Monday, September 29, 2014

I Believe in Miracles!

Don't kill me, I had lots to do on email today... I don't have much time. BUT I'm here in Belleview with Sister Conger. It's about 95% oldies on golfcarts. A majority of our investigators are hispanic!! So I'm getting to use my spanish prolly more than I have in a while actually haha. Mom, I'm hoping you'll share some more from the email I sent you I guess cause I really don't have much time.. 
The ward is unreal! Like my first day here we had a dinner and they said, "hey I want to introduce you to our neighbors after!" pfff! whaaa?! Unfortunately, that aint the case with many more of the members.. But we have a couple or two who are the coolest member missionaries ever. Our RELIEF SOCIETY PRES. literally came out with us for 6 hours on saturday and saved us on miles. 
Pray for me in my spanish cause I don't get to study it, but I'm teaching in it every. day. I translated at church yesterday.
Eeek, gotta go! Love you all tons and I'll tell you about this week next week. SORRY!
LOVE, Hermana Jackson

WEW! lkseflskdfl;ksdjf haha how do I even express my feelings and thoughts right now?!!! THATS AWESOME!! Kinda crazy but I'm so so glad that they're happy! It sounds like they're flying pretty high right now haha. Don't worry bout me :) I'm super stoked for them!! Lil surprised I suppose although I shouldn't be haha. I guess it's just funny that life actually happens and I'm in my own lil world haha. I LOVE my world so I wouldn't change it in a second. Hey, they'll be at MY wedding so it's fine if I aint at theirs hahaha! I know this is where I'm supposed to be and this is where I WANT to be more than anything.

GUESS WHAT! So I got to go see the Larson's at their house this week :) I'm sure you received pictures haha. But It was a really special experience. I'm super sad I didn't have more time for the lesson cause they took us out... But all in all we got a lil something in and the Lord definitely directed it. I love them SOOO much! I guess that's what happens when you pray for people and think of them often.I REALLY hope she was watching conference cause there were several talks that were directed to her questions. Anyway, they're just the sweetest of people and I really appreciate their love.

I'mma get on the big email and such. I've gotta email Matty and Shanda back real quick though.

Te quiero MUCHO! (muah!)

Hermanita Jackson

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