ice cream :) haha it could seriously be a reality tv show!! Our favorite lil lady's name is Bertha from Germany. She can't remember if she likes chocolate. She always come in (say it with the accent and with disgust) and says, "I HATE CHOCOLATE" and gives a nice guff. But then inevitably she chooses the chocolate one with chocolate syrup hahaha. She's adorable and gives us kisses on the cheeks all the time. we got to go for halloween and help out with a party for a bit.
Our ward is starting a "sprint family plan" where we meet with the bishop and WML and pray about 2 families in the ward who could share the gospel in small steps. apparently its worked realyl well in a ward in Wyoming. Also, we pick two less active families for bishop to call in and invite them to have 12 lessons with missionaries and to give them a timeline and such. We'll see how it goes! We're way excited for it! This ward is BOMB. Loves yall and happy November :)
Hermana Jackson

PS don't be decieved, its actually quite frigid here right now haha. I've had several people ask if it's stiflin hot.

Monday, October 27, 2014

happy happy birthday miss BEEEE!

Alrighty, another quicky this week.. SORRY.
1. Simon was promising in the beginning and knows it's true but may be afraid of having to act upon that knowledge. He bailed on both lessons with members this week and such. We even got to his house one night with te member and he was riding off on his bike to give something to his neighbor who "really needed it". we told him we would wait and to hurry. Yeah, he didn't come back for an hour and a half as we weekly planned on his porch. We had to temporarily drop him.
2. we were dropped by lots of investigators this week. it was actually pretty funny cause it happened in about 10 minutes. BUT we now know who to focus on! God helped us seperate the wheat from the tares :)
3. Wednesday was an interesting one. We saw a recent convert and her husband who.. have a rough life style. But she's 6 months pregnant and has cancer, he's working all day so they can have food, etc. He had family coming to town to pick him up and take him to connecticut to see his mom and new nephew and stuff. He said he'd only be gone for a week but she knew he was leaving her. Hours before he planned to leave, we were stuck in the middle of her pouring her heart out and saying how she doesn't want to be homeless again and such.... That was SO hard. Like my heart was so weighed down. I found myself praying for them and thanking Heavenly Father for all my belssings. That was messy and we ended on the best note we could without getting involved. But we couldn't function very well after so we stopped by a member's house for a blessing. We both kinda broke down crying cause we felt so out of tune with the spirit. Our blessings were both so inspired and so so sweet. Thank goodness for the priesthood!!! We hadn't eaten dinner by that time (about 8) and they quickly made us fried egg sandwiches before our next appointment. I think they were even better cause they were made with love :)\
4. we've been teaching english to a family from Burma just one time a week for the past transfer. Last week we taught them how to pray and this week we got to teach the plan of salvation!!! It was the sweetest experience to see the hope light up their faces. The lil kiddies are adorable.
5. One of my first weeks here, in weekly planning I asked if we could go through formers. Sister Conger thought she knew all of the formers cause this area is fairly new, but one stood out to me and she didn't know her. Her name is Denise. We stopped by a few weeks ago and have seen her about 4 times now. At first she was comfortable in her jewish faith and was pretty closed, but she's read in the bom between every visit, comes with questions. This week we invited her to church. She went to the Leesburg ward with her sister who is a member. We went over last night to answer her questions. She LOVED church and how nice all the strangers were to her! She said we came at the perfect time for her because she was trying to decide if she anted to pay to be a member of the synagogue. She told us she knows we came at that time for a reason. She used to be christian but then when she married a jewish man she raised her kids that way, but always felt a secret void of Christ. Anyway, she's AMAZING and praying about baptism on the 13th of December!!! Last night she talked about Judaism in a past tense and seemed so ready for this new path. Ahh, wish i cold share more. Gotta run! LOVES!
Hermana Jackson

Also, this is for Pops-
I guess I haven't been good at telling yall how much i really do appreciate the ipads. No joke, i'm not sure how we did it before. It hastens the work SOOO much! I really really hope yall can get them. It's a rough adjustment, but worth it for sure. I got to skype Carlos in Peru again this week and had that returned missionary teach with me. Carlos is doing REALLY well and this last lesson was a big improvement. I've come to a testimony of the power of twos for sure this last transfer or two. It's hard to teach someone in spanish by myself. So one-dimentional. we're curresntly working on passing him off. But I put a picture on facebook of skyping carlos and had about 10 people i didn't know like it (from peru) so i messaged them. I got 2 referrals from it and 2 others who I'm currently talking to :)ahhh! Lot's of missionaries here have been able to reach out to friends from home and convert them. I coudl just go on and on about it. Not only that, we have our area book with us at all times! We have a map (kinda cause we don't have wifi everywhere). The record keeping is so pristine. Like we report on EVERYTHING so that missionaries who come will know when we called the people, when we heart attacked them, etc. mm, yeah. I really hope yall get them. Keep me updated!

