Monday, November 24, 2014

re: McGuire's are in Madrid!

Oh how fun is that?! Please send them my love!! I sure appreciate them keeping in touch with me and sending me birthday loves and such. They're so awesome! 
Denise is in Chicago right now wth family for her daughter's wedding. We're praying she's staying strong with the word of wisdom and everything! I'm in love with that lady. You'll definitely have to meet her one day!
We don't get the whole day for thanksgiving haha we're gonna be out finding and teaching all day.. Mostly with our Asian families and such haha.
re mail: I actually haven't gotten anything in the past 2 weeks.. not sure what's up with the mail but I'm awaiting some letters.
We had zone conference this week- it was incredible!! Sister Conger and I gave a training!! haha seriously the scariest thing eva but we survived. 

XOXO hermanita Jackson II

my last district 
Some good fun at the Halloween party haha 

Man... those are Reeses PIES! I promise I didn't eat very much! Only a few yummy bites haha. 
sometimes yuh just need a treat. 
The coolest lady. Obviously has faith in Christ. 

On exchanges and she had hiccups.. This was the remedy that a member gave us hahaha. 

Out at Walmart :) I just can't get over the golf carts here! 
Remember this sista from Semoran?! Well one day back then she nudged me and said, "I know how we'll be companions one day... we're gonna be STLS" haha then she invited me to pray about it. She is now an STL with Hermana Fisi!!! Haha we've just about died laughing about it. Love this Sister to death.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Denise is still a champ ...

I was going to send pictures real quick, but it's not working..

I'm not even gonna lie, this week was nuts and I've prolly never been so stressed haha! We have some sisters who are going through a rough time and it's more than just them not getting along, there's some depression involved. We were with them last Monday, on exchanges from Thursday Morning after ZTM to Friday night, and Saturday night for a few hours of comp inventory. I'm learning a lot about myself and a lot about Christlike attributes. It's been a roller coaster, but they're doing a bit better every day and we're praying for the best. I'll tell yuh, it was the most miraculous exchange I've ever been on haha  I was in Eustis. The first day a man stopped his car next to us while we were making a phone call in a neighborhood and said, "where yuh been? Go see James in that house right there" so we did and taught Jason, the son, and set a date with him, then came back the next day and he was totally solid! He came to church yesterday too! We got a member referral and the member was less active and was like a kid on Christmas while he talked about his mission and got way choaked up. and on and on. The Lord was definitely answering my prayers for those sisters to see some happiness.
Denise is still a champ! She's been drinking a cup of coffe a week to get rid of head aches (that's pretty solid after drinking like a pot a day!). So we invited her to get a blessing and she got it yesterday after church. we saw her last night and she's fully confident that she will be fine. She leaves tomorrow to Chicago for her daughter's wedding. For 2 weeks. She has her member sister to help though, so we aren't worried. Love her tons! gotta go! Love yoU!

Hermana Jackson

Thanks Mommy! Love hearing from you! Sounds like yall are just as stressed out over there- if not more! Just please pray for not only me, but the sisters in our zone. We have 5 companionships in training and one that isn't but that comp. is reeeeally fragile right now. We were with them for the majority of the week. lots of emotions there and I hate to say it but pride is the main problem. Depending on today they could be ET-ed which would only hurt the situation, but it just depends on what President decides ha. Sister Conger and I are doing well. She's SO cool and really an awesome missionary! I'm so so grateful that she's dedicated and focused even though she's fixin to go home! I'm wanting you to meet sister Allred and sister Conger when they come home and you'll be there for the wedding!! when do you go back to Spain? That would be the BEST!

Hermana Jackson

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hey mama and papa :)

I just wanted to email yall today cause i don't feel like I get to very often and you both have asked questions. I actually haven't had the time to read your emails today but will read them later. 
1.My companion and I are doing great,, don't worry haha. We're just different and working through things. 
2. Yes, Lanner's engaged and she was really sweet to give me a heads up a few weeks before haha he sounds awesome and i'm so happy for her!
3. We had such a BOSS MLC the other day about planning and such and we're really excited for this transfer!
4. That being said, we've had some serious miscommunication/misinterpretation apparently from MLC so this morning our phone was blowing up! All in all, we have to replan our transfer and exchanges and such. 
5. Wew, this morning has really just been nuts. Between comp. maintenance, talking to district leaders about sisters, Assistants about exchanges, sisters going through a really hard time and about to go home, then president.. etc. I don't want you to think I'm complaining, because really, I LOVE my calling and I'm grateful for how much it stretches me. But I'd be lying if I said I was perfectly fine haha. I'm happy and well and praying, but I'd love some prayersies so I can BEST minister to others! ;) please don't think I'm not doing ok cause honestly, it's just fresh from the morn haha.
6. Denise is INCREDIBLE and Imma have to tell you all about her next week. She couldn't come to church yesterday but she listened to conference all day and had somgs picked out for her baptism haha. I LVOE HER!!!
And i loves you both! Thanks for all you do!
hermana Jackson II

