Monday, December 8, 2014

I NEVER want to be too busy to help someone

I've been pretty selfish today in reading all the emails from loved ones.. :) sorry! I forgot last week to report on the cool plan our ward is doing with reactivation and stuff. We're working with a sister who we and the bishop and wml prayed about, the bishop met with her and now we teach her basics once every week. there are 12 lessons. Last week we taught about the BoM and she was so emotional as she remembered the swelling in her bosom when she read it a long while ago. She also had come to church last sunday with a question and shared her sweet and personal experience. She had been praying all morning before we came that the spirit would testify to her and she just couldn't hold it together! The spirit definitely testified to all of us and she's so excited to read the BoM again.
Um, Denise Brown is getting BAPTIZED saturday!!!!! EEEE. She just makes me the happiest. She's so involved in everything and loved the christmas devotional. We get to go to her concert today in the villages at the presbyterian church cause our memebr got us tickets!! I'm pleased as punch with that cutie. Thanks for all the prayers! PS she is converted on the word of wisdom and doing wonderfully :)

One night we were coming home from exchanges and a man was on the very edge of the busy road in his lil jazzy with nothing but his phone flashlight to identify him. We turned around after barely seeing him and drove next to him slowly with our blinkers on so he could get home safely. We were home late unfortunately, but I don't feel guilty about it at all! He was so overcome by it that he started to cry and thank us profusely. When we told him that we are missionaries he got so excited! He seems to be in a search for truth and is open to try all beliefs. It made me the happiest person! That right there is joy. I thought over and over that night how I NEVER want to be too busy to help someone like tha! I never want to pass up opportunities to serve.
We had 2 wonderful exchanges this week :) We're focusing a lot more on our sisters, even at the expense of things in our area cause that's what we're supposed to do. I just love the sisters in our zone! We've had some definite challenges this transfer, but I'm happy to report that things are swell.
I found out from dear sister Kreiberg that Richard, whom we taught in Lake Noney is baptized!! Imma get permission to write him! He divorced his wife cause she was being a pill about it I guess. Sounds like he's doing amazing!
Had MLC this week and almost didn't make it cause our tire popped..! BUT miraculously we made it there even 20 minutes early on our donut. MLC was incredible and we talked a lot about going JSUT ONE MORE! SO that's our focus and it's already helped.
I get to teach a spanish family in Lecanto! (about an hour away) but there's no other missionaries up here who speak spanish! They're SO prepared and it was the happiest thing to talk to them in spanish cause i don't have too many opportunities to use it.
Dad, I thought of you at the christmas devotional :) when we sat on the couch together watching it at home! haha how long ago was that? Also, I promise to pick up the piano again when I get home! I actually was  thinking that and then turned to where i was in matthew about the parable of talents.. Not a coincidence.
Chels, a two year old lil girl leaned to me from her mothers arms the other day and it was almost like it was Sophs haha. Give her my loves.
Alright, I've got to run. Love you all! Mama, fly safe, Matty, keep calm and carry on (You can do all things through Christ ;), Papa, I hope you're well back in Madrid. Loves to the rest of you!!!
Hermana Jackson
BETCHA! hahaha saw this on exchanges and just about died.

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