Hermana Jackson II

Monday, October 20, 2014


Haha Dave, remember the man that whistled his s's in Satsumas? Walter, our investigator does the saaame thing and it makes me laugh inside and think of you. 
Well anyway, it's been an incredible week!!! Last Monday after emailing we went outside of the library and were talking to a guy in the parking lot when the librarian came out (preface.. they told us last week we need to be careful about not "pushing people" with our message cause they've had complaints). She told us, "you need to stop it! we just got another complaint!" and we hadn't talked or even said hello to one person in the library.. So while talking to this guy I'm kinda on the verge of crying cause we were totally accused. Luckily he was super cool and wanted to meet with us a lot after that haha. His name is Darius and we saw him twice last week! So we continued to Target to get our groceries and we were kinda silent on the way. We had been in there not but 2 minutes when a lady in the isle put her hand on sister Conger's arm with a smile and said, "where yuh from? what ward?" We chatted for a few seconds and she said, "keep it up sisters!" we both must have look a bit sheepish (my throat was hurting like i was on the verge of water works) and she gave me te biggest mama hug!!!! She gave us so much love and when she left we turned into another isle and there we were bawling like fools in the mouthwash section haha. The Lord sure does provide right when we need it! She was an angel. That sounds so dramatic, but it was just as real.
On exchanges on Saturday in Belleview we decided to go tract a street that we had some potentials on and where we had just had a first lesson with the coolest lady ever a few days prior (her name is Cinthia, but I don't have much time...). We stopped at the house on the corner cause there were 2 guys out and we "asked them where a house was". we got to talking and Simon (with ALPHA and OMEGA tattooed to his eye lids and a nice gold grill) and he's on a quest for truth. We shared the restoration and quoted the bible as much as we could (not too much haha but the Lord helped us) and slowly he was intrigued and less attacking. haha quote: "some people like John called Jesus Lord and shepherd and savior cause that's what resinated with them. I call him duuuuu (dude) cause I was born in the rock time. So I be rockin with jesus!" Not sure if that's complete blaspheme to write that, but jst so yall have a good idea of this fellow. He prayed so sincerely to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and at the end he opened his eyes and repeated, "Joseph Smith". After thinking it through he said, "I know He was a prophet. I feel so much light. I totally love him, he's so cool! He couldn't come to church, but he promised to come next week. We invited him to read the resto. pamphlet and I was prompted to give him the 17 truths of Christ's church card in my bag. We went back last night with sister Santos and at first he was talkin about no church or religion being correct and that he has been called of god to be a preacher and establish the truth. He understands the bible really well and really LOVED the card I gave him. He's going to be baptized on Nov. 22!! He's SO excited and seems to get the priesthood. he kept sayin, "i love what yall are sayin. I love the priesthood. I feel like yall's message has truf". I really really wish yall could just talk to him and meet him and everything. He's prepared. When we asked him to read 3 chapters by wednesday he said, "yeah, but yall cant give me this assignment without coming back to follow up!" hahaaa alright fine! He wanted us to come every day, but then got realistic and we set a few lessons for the week haha.
Antonia and the girls fell through 2 or 3 times this week.. BUT they came to all 3 hours of church. Antonia is doing well, but the girls need a bit more.
I'm teaching Carlos via Skype still and he's doing great! We had a member return home from his spanish speaking mission this week and he's stoked to come with us!! YESSSS.
Gotta run. Look for miracles every day this week!
con amor, Hermana Jackson

feedin da shishees 
Joey when I was on exchanges in Eustis! Sister Maw's the coolest! We were in the same district when I was in Kissimmee. 
I guess we're in one accord cause we walked out of our bathrooms that day and literally were like this! 

