Monday, October 28, 2013

I, Hermana Jackson, having been "born" of a "goodly mother"

Hello hello!! K, quick disclaimer: I dont actually fancy the mission lingo of "born", "Mother".. all that jazz.. However, I thought it was quite clever on my part, so I couldnt resist. WOAH what a week!! This place somehow continues to get better and Im lovin it! Despite my horrors of getting put with a hard (as in disobedient or just nothing like me) I got put with the opposite! Hermana Allred, from AF, could easily be my twin. Not by looks, but by personality and such. hahaa so as you can imagine, there's quite a lot of energy here in Windy Ridge. K how cool is this, my area contains Disney World, Sea world, Universal Studios, and international drive (still have yet to know what that even is, but I guess its pretty cool). So Monday night after I shot you a lil email, we had mission president interviews, a lil meeting (which I was asked to bear my testimony in... Slightly intimidating) and then the Sisters were all taken to the Wood's house to stay. Dad asked how many languages are in the mission and how many missionaries are spanish speaking. there are 4- english, spanish, portuguese(?), and creole. Not many speak spanish.. For instance, for 4 incoming hermanas the president had to use all the hermanas here in the mission (5) to train. After a breif orientation on Tuesday we were introduced to trainers, picked up my bike- side note: I dont have a helmet.. Im wondering if that has been sent yet- and then to the mission office because Sister Busathe was gettin flustered with all my packages :) hahaha WOW it was like Christmas!!! THANKS! I got my lovely quilt from Mama/Aunt Lyssa (MUCHAS GRACIAS), a box of goods from the sweet McGuires (they must know me real well or had some insiders from you mama and papa, cause they nailed it). May I ask that people dont send lots of treats......Im really scared about getting fat. We'll give some to others if needed- it's likely. I got my 2 skirts Mama, and they are perfect- so comfy and light weight. We had 3 lessons planned for the day, but all 3 fell through :( We contacted a ton and I was the happiest person ever. It was way fun! Wednesday we had a meeting with a member, dinner with a member (holy cow, we have incredible dinners with members). The next day we had dinner with the Mendez family and while we were waiting for the food to be done, their son thats 20 was expressing his worries about going on a mission. He didnt want to be held back that much in school. He sounded like he wasnt getting time in to read his scriptures every day and that church was a burden to him. It was a good moment for me to reflect and to try and express how I felt about my mission. It was hard not to just say "GO ON A MISSION!" haha and it was hard for me to try and understand his feelings, but we committed him to reading PMG so he would get a better idea of what a mission is like. Then we had a wonderful meal and shared a thought about member missionarys. It was really cool during my testimony I noticed the mom was crying.. It was seriously such a simple testimony (clearly) but then she told me how much missionaries mean to them and that I had said something that really touched her. That was a really sweet moment. The language is comin along. Its a lil stressful that everyone expects so much here haha but the members are super sweet to me and I just try my hardest to learn. On Thursday we were supposed to meet with 3 teenagers, but 2 werent home, so we taught the one (Robert) with his mother and sister in the background, and we had a member present (America- yes, her name is America). We thought he spoke spanish, but apparently he's more comfortable with english so we taught in english. He accepted the invitation to be baptized, prayed with us and was super excited. I cant even tell you how cool it was!! Alright so I need to wrap this up pretty quick here.. Its amazing and humbling to me that these people give us food all the time and work so hard to get to church. I love these people! And I love this area! Saturday we had a service project (WITH HELPING HANDS JERSEYS ON- always a dream of mine) at a school and one of the members had a BYU shirt on. I said something and he told me about BYU beating Boise state!!! what? yes. Im so proud. And Dad, Mason Herzog says hello? apparetnly he went to East. Liz, way to stand strong and true and blue with all those boise state fans, by the way!!! Atta girl. Dad, sounds like your driving is improving... Way to be fast and furious driving on mediaans and over steps. And thanks for the jokes, I sure did enjoy them :) always. I love you all and Ill talk to you next week!!

Love, Hermana Jackson

Zone Conference

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Letter from the Jones' - missionary couple at Mexico MTC

This is a letter from The Jones' - the grandparents of one of our new missionaries! They are serving in the Mexico MTC and sent this note and these pictures today. Such sweet people!

