Monday, November 24, 2014

re: McGuire's are in Madrid!

Oh how fun is that?! Please send them my love!! I sure appreciate them keeping in touch with me and sending me birthday loves and such. They're so awesome! 
Denise is in Chicago right now wth family for her daughter's wedding. We're praying she's staying strong with the word of wisdom and everything! I'm in love with that lady. You'll definitely have to meet her one day!
We don't get the whole day for thanksgiving haha we're gonna be out finding and teaching all day.. Mostly with our Asian families and such haha.
re mail: I actually haven't gotten anything in the past 2 weeks.. not sure what's up with the mail but I'm awaiting some letters.
We had zone conference this week- it was incredible!! Sister Conger and I gave a training!! haha seriously the scariest thing eva but we survived. 

XOXO hermanita Jackson II

my last district 
Some good fun at the Halloween party haha 

Man... those are Reeses PIES! I promise I didn't eat very much! Only a few yummy bites haha. 
sometimes yuh just need a treat. 
The coolest lady. Obviously has faith in Christ. 

On exchanges and she had hiccups.. This was the remedy that a member gave us hahaha. 

Out at Walmart :) I just can't get over the golf carts here! 
Remember this sista from Semoran?! Well one day back then she nudged me and said, "I know how we'll be companions one day... we're gonna be STLS" haha then she invited me to pray about it. She is now an STL with Hermana Fisi!!! Haha we've just about died laughing about it. Love this Sister to death.

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