Spotted on exchanges 

contacting on the golfcart! haha we got permission to use member's carts :) good thing for all that practice at home, eh? 
another awesome exchangie 
selfie in the car. 
good ol Flarda :) 
Sayde and Antonia 

These sisters are unreal and we loved our exchange with them! The one next to me is the older sister of my friend Max Jensen!
hahaaa.. worth 1000 words.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Ok so first off, I'm SO SO sorry for not writing yall the past two weeks... Just tell everyone to stop gettin engaged and then maybe I'll have some time to tell yuh haha. Nah, I'm so happy to hear about all these happy events!! Shout out to miss Meggie Boshard, now Mowler(?) something of the sort.. for getting MARRIED this last week!! Nuts, i tell you haha.
The Lord has been showering blessings here in Belleview! WE're still working with the lil spanish family. Antonia is the mom and the sweetest thing. She's progressing so well, made it to conference, asking good questions and fasted yesterday at church! We haven't set dates with them yet but it's not for a lack of effort. Sayde is the 15 yo daughter and so mature and sweet too! She's been going to mutual, she started out not knowing if there was a God, she just understands things and is also progressing really well. Celeste is 9 and doesn't necessarily understand everything haha she's quiet, but funny when she does talk. She's moving right along with them. The dad on the other hand isn't antagonistic but isn't too excited to jump in.. We have an FHE set up tonight at a member's house and we're way excited. I get to teach Antonia in spanish :) wooo! But it's hard not having a second witness and we're trying to balance it out. I can translate but sometimes it takes away from the lesson and such, so that's being worked out. We're trying to get members who speak spanish to all the lessons.Saturday we invited them to fast about baptism. They came to church (the girls) fasting, we had 2 YW bear testimony and they were PERFECT! One of them spoke of her baptism and how that helps her make good decisions. Yeah, unreal. Testimony meeting yesterday was one of the best ones I've been to!! Each testimony was simple and rich with doctrine. And then in gospel principles we talked about baptism. Oh, fun fact, I translated sacrament meeting my first week here! It was a good experience, but definitely stressful. 
Walter and Carol are the cutest oldie couple that we've been teaching since before I got here! Carol's pretty quiet and just agrees with her husband most of the time, but then when you ask her, she's definitely following along and seeking answers. haha. Heck, we asked her about baptism and she said, "I'm ready, I'm just waiting for Walter!" then when we asked her to pray and ask if the BoM is true she said, "Oh, I don't need to, I know it's true!". Walter is a talker and he's very strong willed!! Like he yells at us a bit haha but its all good, we're just lucky to have THE COOLEST and most helpful members! mm, hallelujah. I actually had a lesson with them 2 weeks ago on exchanges and we are trying not to push the baptismal date with him cause he's super sensitive about not wanting to be pushed and I was prompted to share the timeline we made for them. Before even explaining it (and i had prefaced it with lots of love and concern) he kinda flipped out at me haha but our member saved it and then Walter kinda set his own date, so that was way cool! He came to priesthood and soaked it all up, she came to the women's broadcast and loved it even though it was a tad late for her. They watched conference all day Sunday (at the house unfortunately) but it really made a difference in Walter. He said he felt something and talked about how special it was when President Monson spoke! So the sad part now is that we just found out that there's something holding him back from baptism for a few years, therefor Carol won't do it without him, but we'll see what can be done.
We met a cool lady the other day after having contacted a media referral accross the street. Her name is Diane. We briefly taught her and sister Conger went back to see her on exchanges on Fri. She called on Saturday morning and said, "I need to set a time for yall to come back, that was fenomenal!" I'm running out of time, but I love you all and thanks for all the prayers cause we're seriously seeing blessings all over!
Hermana Jackson
flat tire on the way to MLC... hahaha good  thing it was in front of donut king! 
da souf
Our MLC practicing our song for the mission christmas devotional haha. WOAH.
I'll be singing once with MLC, once with the spanish crew and once with the PORTUGUESE crew haha. 
her concert :) this was last Monday. The first thing she said to us was, "I keep getting more excited (for her baptism) as I read the Book of Mormon!" 
The next youngest person in there was prolly in their 60s 
the Burmese fam :)

Sister Denise Brown :) mmm, I just love her! 

truly I'm da grinch haha 

heh.. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Denise allowed us to wear her Christmasy sweaters and BEST  of all her GRINCH shirt!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Una Boda!

