Monday, October 20, 2014


Haha Dave, remember the man that whistled his s's in Satsumas? Walter, our investigator does the saaame thing and it makes me laugh inside and think of you. 
Well anyway, it's been an incredible week!!! Last Monday after emailing we went outside of the library and were talking to a guy in the parking lot when the librarian came out (preface.. they told us last week we need to be careful about not "pushing people" with our message cause they've had complaints). She told us, "you need to stop it! we just got another complaint!" and we hadn't talked or even said hello to one person in the library.. So while talking to this guy I'm kinda on the verge of crying cause we were totally accused. Luckily he was super cool and wanted to meet with us a lot after that haha. His name is Darius and we saw him twice last week! So we continued to Target to get our groceries and we were kinda silent on the way. We had been in there not but 2 minutes when a lady in the isle put her hand on sister Conger's arm with a smile and said, "where yuh from? what ward?" We chatted for a few seconds and she said, "keep it up sisters!" we both must have look a bit sheepish (my throat was hurting like i was on the verge of water works) and she gave me te biggest mama hug!!!! She gave us so much love and when she left we turned into another isle and there we were bawling like fools in the mouthwash section haha. The Lord sure does provide right when we need it! She was an angel. That sounds so dramatic, but it was just as real.
On exchanges on Saturday in Belleview we decided to go tract a street that we had some potentials on and where we had just had a first lesson with the coolest lady ever a few days prior (her name is Cinthia, but I don't have much time...). We stopped at the house on the corner cause there were 2 guys out and we "asked them where a house was". we got to talking and Simon (with ALPHA and OMEGA tattooed to his eye lids and a nice gold grill) and he's on a quest for truth. We shared the restoration and quoted the bible as much as we could (not too much haha but the Lord helped us) and slowly he was intrigued and less attacking. haha quote: "some people like John called Jesus Lord and shepherd and savior cause that's what resinated with them. I call him duuuuu (dude) cause I was born in the rock time. So I be rockin with jesus!" Not sure if that's complete blaspheme to write that, but jst so yall have a good idea of this fellow. He prayed so sincerely to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and at the end he opened his eyes and repeated, "Joseph Smith". After thinking it through he said, "I know He was a prophet. I feel so much light. I totally love him, he's so cool! He couldn't come to church, but he promised to come next week. We invited him to read the resto. pamphlet and I was prompted to give him the 17 truths of Christ's church card in my bag. We went back last night with sister Santos and at first he was talkin about no church or religion being correct and that he has been called of god to be a preacher and establish the truth. He understands the bible really well and really LOVED the card I gave him. He's going to be baptized on Nov. 22!! He's SO excited and seems to get the priesthood. he kept sayin, "i love what yall are sayin. I love the priesthood. I feel like yall's message has truf". I really really wish yall could just talk to him and meet him and everything. He's prepared. When we asked him to read 3 chapters by wednesday he said, "yeah, but yall cant give me this assignment without coming back to follow up!" hahaaa alright fine! He wanted us to come every day, but then got realistic and we set a few lessons for the week haha.
Antonia and the girls fell through 2 or 3 times this week.. BUT they came to all 3 hours of church. Antonia is doing well, but the girls need a bit more.
I'm teaching Carlos via Skype still and he's doing great! We had a member return home from his spanish speaking mission this week and he's stoked to come with us!! YESSSS.
Gotta run. Look for miracles every day this week!
con amor, Hermana Jackson

feedin da shishees 
Joey when I was on exchanges in Eustis! Sister Maw's the coolest! We were in the same district when I was in Kissimmee. 
I guess we're in one accord cause we walked out of our bathrooms that day and literally were like this! 

Spotted on exchanges 

contacting on the golfcart! haha we got permission to use member's carts :) good thing for all that practice at home, eh? 
another awesome exchangie 
selfie in the car. 
good ol Flarda :) 
Sayde and Antonia 

These sisters are unreal and we loved our exchange with them! The one next to me is the older sister of my friend Max Jensen!
hahaaa.. worth 1000 words.

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