Monday, March 9, 2015

I Stand All Amazed

Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people that they might have everlasting life!
I love my Heavenly Father for granting me such a priviledge!!! There really aren't words. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for the love he has for me! 

Sister Taylor and I had a good sprint this last week. She's unreal and I'm so grateful for her!! So happy to leave Belleview with her there. Sister Souza said a kneeling prayer this week in the name of Jesus Christ!!! Mind you, she's jewish. It was amazing and on Sunday a member said to us, "she was radiating today and there was something different". Had a class with our Burmese family and I said the opening prayer. When I opened my eyes the two kiddies were kneeling on the floor in front of me and we were all sitting in chairs. Every time we say, "Jesus Christ" Julianna says, "amen" haha. They understand the atonement and want to be baptized!!! They've been working on the articles of faith. herb had his second surgery and is doing really well! He had the battery put in his chest and has a remote thing. He's getting around well and seems to have such a new light about him! He's excited to be baptized in April! We had a break through with Maureen this week as one of my favorite members came with us and shared her personal experiences and such. We will see her tonight  :) 

I don't even have much time right now cause I've been reading the sweetest emails.. Thank y'all for supporting me! I honestly can't express feelings or thoughts right now cause I have like 1,000 things going through my head, but I can say emphatically that Christ is my Savior and the son of God! He lives!! The power of his atonement is all encompassing and has brought the BEST changes to my life! Seriously brings no greater joy!!!

Mama & Papa, NOS VEMOS PRONTO!!!!

Hermanita Jackson

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Gospel is written on the fleshy tablets of my heart

Wooooah! Talk about Smorgesborg (I don't speak German..) this week! And I haven't told YALL about the week before even.. Oof. So mission conference was unreal. Elder Zwick sure is amazing. The conference was about the trust we are given with the use of these iPads! It's ALL in my hand- all good and all bad. It's my choice. I was just about floored when Elder Zwick shared how his former companion had strayed! That may have to do with where I am currently in life. It doesn't matter how valiant a missionary, but how well you endure AFTER. A lot of evaluation has been done since then of how well I am using these great tools. I just really wish YALL were there, it was amazing. I have been asking myself if the gospel is written in my heart and if my hands are clean. Do I have faith and MOVE when I am called upon? All great questions we were asked. 
I think we talk of obedience pretty frequently but I suppose it was presented differently at mission conference. I felt more responsibility on my shoulders to uphold and even step up to my sacred calling. A missionary was discussing with me the other day the difference between an obedient missionary and a righteous one. A righteous missionary is one I picture who does what they know to be of God out of a love for HIM; because "the gospel is written on the fleshy tables of their heart". It's a consecrated missionary. The "how" though, isn't something to be taught because it comes out of a desire. "You can't teach a testimony, you feel it". From experience, I can say it requires a lot of effort, but is ultimately the most desirable feeling one could ask for! 

We had a zone pday (missing two companionships) last week and it was a blast! We played volleyball in the rain down at the trailer park place where one of our senior couples lives. Pictures will be coming once I receive them. 

Herb is doing wonderfully! Saw him twice this last week and his last surgery did wonders for him and that wasn't even the biggest part of the procedure. He gets surgery again this week to connect the wires in his brain to the "battery" in his chest. He has such a sweet and powerful spirit about him! I feel honored to know him and learn from him. We had to set another date for April 11th because of his surgery. The people in our Ward are just smitten with him.

We have some sad news about Jimmy Ray. First, he's doing great health wise! That's good to know! But he has decided that his calling is to play in a band for nursing homes. Not a bad endeavor but church won't be a part of the picture, ugh, it seriously broke my heart. But I have faith in the Lords timing. It'll all work out.

Maureen totally came to church yesterday with a member of ours!! Lemme tell yuh, our Ward is unreal at being friendly and giving a warm welcome haha. She seemed to like it but then called yesterday afternoon and said she needs some time to read the materials she has (the Book of Mormon, gospel principles, etc.) and we tried to tell her not to get overwhelmed with those.. Ahh,we don't know what the rest of the iceberg is and we are trying to uncover it but it's difficult. We invited her to just pray about her questions. We will see her this week!

Last night was crazy! We were rushing in to our apartment to not be late when we encountered a former investigator outside. He's not interested but told us of his friend upstairs who was smoking and is in a search for God. We went up and had a really nice chat with him!! Lea Payne, a charming English lad was the most eager person to find and feel God in his life! Wow, he was so sincere in his little prayer! We're seeing him tomorrow!! 

Gotta run. I Love yall and hope all is well! Make it the best week ever!

Hermanita Jackson

Lots and lots of pictures

I met Si from Duck dynasty.. just kidding, but You'd think it was him! 

an exchange with another Danish friend!!! 
not sure if I ever sent these.. 

another exchange when we bike the only hills in florida (they're pretty huge) and got stuck in a big rain storm. I swear I don't laugh more than when I'm in rainstorms on the bike. A member had given us a king cake cause it was mardi gras and here I am riding down the sidewalk, can barely see because of the rain and I have one hand holding the cake box down in the basket hahahaaa wow, it was hilarious. 
exchangies were chilly the other day! 
not much of a sight, just something simple about this place that I love- we have the foggiest mornings! 
woaaah! Remember this crew? 
The sumterville district
WHATS UP! These two Provo chikas are now STLS!!!! 
look at these lovely companions of mine!!! and Sister Sillivan haha she counts 

we was matchin. 
This is Greg. We serve ice cream at steeple chase every week and he's always a hoot. 
The latest thought. Keeps me goin :)