Monday, June 2, 2014

...little flames starting to appear

Hey hey Jackson clan! And crew I suppose. Still unsure who these reach by the time Mama J's done with em haha. Thanks for all the emails and PICTURES and some letters here n there!! Hermanita Jackson's just havin a swell time here in the 321 :) This week was a tough one with things falling through, BUT we found some way cool new investigators that we're so excited for! Also, real quick update on Maria Mejia and her two girls.. Maria can't be baptized this week and one of the daughters needs some more discussions so we've planned for the 21st for the girls. Johanna is getting so excited and really loved church yesterday (all 3 hours!). Speaking of church we had 14 people to start with in our spanish sacrament meeting... four.teen. Lo and behold we ended up with 26 inclusing Hermana Brooks and myself. Ok so now with all the cool stuff this week! 
Last Sunday sister Brooks and I weere headed to a dinner appointment and contacted a man named Jon (he was actually our only contact in that area). He seemed mildly interested but we got his info and told him we would call him. We then found out that it was the other Wakefield family that we were supposed to be going to so we were in the wrong neighborhood (but not really cause we totally had to find Jon!). Monday night we were planning for Tuesday and realized we would be in the area of Jon so we called him up and here's how the conversation went..
"How are you tonight?"
"a little sad.. My Mom just died on Saturday"
..... *imagine my mouth completely dropping and then turning to a huge smile because I KNOW he's totally prepared! YES. The lesson went super well and not only did we teach the plan of salvation, but he was totally asking the best questions and we went into the restoration! It all just flowed and was so filled with the spirit. I was in the middle of testifying that he would see his mother again and he looked me straight in the eyes and asked, "how?" Like he was so. prepared. Unfortunately he isn't sure his wife will want to hear and everything, so it's been super hard to get another appointment with him (darn it satan!) but he totally understood the need for authority and the BOM. I'll let you know what happens with him. 
Next miracle. The english sisters in our area happened to hfind the CUTEST family- escapees from Venezuela- the other night! We got to go teach the man in his garage while his friends were setting things out for a garage sale.. And as weird as the setting was, he was totally there and so accepting! I so wish i could even describe the way these lessons go, but its difficult to descibe- and even more so over email. He promised to read the BOM and to come to church (they didn't make it unfortunately) and said he would be baptized. His responses were so golden when we were asking questions and teaching about Joseph Smith. His wife was at work, but has been keeping in touch and we will meet with them tomorrow! 
We found a lady named Wanda the other day who so badly wanted to have a new life, to just get rid of her past. We shared the mormon message, "mountains to climb" and the whole time she was sayin, "that's so true!" "wow, i like that", etc. We taught her the restoration and part of the plan of salvation as she told us she hopes to see her mother again. 
I'm running out of time and need to send pictures and such, but I forgot to tell you Elder Christofferson visited a couple weeks ago! We're feeling SUPER blessed to have all these general authorities coming to teach the members and us how to hasten the work. Last night our stake put on a fireside where bishops and ward mission leaders and ward missionaries had lil classes and such. I'm stoked about the little flames starting to appear as the people respond to their "challenges" from the authorities and such! Wooo. I hope yall are missionary minded and inviting all your friends to come to church and such! Even sharing stuff on FB and insta. Way to go fam, I love you so much and am so honored to be a part of the Jackson clan! Have the best week!!!

LOVE, Hermana Megs
"the real mexican food" restaurant haha. The owners will soon be our investigators! 
caught it the rain again! SO FUN.
outside the apt. 
got domestic this week. Pinterest just called and wants us on their staff.

Aurora, Juan and Nathan
Not posed, I promise haha but this is the only one I got on ma camera 

I planted those flowers! 

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