Monday, December 15, 2014

My Cup Runneth Over

Oooo what a week!!! Last Monday we got to go to the choir concert for Denise at a presbyterian church. It was a grand ol time and spiritual too. We were definitely the youngest people in there by a long shot haha welcome to the villages. That night we tracted a lil street that had given us some luck before and the one and only door we knocked on was a lady and her 30 year old son. They were so cool! She kept saying, You're both so happy and different.. and 20th century, like you're pretty with it in style haha. She asked us to please come back the next day! Mind you, we approached the whole situation with the He is the Gift vid (eye brow raises that Dave always does with a smirk haha). Unfortunately they fell through the next night, so we'll be in touch with them. BUT she held our hands and sang "you areso beautiful to me, can't you see! You're everything 've ever hoped for, you're everything I need. You are so beautiful, etc, etc." She prolly said you are so beautiful about 10 times hahaha. It was really hard not to laugh cause she was dead serious.
Happenings with Denise this week: We had an incredible lesson on Joseph Smith with her member sister and invited her to pray once more about him. She read the talk by elder anderson this last conference and was lead to the book of Moses where it said, "God's words never cease". She was really excited to tell us the next day. She cried trying to read a quote about the atonement by elder holland. PS she reads conference talks like a maniac haha she's AWESOME! She's trying to share the gospel with her mom who was really offended ten years ago by the last missionary experience. At her baptism Denise got up and said, "My cup runneth over" to begin and said the sweetest lil testimony! I spoke at her baptism on the holy ghost haha she printed off a talk and highlighted what she wanted read from it so basically my talk was done, but then her sister thought she was speaking on the holy ghost as well so I hadda rebound and tie in the baptism side after finding out when I was announced to speak haha. It turned out pretty good. Helps to be prepared eh?
Our memebrs are UNREAL! I'm obsessed with belleview!
Gotta run actually, but I loves yall.. Matty n Shan, I wish I coudl be there for yuh, but just send me the pics k? Lani, wish I could be at yours too! I love you all dearly and have the best week!!!!!
Hermana Jackson

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