Monday, November 10, 2014

Hey mama and papa :)

I just wanted to email yall today cause i don't feel like I get to very often and you both have asked questions. I actually haven't had the time to read your emails today but will read them later. 
1.My companion and I are doing great,, don't worry haha. We're just different and working through things. 
2. Yes, Lanner's engaged and she was really sweet to give me a heads up a few weeks before haha he sounds awesome and i'm so happy for her!
3. We had such a BOSS MLC the other day about planning and such and we're really excited for this transfer!
4. That being said, we've had some serious miscommunication/misinterpretation apparently from MLC so this morning our phone was blowing up! All in all, we have to replan our transfer and exchanges and such. 
5. Wew, this morning has really just been nuts. Between comp. maintenance, talking to district leaders about sisters, Assistants about exchanges, sisters going through a really hard time and about to go home, then president.. etc. I don't want you to think I'm complaining, because really, I LOVE my calling and I'm grateful for how much it stretches me. But I'd be lying if I said I was perfectly fine haha. I'm happy and well and praying, but I'd love some prayersies so I can BEST minister to others! ;) please don't think I'm not doing ok cause honestly, it's just fresh from the morn haha.
6. Denise is INCREDIBLE and Imma have to tell you all about her next week. She couldn't come to church yesterday but she listened to conference all day and had somgs picked out for her baptism haha. I LVOE HER!!!
And i loves you both! Thanks for all you do!
hermana Jackson II

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