Monday, November 17, 2014

Denise is still a champ ...

I was going to send pictures real quick, but it's not working..

I'm not even gonna lie, this week was nuts and I've prolly never been so stressed haha! We have some sisters who are going through a rough time and it's more than just them not getting along, there's some depression involved. We were with them last Monday, on exchanges from Thursday Morning after ZTM to Friday night, and Saturday night for a few hours of comp inventory. I'm learning a lot about myself and a lot about Christlike attributes. It's been a roller coaster, but they're doing a bit better every day and we're praying for the best. I'll tell yuh, it was the most miraculous exchange I've ever been on haha  I was in Eustis. The first day a man stopped his car next to us while we were making a phone call in a neighborhood and said, "where yuh been? Go see James in that house right there" so we did and taught Jason, the son, and set a date with him, then came back the next day and he was totally solid! He came to church yesterday too! We got a member referral and the member was less active and was like a kid on Christmas while he talked about his mission and got way choaked up. and on and on. The Lord was definitely answering my prayers for those sisters to see some happiness.
Denise is still a champ! She's been drinking a cup of coffe a week to get rid of head aches (that's pretty solid after drinking like a pot a day!). So we invited her to get a blessing and she got it yesterday after church. we saw her last night and she's fully confident that she will be fine. She leaves tomorrow to Chicago for her daughter's wedding. For 2 weeks. She has her member sister to help though, so we aren't worried. Love her tons! gotta go! Love yoU!

Hermana Jackson

Thanks Mommy! Love hearing from you! Sounds like yall are just as stressed out over there- if not more! Just please pray for not only me, but the sisters in our zone. We have 5 companionships in training and one that isn't but that comp. is reeeeally fragile right now. We were with them for the majority of the week. lots of emotions there and I hate to say it but pride is the main problem. Depending on today they could be ET-ed which would only hurt the situation, but it just depends on what President decides ha. Sister Conger and I are doing well. She's SO cool and really an awesome missionary! I'm so so grateful that she's dedicated and focused even though she's fixin to go home! I'm wanting you to meet sister Allred and sister Conger when they come home and you'll be there for the wedding!! when do you go back to Spain? That would be the BEST!

Hermana Jackson

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