Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mingalaba. Ningowla?

That's about the extent of my spelling in Byrmese... Not only are we teaching English but they're teaching us little words too haha. Wow, how fun was it to talk to yall a bit on Christmas!! Sorry I didn't get to sayin much. I swear my mind just went blank when I saw you haha. I didn't really know what to say anyway I guess. 
Jimmy Ray is a hoot. That's just what I have to say. He KILLS me hahaha. We got to see him a couple times this week and he's doing pretty well. Till at church  the first thing he said was, "yall are pushin me too much".. gaaaa! It's cause he's making another "gospel CD" and has the excuse that it takes a solid year to get it out and he wants to get it done. He also was so kind to give me one. He said to me the other day, "it's just too bad y'aint just a bit older, I'd marry yuh" pffff haha. he's like in his 80's so don't be alarmed. Anyway, he's doing fine, we got it resolved.
Alma! OH MAN, she's the coolest! Not sure what I've told yall bout Alma but she's so prepared. She's an eternigator, but now is definitely her time. We taught her the restoration 2 weeks ago and she closes her eyes while we talk to her and she'll talk it through so she understands it and asks the most incredible questions! You can just see the cogs spinnin. We saw her Saturday on exchanges and she had read the chapter we gave her and had notes and questions, but after she recognizes the answer she'll turn to me and say, "ok I don't want to get off track, what did you come to teach me today?". We taught the plan of salvation because the time before she asked questions that lead into it! While teaching the premortal life she asked, "so if God has a body of flesh and bone, why can't we see him?" leading right on to the veil. Then during the fall of Adam and Eve she understood 2 Nephi 2:22-25 really well saying, "oh, so it was all part of the plan!?" and she said that nobody has ever explained it so clearly. We finished on the atonement and I was putting our little pictures away when she asked, "wait, you're not done are you?" haha she in UNREAL. We haven't set a date with her YET, but not for a lack of tryin. We are focusing on a date and getting her to sacrament this week.
We also have a family from Cuba/Honduras that we just started teaching! They only speak Spanish but one of them served a mission in Honduras and hasn't been to church in a while and they were referrals from a member! I taught them on exchanges and the one that served (Nidia) bore her testimony of the book of Mormon! The spirit was pretty powerful as she did and we're excited to get her activated and the rest of the family involved. They committed to read the bom as a family. Even the Pentecostal dad was pretty excited! 
Elizabeth we just found out is moving out of our area pretty soon so we'll have to hand her off, but that's ok! She's so so ready! Herb has kinda gone MIA in the past few days so we're worried.. 
On Christmas we ate so much it was uncomfortable. We had exchanges that night and went back-to-back so it was a crazy weekend, but so fun! Both the sisters I went with are amazing missionaries and so much fun to be with. I love getting to do exchanges cause I get to know other sisters, get new ideas, etc. ope, gotta run! 
Love yall!!! Que tengan un feliz Ano Nuevo!!!
Hermanita Jackson

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