Monday, December 1, 2014

Feliz Dia de Acion de Gracias

Hey hey fam! So before I forget! At zone conference they showed us these new lil pamphlets we'll be getting as missionaries to show our family tree and stuff. i need some birth dates, death dates, etc about my relatives :) I think 4 generations.
So we didn't hear from Denise hardly at all while she was gone to Chicago for 2 weeks. Probably the scariest thing ever, but we got permission to text her sister Saturday and she said that Denise was "being a good little mormon girl and has her own lil testimony of the word of wisdom!" eeee! Just makes me pleased as punch. Denise called this morning and she's home safe after a terrible day of driving yesterday. She's putting up Cristmas decorations and it's hard for her cause she had a stroke a few years back and so we get to go spend some pday time with her :) YES! I'll take pictures. She's getting interviewed this week.
Thanksgiving was wonderful! We have THE BEST memebrs in Belleview. No joke, I love this ward and hope I can stay here for a lil while longer. Mostly likely will with SIster Conger leaving. The Gilmans made us the yummiest Thanksgiving at lunch time and then the Copelands (he served as a mission president years ago in portugal) fed us the most extravigant(sp?) meal with creme brulee. Don't worry, I got some yummy hoem made punkin (:)) pie at the Gilmans.
We've been focusing TONS on He is the Gift!! I really hope yall have seen it, are passing onut the 9 pass along cards from the ensign and whatever else! Email it to friends, put in on insta, etc. It's the coolest that the church is going through so much efforts to #sharethegift. We went knkocking the other night ([prolly the first or second time I've knocked here in this area) and the second door we came to a woman named Pam let us in to watch the video. She and her husband watched it with us and she ended in tears. It really brought the spirit and led us into the restoration and such. They are looking for a church and at first were hesitant saying they probably wouldn't come to church or allow us back, but ended up taking our number and saying they would probably call us back! She admitted that the video really opened the door.
Amber is doing well. She had a bit of a scare this week cause she has lots of family members who are members of the church, including her mother who was excommunicated and such. So she got some opposition and her husband doesn't like our religion but refuses to listen to us. She's getting there. Unfortunately she didn't come to church yesterday cause she was asleep when our memebr went to lead her there.
Antonia and girls didn't come last week to church but called us and said that since she wanted to be early, he was speeding and got pulled over.. But she came this week even though we tried really hard to be in touch with her this week. she loves church and stuff, but they have family here.
We met a new guy, Dan on saturday when we stopped the car in our complex to talk to him. Gave him the restoration pamphlet and set a time to go back later that day and within an hour he called us and said, "hey, I'm reading about priethood meeting in this pamphlet and I'm wondering if I can go to that meeting!" He had read the whole pamphlet. Unfortunately yesterday was the 5th sunday and a combined meeting about emergency preparedness, but he came and loved church. He's like TOO knowledgable in sciptures.. Its hard cause he believes different things cause he reads a different bible.. like 8 days of creation and stuff. We went back last night and had an ok lesson. He's just kinda hard hearted.
We met a James on exchanges 2 weeks ago and have been trying hard to meet with him and something happens every time. But we met with him last night and he's SO cool! He too knows the scriptures but reads the king james and said he will read the bom in a week haha. He's super humble and it seems to me like he's recently hit a rock bottom. His friend was there too and he's a young guy that doesn't believe in god. He wasn't taking things too seriously and finally the woman with us bore her firm testimony and started crying about how god spared her life to bring her son (who was present and recently returned from his mission) to earth so he could serve a mission. It was unreal. Like the spirit was so strong!
The burmese family is progressing just ever so slightly haha they're the cutest family and we love them. Taught them about testimony, god, jesus christ and the bom this week :)
Reading in Matthew (SO behind in the mission read) but I'm learning a ton! Lot's about following Christ Immediately. I thought of you Mama and Papa being so quick to say yes to your present calling. I also learn tons about the attributes of Christ. he's just constantly ministering to those in his path. He'll be on his way to raise the daughter of Lazerus (sp?) and then stops to talk to the woman who touched his garment! LOVE it. It's so rich with love and good lessons.
Gotta run cause I just talked to the guy next to me for a bit haha. He's gonna watch he is the Gift :D hahaha. Alrighty, Loves yall and have a wonderful week. I'm so grateful for yall and hope you know I'm tryin to email and write yall back..
Hermanita Jackson

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