Monday, January 27, 2014

A Handwritten letter to Spain ...

Mis Padres Amorosos ~
!Hola! Como estan, Mamacita y Papacito? Wow, I apologize that this is only the second letter I’ve written you ... I have a long list of people to write back - mostly from Christmas cards & packages. But today I received a DearElder from Mama and decided I’d rather write my biggest fans. Also last week, I got chewed out for bad emails, so I’ve gotta redeem myself. I really do want you to know what’s happening from the sunshine state, I just get all stressed during email time. I’m now going to write President and then write the other President (& wife :)) & then if I have time after I’ll get to the others. Anyway, I wanna tell you more about my life here! I’ve been in good ol’ Semoran for about 2 weeks now & I’m beginning to feel stress levels drop - so nice. Don’t get all worried that I’m a stress ball, cause I’m really not. Just coming to a new area that’s different from my last one has been kind of weird. I’m the sr. Companon & feel a need to take the load & go, go, go haha but good thing for Sister Gruber, she helps me tons & it really doesn’t matter who the “sr. comp.” is. I guess I just felt the need to “rise up” & do everything @ once. This is sounding drastic ... Maybe a lil exaggerated, haha. I don’t know how to explain it in writing, I suppose. LUCKILY the spanish has begun to flow & click some more recently & the confidence is up some more - not that I lack a ton, haha! Heaven, I just don’t want you to think I’m having a hard time or anything. My comp., Sister Gruber is lots of fun to be with & totally awesome to work with cause she’s always ready for anything. She’s down to eat healthy food, run with me in the morn & even laughing when I think I’m funny. This area isn’t the prettiest of ares, but we scored the lovely lake view from our apartment, so I guess it all works out haha. Imma be completely honest in saying the area is slightly ghetto, but we’re totally safe, no need to fret. It’s been hard to pick up investigators for some reason, but we’re trying to switch things up & work hard to find those God is preparing! I feel like we’re on the verge of exploding with some success, but even if we don’t that’s totally fine, because we’re building a foundation. If anything, we’re preparing the area & leaving it better than we found it for the next sisters. The ward ... wait, Branch, haha, is great & I’ve enjoyed getting to know them.  We don’t have a lot of members in our area, a majority is on the Elder’s side. We have tons of less-actives though. Oh, get this, our branch President played Jehovah in the temple video (new one) - side note, I heard this week there is a new, new one...? Way cool! Papa, you might know him, actually. His last name is Tait & he lived in Provo ... Not sure why that would mean you know him, but it’s worth a shot since you know so many people. I’m still in the Orlando South Zone & so so glad for it! We have the temple & the Windermere Chapel, where tons of things happen. Elder Perry is coming this week & I think our Zone is the only one that gets to be there for it! I’ll be on a spiritual HIGH after just one week prior hearing from Elder Nelson. This Wednesday we receive training on how to use the ipads ... What? I thought I’d be avoiding technology like the plague on the mish, but it’s quite the opposite, haha. Yikes. I’m way excited to be able to show videos on them & everything. The big downer is that I will no longer have my planners ... :( I love my planners! They are like journals. Oh, well, you win some you lose some. Facebook is comin’ along. It’s been a bit of a struggle since we don’t have investigators & to be honest, everyone’s trying to figure out all the lil’ bugs ^ such, but I really do like it! It’s been good for members & less-actives. It’s fun to post in spanish so I can be better @ writing in it. Oh, I keep hearing about the Larsons & the Grovers! And Stephanie Gonzalez. They’re close & yet so far. K, now I wanna respond to Mama’s dearelder. Papa, I’m really sad I haven’t had time to read your emails the last 2 weeks ... We are going to the library & it costs $ to print. Holy cow dad, how do you find time to take all those darn exams? That sounds exhausting, I’ll pray for you! Mom, I’m so glad you’re going out with the sisters!!! How’s the spanish? Pff haha I’ve been teaching lessons in spanish in my sleep, apparently. I remember one with Sister Allred pretty well. I said the opening prayer & bore testimony of fasting, haha. It was so real, maybe we should have counted it as an other lesson :) haha. You went shopping with the sisters the other day!!! Wow, I’m not even gonna lie,i’m totally jealous! That sounds like a BLAST. I’ll have to offer something of the sort to Sister Berry! I’m honestly obsessed with the Berrys! Man, they’re the cutest. Sister Berry’s a hoot. Her father is on his way out right now, & I can tell it’s super hard on her. She cried the other day talking to us about it. Anyway, they’re the greatest. I’m sure your missionaries say the same about you!! I’m constantly amazed @ the things you do for them - the names of Christ @ Christmas, the breakfast, snack & lunch for Leadership Council. I’m so proud of you both & miss you oodles! But know that Hermana Jackson is the happiest lil miss in Florida! Thank you for always emailing & sending pictures & everything!! I sure appreciate all the love :>
Love you!
Con demasiado amor,
Hermana Meggie Jackson

PS Papa, I’m writing this on our lil “patio” like @ home, haha. I know you get a kick out of that. I come out here to read when we have a few spare minutes after dinner. :) All I’m missing are mountains & Millhouse. But the lake definitely suffices!