WEW! lkseflskdfl;ksdjf haha how do I even express my feelings and thoughts right now?!!! THATS AWESOME!! Kinda crazy but I'm so so glad that they're happy! It sounds like they're flying pretty high right now haha. Don't worry bout me :) I'm super stoked for them!! Lil surprised I suppose although I shouldn't be haha. I guess it's just funny that life actually happens and I'm in my own lil world haha. I LOVE my world so I wouldn't change it in a second. Hey, they'll be at MY wedding so it's fine if I aint at theirs hahaha! I know this is where I'm supposed to be and this is where I WANT to be more than anything. 

GUESS WHAT! So I got to go see the Larson's at their house this week :) I'm sure you received pictures haha. But It was a really special experience. I'm super sad I didn't have more time for the lesson cause they took us out... But all in all we got a lil something in and the Lord definitely directed it. I love them SOOO much! I guess that's what happens when you pray for people and think of them often.I REALLY hope she was watching conference cause there were several talks that were directed to her questions. Anyway, they're just the sweetest of people and I really appreciate their love.

I'mma get on the big email and such. I've gotta email Matty and Shanda back real quick though.

Te quiero MUCHO! (muah!)

Hermanita Jackson

Monday, September 29, 2014

I Believe in Miracles!

Don't kill me, I had lots to do on email today... I don't have much time. BUT I'm here in Belleview with Sister Conger. It's about 95% oldies on golfcarts. A majority of our investigators are hispanic!! So I'm getting to use my spanish prolly more than I have in a while actually haha. Mom, I'm hoping you'll share some more from the email I sent you I guess cause I really don't have much time.. 
The ward is unreal! Like my first day here we had a dinner and they said, "hey I want to introduce you to our neighbors after!" pfff! whaaa?! Unfortunately, that aint the case with many more of the members.. But we have a couple or two who are the coolest member missionaries ever. Our RELIEF SOCIETY PRES. literally came out with us for 6 hours on saturday and saved us on miles. 
Pray for me in my spanish cause I don't get to study it, but I'm teaching in it every. day. I translated at church yesterday.
Eeek, gotta go! Love you all tons and I'll tell you about this week next week. SORRY!
LOVE, Hermana Jackson

WEW! lkseflskdfl;ksdjf haha how do I even express my feelings and thoughts right now?!!! THATS AWESOME!! Kinda crazy but I'm so so glad that they're happy! It sounds like they're flying pretty high right now haha. Don't worry bout me :) I'm super stoked for them!! Lil surprised I suppose although I shouldn't be haha. I guess it's just funny that life actually happens and I'm in my own lil world haha. I LOVE my world so I wouldn't change it in a second. Hey, they'll be at MY wedding so it's fine if I aint at theirs hahaha! I know this is where I'm supposed to be and this is where I WANT to be more than anything.

GUESS WHAT! So I got to go see the Larson's at their house this week :) I'm sure you received pictures haha. But It was a really special experience. I'm super sad I didn't have more time for the lesson cause they took us out... But all in all we got a lil something in and the Lord definitely directed it. I love them SOOO much! I guess that's what happens when you pray for people and think of them often.I REALLY hope she was watching conference cause there were several talks that were directed to her questions. Anyway, they're just the sweetest of people and I really appreciate their love.

I'mma get on the big email and such. I've gotta email Matty and Shanda back real quick though.

Te quiero MUCHO! (muah!)

Hermanita Jackson

Al fin de Septiembre?!

Meggie Ricks is the best friend eva! 

Our apartment was absolutely freezing.. So this is what my outfit ended up being one morning of studying haha.  
Michelle's promises :) 

Sister Spencer is also a Dane :) we just love her! 
That's Carlos! 
Sister Chinsey says: shoot for the stars, be a star because you ARE a star! hahaha 
The Chinseys and the assistants 

could not even breathe on the last one haha. How lucky am I to have served with Hermanas Allred and Marsh in my same ward!!? 
we did facials every sunday night in Lake Nona hahaha 
The Aldaves.. LOVE them! Cutest lil fam de Peru. 


from Sister Aldave this week.