It was so hard to say good bye to Hermana Jackson yesterday.  She was the sunshine of the CCM.  I would often see her posing for pictures - every time with someone different.  She made everyone feel like they were her best friends.

It was especially fun to see her grow while she was here.  Last Thursday I talked to her right after she got back from the Temple. She was so happy because she did the whole session in Spanish and "got it."  She understood everything and really embraced the Temple covenants.

Thought you'd like to see a few more pictures.

I'm Home and Walkin on Sunshine!! (ha, Get it?!)

Note from Megan's Mom - We were able to talk with Megan on Monday afternoon, our time in Spain, as she headed to Florida. We were in Toledo, Spain, with Dave and Susie Groesbeck, who are visiting. It was soooo good to hear her voice, and how happy and excited she is. When we were almost finished with our conversation, we were somehow disconnected! But, all is well ...

Hey Mama and Papa!
     Touchdown Florida!! Sorry I hung up on you this morning.. Not even sure what happened. But Im here safely in the cozy mission home of President and sister Berry! Turns out they didnt remember me from their farewell, but they said I looked familiar. Understandable, theyre busy haha. We were fed at the chapel cause there are too many of us i guess (3 sisters from the provo mtc and 6 elders plus us 4 hermanas and 4 elders from mexico). It was so nice to have a home-cooked meal and american haha. We had pulled pork sandwiches, salad, potatoe salad and grapes and some ice cream to top it off. Sister Berry talked about all the food she makes and how fast it disappears.. it sounded familiar ;) Anyway, Imma get my interview in just a bit and then head to the Woods house with the rest of the hermanas cause there isnt room for us in the mission home. Love you lots!! Dont worry about this one :) Im happy as a clam and super excited for this adventure!!!

Love, Hermana Jackson

Sunday, October 20, 2013

T-minus 14 hours!! It's GO TIME!

Hola mis padres!! Que tal? So Im emailing to tell you that my flight leaves here at 9:10. Ill be calling sometime before then if I can figure out how. Or if I struggle too much, maybe Ill wait till I get to Dallas around 11:45 (if Ive got time after customs). I tried to print off my boarding pass today and for some reason it didnt work, but I was assured that it wouldnt be a problem and that id just have to check in at the aiport. Pray.
So these last few days have been interesting. Its interesting to think Ive already been here for 6 weeks and that I really am going to Orlando! TOMORROW! I never thought the day would actually come.. Im slightly nervous, but so excited to get pushed into whatever is ahead! Im excited to see Presidente Berry and Hermana Berry again! I feel like I met them so long ago haha the other day I was wondering if they would even remember me. Theyre very sweet though and I know theyll welcome me with lots of love. Friday wae had in-field all day and they just had lots of meetings with really awesome things to learn. Ive heard for weeks how aweful it is, but I honestly loved it haha. I wondered if they had the same classes as I did.. Yesterday we did our packing during gym time (against my will) and guess how much my bags weighed (minus hairspray and a couple outfits and my pillow)!! 23 lbs. and 36 lbs. Whos good? haha. It finally rained again and Hermana Fisi and I were really excited about it and decided that Florida is calling our names :) Last night we had our last classes with Hermana Child... She expressed her love for us and how much weve grown and helped her through our teaching in the past 6 weeks. It was actually a really sweet moment. We asked her to share stories about who her investigators were that we taught (usually they are people from the teachers missions or someone they know struggling so they can understand how they can help). She cried and told us that she was herself. She had so many questions and through all our lessons, she was able to receive answers and peace. Then she took me into another room and talked to me one on one. It was SO nice to express my expectations for the mission, how I can continue to progress, get advice and express fears as well. she told me she could see a 180 degree difference from my first lesson to the one right after General Conference. Shes one of the sweetest people I know and so in tune with the spirit. She has probably one of the biggest hearts I know and Im so grateful for all the incredible lessons shes taught me. Today we are kinda running around with our heads cut off trying to get some things done that had to be done today haha. OHHHH! So I got to district meeting and had a PACKAGE!!!!!! Along with Elder Hansens two haha. So apparently Grammy and Grandpa Bob sent a lil package with their friends coming down here and today when they went to church, my counselor in the presidency happened to be there and thought the Hermana Jackson on the box could be me. He figured out that it was me and brought mine and elder hansens package to sacrament!!! How lucky is it that I got it the DAY before I leave?! Im stoked. I know its got some baked yummies from home cause there are oil splotches on the side and crumbs stuck in the tape on the box haha wooo! count on Grammy to somehow get me some goodies. Im so so excited to open it tonight and share all the goods with my comp and 2 roommates. Alrighty, I think thats all Ive got to share, but I love you so much and hope it works out for us to talk ON THE PHONE tomorrow! :) Also, Im about to send some pictures since I didnt on Thursday. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
love, Hermana Jackson

Package from Grammy!