What is Life?!

Another solid week here in the Semoran (samorai- sp?) uhrea :) holy canoly, I don't even really know where to start, but I'll be following my notes so I apologize if this goes all over the place (what's new?). So Friday we had exchanges and I was in my area with good ol Sista Heiner- my P-town senorita!! Man, she's awesome and we sure had a grand time! Exchanges truly bring miracles and inspiration. Sister Gruber and I haven't had any investigators and have been striving to get one a week. Friday came and sister Heiner and I had a goal of teaching 2 other lessons during contact time and receiving a new investigator from a lesson we had set. The set lesson ended up falling through, but we knocked in a complex and at one door a Puertorriquena answered. Before I was even finished telling her who we were, she opened the door and motioned for us to enter! I was a little nervous as I would be the one teaching the whole lesson, but of course that isn't the truth- the spirit teaches the lesson if we allow it. I fully put my confidence in the Lord and tried hard to listen to the promptings. I had studied the points of "How to begin teaching" that morning and I believe that even though I didn't recite any of them word for word, I was qualified to use the priciples in the way that Blanca needed. I have no idea what I said that lesson, but I definitely remember how I felt. The spirit was so powerful and I knew she felt it too. We have a date to meet with her this week and a member to accompany us :) I'm so grateful for exchanges and the opportunity it provides for us to recognize where we can be better and where we have strengths. Then to be able to identify the way to balance those weaknesses and strengths and of course, then we execute :) Sister Heiner is an incredible missionary and example in so many aspects. I look up to her and I'm grateful for all that she has taught me. This is her last transfer here so I'm taking full advantage of learning from her. K now let's talk about how ELDER NELSON came on Saturday morn!! Wow, he's the sweetest person and just radiates love (as I'm sure all the apostles do). From him I learned more about how to teach with power! Wow, I want to teach with power and authority!! I want people to recognize that I'm not just another missionary, but a true representative of my savior Jesus Christ and I've been sent here by God. So this week I am doing my best to act as such in all times and to provide the type of environment where that power and spirit can be present. Another thing I recognized that I loved was that he was so chill, but so enthusiastic about his message at the same time.. Not even sure how to explain what I would like to, but needless to say, I truly enjoyed the time we had to be instructed by one called by the Lord. Saturday night we had Region Conference.. Stake conference maybe.. haha I have no idea even, but it was great. Sunday morn we were supposed to hear from Elder Nelson with the Stake, but Sister Gruber woke up with her eye almost swollen shut and her whole face was swollen and itchy! haha So we were at an urgent care for the whole morn, but have no fear, she's doin great and all is well. I'm a lil bummed to have missed another great meeting, but what can yuh do? DAD! Every time I meet Colombians I tell them that my papa served there :) we had lunch this week with a cute older lady with the last name "Cardona" and she said she recognized the name and that you may have taught her. This is pretty embarrassing, but I'm not sure when you served your mission...... I'd love to know so I can tell all Colombians that too haha. And any other stories from the mish and pieces of information from it. She was baptized in 1978 I guess. K I'm gonna send some pitchas today as I'm pretty behind on that. I love you all so so much and hope all is well. I'd also love to hear from yall and what's happenin back in the 801 (slash whatever the zipcode is in Idaho haha). Have a great week :)


Good mornin to me! every morn this is what I get to see!

yes, we took a selfy and yes we puckered the lips..

kind of a rough picture.. rough morn really haha. Sister Gruber and me! right after transfers

THIS made my apartment a home! As you can imagine I'm absolutely lovin it. great view of the lake

Sister Sillivan and me cleaning the fountain at temple service this week :) SO FUN!

 The Ordinola fam! They had us for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Keren! and her adorable mama and lil sister Emili 

The lopez'- ward mission leader! he was amazing

Back when I was with my twin ...

Wildlife- it's all over down here. They came way up close to me haha it was scary. 
My last district

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Early Morning Service Project

This was taken from the Orlando Mission website and is from a service project on Jan. 21, 2014! Aren't they the cutest Hermanas?!

