Monday, September 29, 2014

Al fin de Septiembre?!

Meggie Ricks is the best friend eva! 

Our apartment was absolutely freezing.. So this is what my outfit ended up being one morning of studying haha.  
Michelle's promises :) 

Sister Spencer is also a Dane :) we just love her! 
That's Carlos! 
Sister Chinsey says: shoot for the stars, be a star because you ARE a star! hahaha 
The Chinseys and the assistants 

could not even breathe on the last one haha. How lucky am I to have served with Hermanas Allred and Marsh in my same ward!!? 
we did facials every sunday night in Lake Nona hahaha 
The Aldaves.. LOVE them! Cutest lil fam de Peru. 


from Sister Aldave this week. 

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