Someone got this of our class

Hermano Florez

Class with Presidency

Roomies ... not excited to say farewell.

Name that band

Hermanas Denis, Maxfield and Moss (Hermana Maxfield I know from BYU!)

Hermanas Behan and Hawkins. We became really good friends and they left last week. 
Hermana Josse (from Celtic Storm)

latina friends ..

Nice lil selfie of the district ..
 .. and a portrait as well. With 2 Zone leaders.

Last day at the Temple!

The other two sisters in our Zone. We love them, they're so sweet!

Our Latina friends ...

For CHELS - I really enjoyed the mustard!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nos Vemos Mexico City...

Hello hello my loved ones!!! Wow, so is this real?! Im pretty sure I havent been here for 6 weeks yet, haha. Kinda crazy how fast time flies here... I know I say it all the time, but I just dont understand how it works haha! If youre wondering how I feel, Imma be straight up and tell yuh Im slightly nervous. Things are about to get really real. BUT Im ready. Im ready for the adventure ahead! Im ready to find the people waiting for me and to open my mouth and speak the broken spanish Ive acquired here. Im also having a hard time with leaving this beautiful, perfect place.. Ive fallen in love with our little world down here in Mexico City and all the things its had to offer! Especially the people. Luckily our district is mostly the Orlando crew, but 3 of the elders are going to Oregon and Pennsylvenia. Weve become a lil family by now, so thatll be weird to disperse. K enough of the sentimental stuff haha. So I left my notes of what to write this week, so ill do my best to update you. Sunday was UNREAL! Our district had been planning for a couple weeks to do a special number at the devotional that night. We chose "Mas Cerca Dios De Ti" and ended up adding the two hermanas going to florida with us (turns out my lil suprano voice cant keep up with all the other Elders alto voices and Hermana Fisis tenor) and two more hermanas that just got here this week. We got asked the day before to sing as a district in sacrament meeting as well cause we are leaving. So we sang Love at Home and Hermana Fisi and I carried the "dude" part and the elders carried the "chica" part. It turned out great. We then had a class with Presidente Pratt in the autitorium with all of the missionaries here. I was asked to say the closing prayer (Mind you, in espanol) and Hermana Fisi lead the music. It was pretty scary with Presidente Pratt literally breathing right on me haha, but it was a great experience. Then in the devotional we sang our beautiful number (I got a video so ill try and send it.. Dont post it or anything mama). What a day right? People probably had enough of Hermana Jackson haha. Monday Hermana Fisi and I taught Flor for the very last time.. This is so embarrassing, but I totally cried at the end. She was also Our very first investigator (Tainara) and I thought of how much Ive grown since then and how much she (Hermana Child) has taught me. I had really grown to love Flor and thought of having to leave people I love in el campo. Thatll be rough. We taught Julio for the last time on Tuesday as well. He wasnt as hard to say goodbye to, although I really love Hermano Florez haha, hes way funny. He tries to say stuff in english all the time and one day he goes, "fo sho" hahaha just imagine it with the spanish accent.. what a gangsta. Hermano Rodriguez is no longer our teacher as of last week cause a new district came. But hes still across the hall and always comes in to talk to us and such, so its all good. OH! Kim Josse (Remember, from Celtic Storm?) got here last night!! We were freaking out a bit haha. Shes headed to the Morristown NJ mission! Today was our last time to the Mexico City temple... Its such a beautiful day. Hermana Fisi and I both were saying after that we could totally follow what was being said during the session! That felt pretty good. Dont worry, I still know Im not that good at spanish haha and I  think Ill really come to find out how much I dont know next week :) haha! Bring it on. Mama, I loved your part about bearing testimony about tithing! Its so true that the simplest words can be filled in the the Holy Ghost and can be the most powerful! Ive really come to know that. Im so proud of your attitude of learning spanish and so excited to speak to you one day!! Gimme a year and a half though.. Dad, I would love more pictures! FROM ALL OF YOU!! please send pictures, I love em. Also I think we leave here around 3am Monday morn and Ill either call before our 9 oclock flight or ill call in texas, but I might have some more time here in Mexico.. Itll probably be around 2 in Spain..? Looking forward to it! I can email you Sunday so lemme know. Also, whats the verdict on Daves knee? I hope the "homies" are doing well. Also, KEMP family!!! Where you at!? I havent heard a word or seen any pitchas, and I miss yall like crazy, so please please gimme a lil somethin. I understand youre busy, but Id love to hear from you! Chels, Ill have you know that for lunch on Tuesday there was lemon chicken and for dinner there was mustard and fries and stuff... I cant tell you how happy I was hahaha I ate mustard by the gallon (not really, but I ate enough that Im sure my sodium level is off the walls). Alrighty, sorry this email is slightly weak.. Once again, I forgot my notes in the casa. Ill send pictures at some point today when my district leader is done getting a hair cut and will let me use his SD thing(?) haha. Love yall way too much!!! Praying for you always.
Love, Hermanita Jackson

