Monday, January 5, 2015

Gaaaa! I wish I had more time!

Happy New year yall! Yeah so I'm running out of time! We had an incredible week this week. Lots of planning and trainings. Like, I'm not sure how we accomplished it all with the trainings haha but all is well in the promised land :) 
We found Markeshia while driving this week and got to meet with her that night. Set a date for Feb. 7th.We saw her again the next night and it's been hard to keep in touch since! Her daughter (3) during one of the lessons goes: "look at ma nails yall, yall look at ma nails!" hahaaa I love da souf.
We met Rena just after a lesson with a recent convert, she was sitting out on her porch and we got to come in a talk with her. She has a date for Feb. 7th as well :) she didn't get to come to church but she will! 
Jimmy has his interview this week and is doing great! He recorded a lil song for me that said, "sister Jackson. I love her so much. If she knew how much I love her she wouldn't be gone so long" pfff haha he's the craziest lil oldie eva. 
We met with Alma on Saturday and she is fabulous! Still didn't come to church but she is reading and praying right now about a date for Jan 31st. 
All I gotta say is that the Lord is blessing the Belleview south area big time right now! We feel so grateful to be here and to be working together :) I love Sister Taylor haha. Gotta run yall! Have a good one!

Hermana Jackson

 just loungin' on the side of a busy road..
Christmas morn! How spoiled are WE?!.. pants a bit long haha. 

the lil Brantley girl that didn't get to say hi via Skype. She was pretty bummed. 
Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! 
these ladies are too funny! Good heavens.. this is mischief at its finest. 

One of our Christmas dinners! The copelands sure know how to throw a fancy get-together! 
I could break the camera I'm so white hahaaa! 
a variation of ones I've sent in the past.. Gets me every time! 
I could die I love these oldies so much! Bennie on the left got baptized a couple months ago by the elders and is the most faithful member ever (87) and of course the famous Jimmy Ray on the right. What a gem. "someone get that girl a box" is what another member said speaking of cutie sister Taylor! haha oh man.

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