Monday, October 27, 2014

happy happy birthday miss BEEEE!

Alrighty, another quicky this week.. SORRY.
1. Simon was promising in the beginning and knows it's true but may be afraid of having to act upon that knowledge. He bailed on both lessons with members this week and such. We even got to his house one night with te member and he was riding off on his bike to give something to his neighbor who "really needed it". we told him we would wait and to hurry. Yeah, he didn't come back for an hour and a half as we weekly planned on his porch. We had to temporarily drop him.
2. we were dropped by lots of investigators this week. it was actually pretty funny cause it happened in about 10 minutes. BUT we now know who to focus on! God helped us seperate the wheat from the tares :)
3. Wednesday was an interesting one. We saw a recent convert and her husband who.. have a rough life style. But she's 6 months pregnant and has cancer, he's working all day so they can have food, etc. He had family coming to town to pick him up and take him to connecticut to see his mom and new nephew and stuff. He said he'd only be gone for a week but she knew he was leaving her. Hours before he planned to leave, we were stuck in the middle of her pouring her heart out and saying how she doesn't want to be homeless again and such.... That was SO hard. Like my heart was so weighed down. I found myself praying for them and thanking Heavenly Father for all my belssings. That was messy and we ended on the best note we could without getting involved. But we couldn't function very well after so we stopped by a member's house for a blessing. We both kinda broke down crying cause we felt so out of tune with the spirit. Our blessings were both so inspired and so so sweet. Thank goodness for the priesthood!!! We hadn't eaten dinner by that time (about 8) and they quickly made us fried egg sandwiches before our next appointment. I think they were even better cause they were made with love :)\
4. we've been teaching english to a family from Burma just one time a week for the past transfer. Last week we taught them how to pray and this week we got to teach the plan of salvation!!! It was the sweetest experience to see the hope light up their faces. The lil kiddies are adorable.
5. One of my first weeks here, in weekly planning I asked if we could go through formers. Sister Conger thought she knew all of the formers cause this area is fairly new, but one stood out to me and she didn't know her. Her name is Denise. We stopped by a few weeks ago and have seen her about 4 times now. At first she was comfortable in her jewish faith and was pretty closed, but she's read in the bom between every visit, comes with questions. This week we invited her to church. She went to the Leesburg ward with her sister who is a member. We went over last night to answer her questions. She LOVED church and how nice all the strangers were to her! She said we came at the perfect time for her because she was trying to decide if she anted to pay to be a member of the synagogue. She told us she knows we came at that time for a reason. She used to be christian but then when she married a jewish man she raised her kids that way, but always felt a secret void of Christ. Anyway, she's AMAZING and praying about baptism on the 13th of December!!! Last night she talked about Judaism in a past tense and seemed so ready for this new path. Ahh, wish i cold share more. Gotta run! LOVES!
Hermana Jackson

Also, this is for Pops-
I guess I haven't been good at telling yall how much i really do appreciate the ipads. No joke, i'm not sure how we did it before. It hastens the work SOOO much! I really really hope yall can get them. It's a rough adjustment, but worth it for sure. I got to skype Carlos in Peru again this week and had that returned missionary teach with me. Carlos is doing REALLY well and this last lesson was a big improvement. I've come to a testimony of the power of twos for sure this last transfer or two. It's hard to teach someone in spanish by myself. So one-dimentional. we're curresntly working on passing him off. But I put a picture on facebook of skyping carlos and had about 10 people i didn't know like it (from peru) so i messaged them. I got 2 referrals from it and 2 others who I'm currently talking to :)ahhh! Lot's of missionaries here have been able to reach out to friends from home and convert them. I coudl just go on and on about it. Not only that, we have our area book with us at all times! We have a map (kinda cause we don't have wifi everywhere). The record keeping is so pristine. Like we report on EVERYTHING so that missionaries who come will know when we called the people, when we heart attacked them, etc. mm, yeah. I really hope yall get them. Keep me updated!

Hermana Jackson II

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