Friday, October 11, 2013

Woah, What a Week!

Hola Familia!
K ive got lots written down to talk about so Imma just dive in and go point by point haha. First of all, General Conference was UNREAL!! wow. I cant even explain how special that was. Ive never felt so directly talked to while watching conference haha. The spirit was especially powerful this whole weekend and it really got me pumped. Maybe pumped isnt the right word but it works haha. President Uchtdorf, Elder Bednar and Elder Dube had some great talks, I especially liked theirs on Saturday morning: "Its not where you serve, but how" "Look ahead and believe" (I loved that he spoke about members being missionaries. That was kind of a theme during conference and is really exciting for us in the field!). President Uchtdorfs talk was just so inspiring and I loved that he just said it how it is. "doubt your doubts before doubting your faith". I loved that Elder Bednar talked about the widows mite! And I liked how mama explained that his talks are so deep and profound, but so simple. Oh, did anyone see the World Report about the Mexico MTC?! I wasnt in it or anything haha but I was hoping you could see this place a little better and get a taste of how beautiful it is. Saturday afternoon, Elder Christoffersons talk was so so good! K is Elder Nielson one who announces at BYU football games? I swear I knew that voice. Ive been to enough football games I should know haha.So Elder Hollands talk- That morning we were in a workshop and Hermana Fisi and I sat with two other sisters we really love and one of them talked about why people have mental illnesses and handicaps on earth. It was SO cool to hear Elder Holland address that right after we had discussed it. And When Elder Ballard said he had been in Europe I was just waiting for him to say something about Spain haha. I liked how he talked about opening your mouth and talking to as many people as you can and what a priviledge it is to be anxiously engaged in the Lords work- TRUE. Oh Saturday night we got to see the Relief Society session while the Elders went to priesthood. First of all, the songs were stunning! Second of all, I loved that Sister Reeves talked about the Provo tabernacle becoming a temple!!! I had just been telling my roommates how beautiful it would be and that I was getting married there (hehe, only mentioned the second part) but her analogy of The Lord "letting us burn some because he has plans to build temples where he might dwell" was really cool! Sunday morning session: Elder Oaks killed it!! That was a way powerful talk. I felt like lots of talks this conference were about enduring, having faith, and members being missionaries. President Monsons thoughts about his wife were super sweet. I hope to be like her. I also loved the poem about "stronger storms making stronger trees
Oops.. sent that on accident. I aint done... "Stonger stroms making stronger trees". Haha quick story about lunch on Sunday.. Hermana Fisi and I got our food and then were in like for the fruit, rice, etc. We were behind Presidente Pratt and we saw that he put salsa on his fish. I leaned to hermana Fisi and said, "Oh, imma follow whatever he does, cause I bet he knows how to make it good". Long story short, the salsa was probably the hottest Ive ever had and our lips were both tingling for a while after. I still ate the whole fish cause I wanted to not be a pansy haha. Luckily my stomach held it like a champ.. My mouth on the other hand took a lil while to feel normal hahaha. Lesson: Dont follow a natives ways. Sunday afternoon session: Called To Serve, baby! I love that song! And Elder Nelsons talk was really strengthening and awesome! And finally, Abide With Me Tis Even Tide.... I love that song so much!! Man, conference was just amazing. Oh, and tell Grammy thanks a million for all the treats.. My district died over them and I loved the milk duds and resses peanut butter cups! I swear I shared them, haha. No one liked the chocolate twizzlers but me though, so I got most of those by myself :) haha. Again, I didnt have a lot. Sunday night we watched The Testaments and I think everyone in the room was sniffling and crying at the end! It was really sweet to see so many of the elders crying! To say the least, this weekend was a spiritual FEAST! K now with my week.. Tuesday