Monday, November 3, 2014

This ward is BOMB

Hey hey fam! Guess what!? this week is my first time not going to transfer meeting since January haha. It's nice. Sister Conger and I will be staying here in good ol retirement capital del mundo :) 
So Denise yall! she. is. my. favorite. Ahhh, she's really the most prepared and dedicated person I've met! We brought a member this week who we found out is in a singing group with her! They're good friends now and we had a meal set up with that member so we had her call Denise and invite her. Turns out, they stayed for about an hour chatting after we left. We had the ward mission leader and his wife (RS pres) over on Saturday and talked about the word of wisdom. Background: last time she was meeting with missionaries 10 years ago, when it came to the word of wisdom, they went into her kitchen, dumped out her coffee and wine and TOOK her coffee maker.... eeeeee. So she had a sore spot from that. We told her that we want her to make that decision. We also taught her about fasting earlier in the week and she told us she wants to fast to know if this is what she should do for sure. She was slightly worried about keeping the word of wisdom, but she agreed and we started the fast together so that she could have the strength to keep it. Well church was wonderful! She got there early, her member sister came, testimonies went well, etc. AAaaand then we went to RS.. Who knew a priesthood lesson could quickly turn into a "homosexual" lesson?... The member sister has a daughter who is, soooo that was a turn off. The spirit left the room for a few moments as things got heated and minds were turned from doctrine. Denise's sister was cool about it! Like a very good attitude. Denise on the other hand was shaken up becasue that was a concern of hers from the beginning. She doesn't like that those people are judged, and we need to love them. So everything we taught her about loving them but disagreeing with their actions when they act on it totally backfired in that lesson. We stayed after to talk a bit about it and apologize. Luckily her sister stayed with her at the church building and they stayed from 1-3:30 talking on the stairs outside. We called her last night to see how she is doing. Yeah, she's THE COOLEST! anyone else could have ran from that, but she said she felt peace after talking things through with her sister and stuff. Man, thank goodness for that support! What if her sister hadn't come?! She still has her date for DEc. 13th and we're now less worried about when she leaves for her daughters wedding cause her sister will help her out too. 
Not sure if I told yall about the Burmese family we are teaching english to :) haha I seriously LOVE them. They're so adorable and really progressing. We're slowly easing into talking about God and Jesus Christ. The two kiddies shoot their hands up when we ask who wants to pray haha. We've been looking for teaching materials in Burmese, but they hardly exist... 
We started teaching Antonia english becasue that will help in her long-term conversion. She's a little up in the air right now casue she hasn't been to church in two weeks (last week casue of the temple walk with the YW) but she also fell through on a lesson and we haven't heard back or been able to catch her at home. We'll see... 
We have a new investigator named Herb. The first lesson we realized something was different, like he was speaking through is teeth and such, but the other night when we visited he was uncontrollably shaky. We found out that he has parkinsons. He's there and listens and participates very well! He's nervous to come to church because when he did in Leesburg he was shaking the pugh and was embarrassed. It's difficult to see how he's reacting to things as well. Definitely a different situation. He's so so sweet though and is progressing very well. The other night a member came with us and was so great at sharing her testimony. She shared that she was just diagnosed with lymphoma and testified of the atonement. It was SO powerful and really brought a great spirit.
We go to an assisted living home every sunday to serve ice cream :) haha it could seriously be a reality tv show!! Our favorite lil lady's name is Bertha from Germany. She can't remember if she likes chocolate. She always come in (say it with the accent and with disgust) and says, "I HATE CHOCOLATE" and gives a nice guff. But then inevitably she chooses the chocolate one with chocolate syrup hahaha. She's adorable and gives us kisses on the cheeks all the time. we got to go for halloween and help out with a party for a bit.
Our ward is starting a "sprint family plan" where we meet with the bishop and WML and pray about 2 families in the ward who could share the gospel in small steps. apparently its worked realyl well in a ward in Wyoming. Also, we pick two less active families for bishop to call in and invite them to have 12 lessons with missionaries and to give them a timeline and such. We'll see how it goes! We're way excited for it! This ward is BOMB. Loves yall and happy November :)
Hermana Jackson

PS don't be decieved, its actually quite frigid here right now haha. I've had several people ask if it's stiflin hot.