Monday, January 26, 2015

Belleview take 3!!!!! WOOOO!

ooooh ma heavens, I don't have time.. Just wanted to tell you that I'm still in Belleview :) With my dearie lil sister Taylor! We're just having a blast and loving the people we get to work with.. Seriously, EVERYONE is sick. Not including us :) healthy as an ox. This week we've evaluated and decided to show some faith by dropping those who aren't prepared. Sad, but true. BUT we're stacked this week with some awesome opportunities!
Heard from the assistants the other day that John Vega (Semoran) is doing wonderfully and that he's dating someone who will be baptized soon along with her two boys and maybe his daughter!!!!! I've never been so happy! that just filled me right up.
Oh, mom, quick note.. my bike. Can i sell it to a sister coming in? How much should I sell it for? I don't know how much it was. It's in pretty good shape though!
The bishop's dad is into music and such and went to see Jimmy the other day. He kinda almost dropped us the other day cause his mind is so focused on his health.. he may not make it through this one.... he gets surgery in February and isn't doing too great. Keep him in your prayers please. 
Can't even think I'm trying to type so fast. Loves y'all and have a wonderful week! More to come next week, I promise. And pics ;)
Con carino, Hermanita Jackson II

Monday, January 19, 2015

God really does answer our questions.

Lil hitch in the giddy up this last week.. Jimmy isn't doing so well. He seems to be getting worse some days and kinda steady on others.. He isn't able to breathe too well. He needs to get some stents in his heart, we think this week. So he wasn't baptized is last week. We have amazing members providing lots of support and love, so the biggest concern is his health.. Physically. Alma has been MiA for a while, but finally got in touch with us again. Tried to meet with John this morning for a pass off lesson with the elders but he never showed up. GUESS who just rode by on his bike before we started!! HAHA SIIIIMON! The one with Alpha and Omega on his eyelids and a nice gold grill. We had a wonderful chat with him and are going to meet on Wednesday! What a miracle. Thank you for all the prayers! Keep it up. We're hoping he will ask for a priesthood blessing cause we have told him several times about it, but now it's just up to him. Hard when you know something is really good for someone but they won't accept it..
I've been praying for the past 2 weeks or so knowing that my letter from President was on its way to plan my future. In doing so I have had some amazing experiences! I'm blown away at the power of prayer combined with scripture study. I'm also gaining a greater understanding of my patriarchal blessing!! wow, that thing is surely inspired. I was printed to share something with a returning member this last week and it was cool how that brought up one of her big concerns. I also got to go to the temple this week and there just ain't words to describe my feelings!! All I can say is that God really does answer our questions. I may not be able to see my future very well, it's kinda foggy, but he's giving me enough to see the step right ahead (see Patterns of Light: Discernment video on gospel library).
I have had the best exchanges this transfer! Ok, they're all amazing, but this last Tuesday I went with a sister from none other than PROVO and we had a blast. She's been out about 2 transfers and she taught me tons! She made me laugh so hard but at the same time she was so filled with the spirit. We met with an investigator named Maureen. Sister Conger and I met her at the photo printing place at Walmart on a pday and now we've taught her twice. When we went over she was super nice but kinda sounding like she wasn't sure she wanted to keep learning more. We shared a complete different message than what we had anticipated but that's what made it so amazing is that it was surely led by the spirit. It was powerful! She said the kneeling prayer and was kinda crying at the end. We mentioned that she looked a little overwhelmed and she said she was only because she hadn't had a relationship with God for so long and that she is excited. She called us the other day when we were supposed to meet Ne had to cancel because now she's sick too! She said, "I also haven't gotten the time that I would like to to read, ponder and pray about the Book of Mormon". 
We've gotten to see Amber this week for studies in The Book of Mormon and she's doing great! Still needs more of a desire, but we notice that she's so much happier and notices good things in life when she reads. She said she would come to church this week and unfortunately didn't make it due to a late night up. Still working with her and trying to follow the spirit. We need to set another baptismal date.
We finally got to see Herb again! He's doing alright. We have a big focus on The Book of Mormon with him too. He still has questions about the trinity and we think it's more that he's frustrated that that is what he has been told his whole life. He seems to understand the godhead pretty well, but maybe isn't accepting it yet if that makes sense. He prays very sincerely though so that's the best we could hope for! 
Mm today is such a nice day :) sounds like y'all got snow in España and that Utahs pretty stinkin cold too.. Sorry y'all, but it's nice n warm with the perfect breeze 😊 
Not too much more that I can think of this week.. I wish I could send pictures but it being a holiday, the 'brary's closed. Next week though.
Please try and go to the temple often! How I've missed it! It's incredible how close you feel to the Lord and thus receiving revelation with clarity👌 I'm also so grateful for the simple and powerful resources I know are available to me (don't have to be at the temple to be guided) to help me be happy and I LOVE more than anything getting to share it with others here in Belleview!! I love you all!!! Have a wonderful week 💋

💌Hermanita Jackson II

Monday, January 12, 2015

She needs God more in her life ...