night we had a devotional (video from the Provo MTC) by Elder Holland!! man, is he powerful or what?! He talked about how much is expected of us but how the authorities arent sorry. "grab your socks and pull them to your armpits!" he talked about the weight on our shoulders and that we have an obligation to give it our all. he talked about NEVER going back to what we were before and to keep growing. he talked about the need to know the scriptures better and I was sweatin a lil bit when he called some peopl eout of the audience and totally drilled them haha. it was actually pretty comical. And he talked about the importance of the Holy Ghost. It was a motivational devotional for sure. Oh, during TRC last we were taught by some 3rd week sisters. During the lesson one of them got so flustered and nervous about the spanish that she started tearing up and just sat there. After the lesson we gave them big hugs and explained that they didnt need to worry about the language (who am I to tell them, Ive only been here 5 weeks..) and it was crazy to realize how far Ive come since even my 3rd week! Then TRC last night we taught a teacher who was on his phone and just being super difficult haha. Its good to practice these things for when Im in  the field.. One of the nights last week Hermana Child had natives come in and we taught 2 on 1 for three lessons. The first 2 lessons just didnt go well, we were struggling but the natives were nice about the spanish and everything. So Hermana Fisi and I said a prayer before the last one. We both felt our teaching was going better until he started correcting every word and phrase that came out of my mouth... The spirit was no longer there and Hermana Fisi and I just didnt even know how to respond. After the lesson we did an evaluation and I asked how we could do better. He straight up told us our spanish was awful and that we needed to work harder. That was a slight slap in the face, but a good experience to help motivate us to work harder and to know that thats how el campo will be. Yesterday our district had an english fast! It was actually kinda fun and interesting to see how well we could hold a conversation (that is, until we talked to natives.. they humble me every day haha). It was slightly frusterating every once in a while, but definitely a good experience. Oh, Flor (Hermana Child) is being baptized!! She was pretty difficult to teach, cause she knew it was true and the spirit was always so strong, but she just wouldnt accept it. I absolutely love Hermana Child. i know I said that last week, but seriously, shes an amazing teacher! I wish I could express my love for this experience and how much its changed me, but there arent even words! Its just truly amazing though, I wouldnt rather be anywhere else. K on family news: Dave, Im sorry bout your knee!! Thats what you get for being so darn athletic I guess. I sure hope its not serious! Sophie Bee is walking!? almost... Im not suprised. Also waving and tilting her head. She sounds like shes growing way too fast without her auntie Meg!! Liz and Park- I hopw yall are doing great in Idaho!! I miss you tons and would love to hear from you and get some pictures! And now to the whole fam wherever you may be- I love you all and pray for you all the time! I hope yall are safe and happy! Miss yuh tons. Talk to yuh next week.
Love, Hermana Jackson
PS Mama and Papa, I can call in the Airport on the 21st. I wanna maybe set it up so I can talk to you for a bit. I could maybe even call the house and you guys could be on facetime or something along with the Kemps..? I dunno, but Id love a call.
PS Chels, Im now wondering if I would like a necklace from downeast since I have that card. Would you wanna look for me and find a fun one?
PS Mama, I get compliments on my shoulder bag just about every day. I love it :)

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Hermana Fisi caught me takin a lil nap during Tall... I promise I try to stay awake! 
Hermana Hoj (from Helaman) left this week! love her. 

I spy with my lil eye... (twizzlers, milk duds and reeses) 
Florida hermanitas! 
 Psych, I dont need to be home to have a Magnum bar!
The zone sisters we loved so much!! 
Hermana Howton, my fellow Chipman chick left this week! 

This is the track I run on.. and thats how I run haha. 

