Monday, May 19, 2014

Why I Believe

Hey folks! Que tal? So I missed last week so I've gotta JUMP in and git'er done! I also like the gratitude approach and think I'll use that again :) 
1. Los Brito. So we were riding bikes down Semoran the other day and our day was a struggle haha. Things were falling through, people weren't being nice.. you know. We saw a couple walking with huge grocery bags and stopped to ask them if we could help. I offered to put them on our handle bars and walk with them back to their home. They moved here just about a month ago from Cuba and don't know anyone, don't speak a lick of english and looking for work. They were the nicest couple and we really enjoyed talking with them. They invited us in when we reached their apartment and they and their two daughters listened to our message of the restoration. The dad was a tough cookie cause he clings to his bible. BUT he was super nice and was really excited to read The BOM. They then asked if we'd stay and eat dinner with them! We found out while eating that they had made a dish that they only make for special occasions! They totally spoiled us. If you're not already sure of what it was.. There was a mountain of rice involved haha. They also mentioned that it was a miracle that we stopped to help because she's really sick and those bags were way heavy.
2. Yesterday we were riding on Semoran again when we stopped to talk to a man and his two kids. Before we even said anything he said, "that was so nice of you to carry those bags for those people the other day!" You never know who's watching and what difference it can make! He was so open to what we had to say and I believe that it's because he had seen that small act of service days before.
3. We had another lesson with Warren this week and his aunt (hermana Ramirez) shared a story that touched his heart so perfectly when talking about the Holy Ghost. I continue to be amazed at the difference members make in lessons. He accepted a baptismal date for June 6! 
4. The Alba's (new branch missionaries) accompanied us to Juan and Aurora this week to talk about the 10 commandments and keeping the sabbath day holy. Wow, we've been trying to get them to open up in lessons and the Albas did it perfectly. Juan is tough n quiet, not always a serious person. Hermano Alba asked the perfect question that made Juan cry and open up about an experience he had had. They're progressing slowly, but surely. They also came to the coolest musical fireside on Saturday night called "Why I Believe". Although it was in english and they didn't understand a majority of it, they loved it and really felt the spirit! The music was incredible and all centered on Jesus Christ. There were speakers that bore testimony of (one more time haha) "why they believe".
5. I've been thinking of what I would have said if I were asked to go up. For some reason I've been trying to think of some life-changing experience or something, but I came to the conclusion that it's been little things that have built my testimony to be what it is! Sure, I've had cool/"big" experiences, especially on the mission, but the little things end up making the biggest difference to me.
6. Saturday. Sister Marsh and I have been workin like chickens with our heads cut off this week to prepare the baptism for Hermano John. The time had to be changed last minute, our ward mission leader got super sick and we had to arrange and make the programs, etc. It was nuts haha. We single-handedly arranged his baptism. But what a beautiful day it was!!! John seems like a new, happier person. We then went to the family history center with him and helped him understand how it works and such. He's really excited to find his Mom's side of the family. Then we had a temple tour done by Hno. Mejia. It was SO beautiful. That evening was the baptism of Anne (the one I LOVED on exchanges in Olypia a few weeks back). Man, she's the coolest. We were just drained in all aspects that night haha. But it was the greatest day eva.
7. I'm being transferred. Let me explain haha. I'm not excited to leave because I've really fallen in love with this area and all that comes with it. The miracles we are seeing right now are just... I can't even explain how happy it makes me! But I understand that The Lord needs me somewhere else. I feel totally confident leaving it with Hermanita Marsh. I'm glad I came here. Lookin forward to the new adventure ahead!
I love y'all and it sounds like you're all doing great! Please know how much I appreciate you and your prayers! Also, that I'm well and happy as a clam :)
Con carino, Hermana Jackson
Los Lopez- they're the coolest! 
Sister Perdomo 

This is from Gary and Joey Larsen! They saw Megan and Lily Bridgewater during transfers and sent this picture. It is Lily's first day in the mission! 

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