Not much time, but I'mma just throw it atcha :) Alma is doing fabulous and has a baptismal date for the 31st of February!!!! (editor's note - ???) I LOVE the lessons with her cause the spirit is always like tangible and she's very involved. We saw Amber on Saturday night and had a good chat with her. She's getting caught up in the sad things happening in the news and such and with her friends. We were pretty bold with her and she said she would come to church. we frantically got a ride for her the next morning and when they knocked on her door she was still in bed... We went over last night and had had an epiphony! She had just prayed and started reading the beginning of the BOM and says she needs God more in her life and she wants to start her days off by reading the scriptures. We're gonna meet with her every day for 30 minutes and do a study with her and then weign her off to do it herself. We read Alma 32 with her and it was PERFECT!!! Haha she kept saying, "Oh, that's what I've done, I plucked the tree out and it was actually a good one!". This morning we were supposed to meet with her before emailing, but we haven't heard from her.. Jimmy passed his interview this week and is to the point where he's made up his mind completely to be baptized. Unfortunately he's a little under the weather and that's really not good! He only has one lung and it's hard for him to breathe so if he's not feeling better this week, we'll have to push the baptism back a bit. He came to all of church yesterday and met with the bishop. He's still way positive and hilarious. Please pray for him to be feeling well! We met a man named John at the Chick-fil-a drive through on exchanges a couple weeks ago and invited him to church last week. He couldn't come but agreed to come the next week. We got to meet with him twice this last week only to find out that he lives in another area. BUT he is super solid and has a date. We'll try and get to his baptism in February. Gotta run, yall, but I loves you and thanks so much for keeping in touch!! I'm so blessed with so much support and love. 
I know this gospel is true and that it improves ALL aspects of our lives as we apply it! It fills me with so much joy that I often have to squeel or it'll just make me pop! haha Please keep sharing it with everyone! I think all we said to John at the Chick-fil-a window was that we share a message from God and that it's the happiest message of all time! You never know how far sharing a simple testimony will go :)
Con Amor, Hermanita Jackson II

two great jerseys right there! wouldn't yuh say? 
played volleyball for district pday on monday! SO fun!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Gaaaa! I wish I had more time!

Happy New year yall! Yeah so I'm running out of time! We had an incredible week this week. Lots of planning and trainings. Like, I'm not sure how we accomplished it all with the trainings haha but all is well in the promised land :) 
We found Markeshia while driving this week and got to meet with her that night. Set a date for Feb. 7th.We saw her again the next night and it's been hard to keep in touch since! Her daughter (3) during one of the lessons goes: "look at ma nails yall, yall look at ma nails!" hahaaa I love da souf.
We met Rena just after a lesson with a recent convert, she was sitting out on her porch and we got to come in a talk with her. She has a date for Feb. 7th as well :) she didn't get to come to church but she will! 
Jimmy has his interview this week and is doing great! He recorded a lil song for me that said, "sister Jackson. I love her so much. If she knew how much I love her she wouldn't be gone so long" pfff haha he's the craziest lil oldie eva. 
We met with Alma on Saturday and she is fabulous! Still didn't come to church but she is reading and praying right now about a date for Jan 31st. 
All I gotta say is that the Lord is blessing the Belleview south area big time right now! We feel so grateful to be here and to be working together :) I love Sister Taylor haha. Gotta run yall! Have a good one!

Hermana Jackson

 just loungin' on the side of a busy road..
Christmas morn! How spoiled are WE?!.. pants a bit long haha. 

the lil Brantley girl that didn't get to say hi via Skype. She was pretty bummed. 
Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! 
these ladies are too funny! Good heavens.. this is mischief at its finest. 

One of our Christmas dinners! The copelands sure know how to throw a fancy get-together! 
I could break the camera I'm so white hahaaa! 
a variation of ones I've sent in the past.. Gets me every time! 
I could die I love these oldies so much! Bennie on the left got baptized a couple months ago by the elders and is the most faithful member ever (87) and of course the famous Jimmy Ray on the right. What a gem. "someone get that girl a box" is what another member said speaking of cutie sister Taylor! haha oh man.