Monday, January 20, 2014


Hey fam! So after reading Mama's email and the last paragraph of Dad's (sorry, I can't print them this week) apparently I need to tell you more of the experiences and such haha. SORRY! I'm tryin my hardest. Email time stresses me out. I'm happy to report that I'm here in the Semoran area with SISTER GRUBER! We were in the CCM together :) In the same casa, but not the same district. She's 21, from Oregon, loves to bake (win for hermana Jackson.. if we ever had time), and my personal favorite: She loves to work hard and be obedient. WIN. i'm still in the orlando South zone which is the best cause we have the temple and such. We share our car so this whole last week we were on bike! i'm totally happy with it because we get to contact everyone we see, get a work out and just feel more productive. However, some aspects are hard o work with.. oh well, you win some and you lose some. pro: I should have a body such as Lance Armstrong at the end of the next 6 weeks haha. This area is super new (sister gruber and her last companion white washed) and.. We don't have one investigator. But we're doing our best to find and get referrals and such. As stressful and slightly difficult as it is (just different from my last area), it's important to build a strong foundation to work off of, so that's that. it's been slightly chilly for the past week, but it's climbing back up- for which we are surely grateful. I didn't know Florida got so chilly haha. Oh, papa, you're gonna love this: My companion wants to run outside with me every morn! woooo! AND we only buy healthy stuff and we're doin our best to eat super healthy. I'm absolutely loving it. Elder Nelson comes on Saturday!! And we have exchanges on Friday so i should have lots to report next week! 
SIDE NOTE: I apologize this is everywhere, but I'm trying really hard o tell you guys what's going on haha.
Dad, you asked about people visiting.. I haven't seen or heard of anyone I know visiting. And I am receiving the pictures you send every week and LOVING them! I showed all e missionaries in the stake center when i got your video of the missionary purpose in spanish haha. I'm so proud of you mama! Ok so this week has been amazing for me to recognize my growth and to also recognize how much more I can grow. The members and people on the streets have complimented my spanish and I'm super excited about it. It's hard to see how far you've come sometimes. And I've had some special experiences in personal study recently. It's amazing how the lord leads you to exactly what you need and exactly what the people you teach need. FB is going well, we're just trying to get it going a little right now. Ahh, time's halting to and end. I hope this week was at least better in detail.. i try and keep a list of what I need to tell yuh. I love you all and pray that all is well - wherever you are in the world :) I appreciate you're love and prayers!!!

LOVE hermana Jackson

Monday, January 13, 2014

Losing creativity.. Dephault: Lovin life! .. :)

HEY FAM! How's it goin in the tah, Idaho and espana? Life is grand here in the 407! I was caught off guard earlier this week by a frigid day.. who knew it actually got pretty cold here? haha Not even joking, it hit the bone. Don't fret, we're back to the 80s :) I thought of my friends in Sweden and I totally have a new appreciation for the rough life they have. Oh, we went VIRAL this week and hit up Facebook!! Before y'all go add me, please understand that I won't be accepting friend requests from home.. From friends or family. I apologize, but I think that's the best way for me to remain focused on my area- WHICH is no longer WINDY RIDGE EAST!!! Wow, we're totally surprised and a lil bit sentimental about it to say the least haha. I NEVER thought I would be best friends with a companion, but I can truly say Sista A and I best friends! She's been an incredible trainer and I'm SO grateful for her example. We had comp inventory on Friday and both ended crying.. que verguenza. But we've obviously had too much fun and all so it's time for some change. I'm way excited, but sad to leave this beautiful area- I'll be missing Keren's baptism this Sunday (after stressing getting permission from her lost dad.. it all worked out) and Carlos' on the 9th. As sad as that is, I can handle it and I'm excited to love more people in another area! Mama, you asked about my spanish.. It's going great! Still not perfect or anything, but I'm to the point where I'm not afraid to mess up and to go for it. My accent is getting better and I'm feeling more comfortable speaking it. You also mentioned that I was homesick... HAHA! Mamacita, I apologize if I said something that sounded like I was, but don't even worry bout this Hermanita! I'm lovin life and couldn't be happier. OH! Elder Nelson is coming for a mission conference pretty soon!!! I'm so excited. Also, we get to go to the temple on Feb.14!! Are we the luckiest people ever? I'll be sure to letcha know where I am and who I'm with next Monday! I don't think I've got anything else to report.. haha sorry! But I love you all so much and hope y'all are well :) thanks for the emails, letters and pictures- I LOVE THEM! 

Les quiero muchisimo!
Hermana Jackson

Saturday, January 4, 2014

How fun to see y'all!

This is gonna have to be a quick one.. I apologize.. But i loved seeing all of you on Christmas!!! I'm sorry we didn't have much time and the technology kinda bailed on us, but at least i got to see some lovely faces and a chunky lil tummy ;) dang, she's huge! Ok, haha I really gotta go so I can send a few pitchas of our festivities. But thanks to all those who sent me love- christmas cards, packages and all! As much as I enjoyed the packages and cards, It was the most special Christmas ever to focus on Christ and the humble people here. The members and our investigators are the sweetest people!! Also, who knew they celebrated on the 24th? new to this gringa. K LOVES YOU ALL!!!


Con Carino, Hermana Jackson