I hear Shannon Earnshaw sent a picture of us to her mama or somethin, I thought id do the same. Fun to be here together! And in the same casa. (which doesnt mean much cause we are never in the casa..)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Time flies when you're having fun ...

Hey Mommy!
Oh I love getting your emails! Its really fun to relate with you haha. Holy canoly, how does time fly so fast!? I swear its only been two days since last P-day! haha the language isnt quite tied down, but Im not worried. im progressing and thats what matters. Its amazing how much the spirit guides a lesson if you allow it to. hermana Fisi and I are learning tons and feel like we are overcoming little speed bumps as we go. Ive really come to love her. She continues to teach me a ton through her example and profound words. She has such a beautiful testimony. And dont worry about us  having fun here and there, cause we click pretty well haha we have a great time together. Anyway, its incredible how much ive learned in 3 weeks!! Honestly unbelievable. My life is so different, and I really love it. This work is truly powerful if you give yourself to it. Im making lots of friends, but sadly lots of them leave next week (4 of whom are the only other girls in our zone... pray for the next district coming to have some more hermanas!) But those girls have been really sweet to us- hermana Espinoza gives us hugs all the time :) Hermanas Lui and Lattin were way funny and gave us hugs all the time too, but they left this week. Hermana Christensen (one of the older couple missionaries) gives hugs and kisses on the cheeks all the time, its the best. hermana Jones says we need to have another "photo shoot" here soon so be expecting some more pictures from her here soon haha. I love the quotes and scriptures from Elder Ballard! I read D&C 11 last week- Dad told me to- and really enjoyed it. Sounds like your missionaries are finding a burning desire and setting goals! Let me know how that mission goal goes! Haha now I wanna know what Cole is saying about this place! Its fun to see him around and hear from afar, "Hermana Jackson!" just about every day. hermana Wilson was sweet to send you a picture haha she spoke all spanish and pretty fast so I may have looked like a deer in the headlights when she started talking to me. K whats this about Parker doin Fedex!? I havent heard a thing. I need Lizs email cause I havent hear a thing from that fam!!! Oh how exciting for the Henries!! Send them my congratulations and possibly send me a picture? haha I cant get over how cute lil Jameser is so I can imagine Charlie is the same way. I absolutely love the name as well- nice n classy. Im sorry to hear about your Auntie Alice! She sounds adorable!!
K now for my week.. Or at least the things that I can remember, everything is kind of a blur. maybe im getting really used to this place :) haha i love this place so much! Sunday was fast sunday (cause this week's GENERAL CONFERENCE!!) and we had some awesome meetings. Can I tell you how much I love Sundays? I love every day here, but Sundays are so nice to relax, listen in English, and be fed a spiritual feast! Presidente Pratt talked about conversion in one of our meetings. Giving your whole heart, might, mind and strength have been a big theme this week i feel like. Hermana Child (mi maestra) talked about the same thing and talked about her mission. Shes so inspiring, I seriously love her!! Anyway, later that night Elder Kates.. wait, you might know him! he said hes been to 12 of the mtcs around the world and stuff.. i dunno. He spoke about rendering yourself to God (theme?), giving your whole heart, and eagerly looking forward with faith. One quote I loved: "Man's extremity is God's opportunity". That night we watched the John Rowe Moyle story and one about Jesus Christ's ministry. Tuesday night we had a devotional by Elder Walke of the seventy and his wife and he talked about having a burning desire in your heart and working in unity with your companion and the members (theme?). Also, (make sure Papas readin this) my district and another one sang I am a child of God for everyone. I was front and center and singing the descant... So scary. But it was beautiful and a good experience. OH! Tuesday we taught one of our investigators, Julio! Well, we teach him just about every day BUT he wants to be baptized!! wooo haha. Wish it were real, cause it feels real. I love lessons because the spirit is so powerful and it just feels so real! I wish I could explain more details, but I cant even think of words haha you cant really describe that kind of feeling. Flor (our other investigator, also Hermana Child) is pretty difficult cause she doesnt follow through with commitments and such, but we have had some really cool lessons with her! Hermana Child told us after one of our lessons this week how proud she is of us and how far we have come since we taught Tainara! Its amazing how much the spirit will guide your lesson if you let it. Real quick, sorry Im goin all over the place! I have a list of things to talk about and we went to the temple