Monday, May 26, 2014

We don't bash, we don't bash, we don't bash...But when we do we win.

The quote is from an elder.. So funny. Also, I apologize for the mixup
of not receiving mail.. I really did get tons and I love it!! Thanks,

Hey fam! Alrighty so I hate to complain... But I'm almost tempted to
not even write a letter to y'all cause I didn't receive ONE email
today! ¿Qué pasó? Haha it's alright though, I still loves yuhs and I
do have quite a lot to share with y'all, so I guess I'll have mercy.
So first off, Joey n Gary Larson came to transfer meeting 😀 haha I
was SO confused but it was the best to finally see them!! I've just
been hearing from unknown elder after elder that Gary Larson says
hello. Also, Sister Lily Bridgewater has arrived!!! What a reunion
THAT was. Her trainer's pretty cool too, I think they'll have fun. My
new companion is Hermanita Brooks!! We met via Facebook before the
mish (so we're obviously best friends haha) and we have been hoping to
be companions! She's from Las Vegas and we came out together. She was
companions with Hna Gruber in the MTC. Man, we are having a blast and
seeing so many miracles. We're basically whitewashing our area of
Kissimmee cause Hna Brooks was only here for 3 weeks and then got
moved to Lake Nona due to an emergency transfer. This area is totally
different from my last one haha. Our ward is English and Spanish
combined and we meet in separate sacrament meetings. Let's just say
our Spanish congregation doesn't even fill the whole relief society
room. We do have two investigators that we set dates with this week!
They had somehow been taught by English missionaries and were passed
to us. Their names are Maria and Johanna. Johanna is Mari's 11 yr old
daughter. They're so so great and came to church yesterday!
Unfortunately they didn't stay all 3 hours, but we're hoping for next
week that they will. Our ward council is also the bomb so I'm so
excited to work with them!
We're on bike just about all day every day cause our miles are almost
shot and we have to save up for zone conference on wed. Saturday we
were on bike from 10am-6:45pm! Pff haha! We hear it was like 98 out
with 98% humidity and I ain't even surprised. I've prolly never been
so sweaty in my entire life. We actually had to stop at a house and
ask for water and sit in their house for 10 minutes cause we were
gettin slightly hysterical hahaha bless our hearts. But the Haitian
couple was so sweet and invited us for dinner (after having us try
GOAT) this week so wish us luck. The other night we had plans to go
see a potential in an area that we aren't in all that often. Steven
answered the door and said that his dad (the potential) doesn't live
there anymore. We shared a bit of our message and asked if there was
anyone in the neighborhood that could use a prayer or anything. He
referred us to his friend down the street but said that he wouldn't
likely be open to it. We went down to Ariel's house and he really
wasn't having it, but when we asked if we could pray for someone, he
asked us to pray for his father with a drinking problem. We showed him
a Mormon message about that and it totally touched his heart! So he is
now wanting to meet with us and Steven. Then we went back to tell
Steven about his friend when his friend Z rides by on his bike... Haha
Hermana Brooks and I totally feed off of each other and just love
talking to everyone so she yells, "Z, HI!". Meanwhile I'm making my
way to the street to catch him and ask him if he wants to come too
haha! So we will be seeing those three this week. We received lots of
referrals this week, it was awesome! One of them from a member was a
part member family- Los Aguilar. We stopped by there and the member
was just saying "soy catolica, soy catolica". But her son Kevin came
to the door and wanted to listen! We taught him the restoration and he
says he will be baptized and he will read the BOM!
We met the funniest 90 yr old lady on Saturday. Just when we thought
our day was interesting, miss Margaret just made it better! Wow she
had so much energy and kept giving us cookies and water saying, "only
baptists do this kinda thing... Imma a good hearted Susie" haha we
were laughing so hard! Ohhhh we got special permission to be with
those Larsons on Friday! Pretty sure you received pitchas already.
They were way too good to us and it was a grand ol time to be with
them. K I think that's about it.. I really didn't take good notes on
what to tell you this week, but I'll do better next week Haha. I love
you all and hope everything is going well!! And maybe if you could
write me a lil somethin next week that would be greatly appreciated 😘

XOXO, Hermana Jackson

So we are emailing via iPad and I didn't receive any emails from the
fam, I was so confused. I turned this thang off and back on and
vwalla, I felt so loved! Haha yeah life is sooo great and sister
brooks and I are lovin life! It's getting so hot.... Haha! I really
think I was sweating from every pore (I hope that's not sacrilegious
but it's truly what I thought). K we were hoping so so bad to teach
Joey on Friday night and the. Plans changed and we we're taken to
Mimi's house. It was still good but we wished to have taught her.. I
prayed and atudied so hard for her. Maybe next time. President berry
told me there is probably a reason why I'm in this area to teach her.
K real quick.... The dirty business. I'm wondering if you'd mind
sending a skirt/dress or two.. Like the stretchy fabric stuff. Like
the ones you sent before. We are on bike every day and those are what
I need. Sister Brooks got some from and Downeast and they're
so cute! I hope someone still has that 100 dollar gift card I got.
Also.. My shoesies are falling apart. I would love some comfy sperrys
or toms or somethin. I'm so sorry to ask but my feet need somethin
comfy and I really do need skirts or dresses. I gotta run and I'm
sorry there aren't pictures.. The library is closed today. I love you
so much! Ps I hope you got the FB invite! The rules keep changing for
it and I'm trying to follow all of them perfectly. I learned I could
be your friend and invite you to share stuff 😀

Love hna Meggie

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