today so we dont have much more time to do laundry and write letters. Ill try and get one off to you this week!! Yesterday I was trying to get pesos off my CCM card and it wouldnt work. i went to get help and the guy noticed my last name and said, "oh I had a companion with the last name Jackson!.. But he was from Utah" I asked what his first name was. Paul. hahaha I laughed and said, I guarantee that was my cousin Paul! haha His name is Javier Martinez. He told me to tell Paul hi from him and then told me how much he loved him as a trainer and how amazing he was as a missionary. Small world. Oo guess what Mama, they have those lemon cookie-crackery things here, like the ones in Spain! I now understand why you love them so much!! I miss lemon haha. I bought some at the tienda with my pesos and it was way worth it. One more thing, Chelth is really on the ball cause she sent me with a tide to go pen and some airborne!!! Tell her thanks a million! Both have come in handy. And she even got a yummy kind of airborne haha. Would you or Chels mind sending an up-do or two from pintrest or somethin... all i ever want is an easy up-do haha I hate doing my hair here for some reason. That would be wonderful. THANKS! K thats all ive got on my list and I cant think of anything else... I love you so much and Im so proud of you!!! Have the best week, especially with conference and ill talk to you next week!
Love, Hermana Jackson
PS this email is to you slash the fam and stuff... I dont have time to write a big one just to the fam so i guess meshing Dads and your email is my email to all yall..? sorry.
Hey Papa!!!!
 hahaha that first part made me laugh. Luckily at el CCM and when we go to the temple we experience a little more of the real thing with people speaking so fast, but I hear Cubans and Puerto Ricans are way quick.. I told one of the other sisters last night that Mama calls it "auctioneer spanish". It rings truer every time I hear a native speak, ha! Its truly amazing to be here! I have such a hard time explaining why and everything but its just incredible how much and how strong you feel the spirit all the time!!! Im learning tons about myself, the importance of the guidance of the Holy Ghost, how powerful prayer is, and most importantly, Im coming to know my Savior better. General Conference this weekend!!!! Im SO excited! Haha we get to listen in English, good thing too. Thank you for all the prayers, I know theyre helping tons!! I pray for you and mama in every prayer as well and you know how many that is!! People in my district are always asking me things about spain and things about mission presidents and mission rules and such haha. its funny. I told them to read the white hand book ;) I also cant even count how many times the word obedience has been discussed while Ive been here! I think of you every time and am grateful I have such incredible parents who have taught me so well. I love this place, Dad! Im obsessed. Mi compaƱera continues to inspire me through her example, my teachers are unreal- especially Hermana Child!! I love her so much and hope I can be like her. Teaching is progressing and we are getting the hang of it. My district is fantastic! occasionally Hermana Fisi and I feel like mothers of 7 boys, but theyre growing up (I am too). We feel really lucky when we talk to other sisters who quote: "want to strangle some of the Elders in their district" haha. This week we decided to work on diligence cause the boys (I do too, but not as bad) get super distracted. Its going really well. The food really isnt bad! Its actually muy bueno for the most part! And about the healthy thing, everyone, and I mean everyone, is getting colds and stuff here! our roommate threw up yesterday. Good thing Chels came through and sent me with airborne so Ive been drinking that for the past few days. So far so good. For excersice we switch off every day. One day we will hit the gym and ride the bike, do sit ups, etc. and the other day we run around the track. When we are done we have about 15 minutes to play volleyball :) its a good time. The guys are all so confused that I use my feet all the time but are impressed that it works haha. it hasnt rained much in the past week and a half! Its nice n sunny every day! Im not complaining. I dont mind the rain though. Im sleeping pretty well. Sometimes I wake up cold (I sleep in sweats, a sweatshirt and fuzzy socks) cause my cover is pretty thin, but its fine! Im still figuring that one out. Excited for my quilt to be in Orlando! i have great clothes, no complaints there. Im staying way happy, making lots of really fun friends and really enjoying my time here. I see Cole more recently and its fun to see him. I also have some friends from BYU down here! All is well :) K Dad, you cant just be showing people those pictures of me with Downeast, thats embarrassing! haha seriously, dont. por favor. Glad you like them though haha. K imma write some more people real quick, write the fam and get goin! Love you so much!!! Have a wonderful week and ill talk to you next Thursday! Enjoy Conference!
 Love, su hija, Hermana Jackson