Monday, May 5, 2014

Feliz Cinco de Mayo, eh?!

K I'm absolutely AMAZED at how blessed we are lately... I really don't even know how to express how cool it is! haha The heavens have totally just opened and we've seen some MILAGROS this week. Here it goes! Last Sunday we were riding along a sidewalk and stopped to talk to a guy sitting outside his house. He agreed to have us back on Monday! So we taught him the restoration and he was intently listening and actively asking questions. He then asked for us to come back Tuesday! Unfortunately he wasn't there, but we had both been inspired to go visit the cool Mayra (who had read the whole BOM in about a week) who we haven't seen in a while. We prayed to know what to say on the driveway of Ismael and when we opened our eyes a man was looking at us and said, "church people?". He was pretty interested, but what's even cooler is that right when we were done talking to him, Ismael came out and said he was so sorry, but he had to run to his sister's. It was just cool to see that if we weren't still there, we wouldn't have seen him and everything! He told us he has been reading the BOM and really likes it. He also said something about how he hates how much another church drinks and smokes. We'll have to see where he goes, but then when we went to see Mayra, she opened the door as were were parking our bikes! We had a great chat and she wants us to come back because she really liked how she felt when we taught the restoration. Quick side note: that night was a huge rainstorm and we got SOAKED. Basically, it looked like we jumped in a pool haha. I was laughing so hard and absolutely loved it! We were going by a big street and a big wave from a car going through a puddle went right over my head haha! It's been super rainy this week. But when it's not rainy, it's SO humid! Wow, I've heard stories, but I had no idea.
Also, Monday night we had plans to find in a specific apartment complex (the more specific the plans, the better!). We knocked doors and such there and then on the very last door a lil lady poked her head out and said hesitantly, "yeeees?" We told her who we were and she asked WHICH WARD we're in haha. I was absolutely thrown off by that one! Come to find out she's a less-active who has "been on a spiritual quest for 20 years" and just last night she was talking to a friend who wants to get re-baptized. She told him about our church being the only one who does it like the bible says- to be completely submerged and then receive the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands. She was so speechless when she realized that we were an answer to her recent prayers! I guess she's been visited 3 different random times by missionaries that have been answers to prayers. It was the coolest thing!! We've seen John 3 times in the past week and we're going through the commandments. Wednesday night we talked about the word of wisdom and although he said it would be tough, he knows it's for the best and he is going to follow it! It was a great lesson and his Dad sat in on it! Thursday we had another lesson... I have never prayed so hard in my heart and had to follow the spirit like I did in this lesson! There were so many long moments of complete silence. The spirit is CRUCIAL to teaching. I was so taken back by the things I was saying and the things sister Marsh said- they surely weren't our own. John is progressing so well and so determined to change his life. I feel like I'm learning just as much as he is haha, this is such a special calling and I sure love the adventure! 
We saw Juan and Aurora earlier in the week and taught the Plan of Salvation again, but with Hermano Filion there. The difference of having a member involved in the conversion process of investigators is like night n day!! He's been so helpful and I really don't think we would be making progress with Juan without the support and ability to explain from a different point of view from hno. Filion. Juan agreed to come to the baptism of the elder's investigator on Friday. We also committed him to pray before then. They did indeed show up and he liked it, but especially the testimonies of a recent convert and another Hermana in the branch. We met with him again yesterday and explained more of baptism and confirmation, resolved some concerns and invited him to be baptized- he accepted the date of June 8th with tears in his eyes as he said, "I know this is a step that I need to take in faith". AHHHHH what's life?! 
Tuesday we got a random call from a member with REFERRALS (underline and insert exclamation points) of her niece and nephew. The Sister in law of the member, se llama Lorna is less-active, but going through a rough time and would like to come back to church and receive lessons. Her two kids- April (16) and Warren (19) are interested as well and we got to teach them that night! They don't have a huge religious background, but they have soft hearts and really enjoyed the first lesson. 
Ok last thing real quick: We got to watch the dedication of the Ft. Lauterdale temple yesterday!!! President Uchtdorf did it and it was the coolest! Anyway, I'm happy as a clam and so stinkin excited to see yall this Sunday!!! woooo. I will be calling Mama and Papa and hoping they can add yall into the Skype. I only have 30 minutes, so please be ready :) I love you all and wish you the best week! P.S If any of you don't have PMG or haven't been reading it, I would like to invite you to do so as Elder Ballard invited us all to do in General Conference!
LOVE, Hermanita Jackson

oh my heavens! that's the coolest thing about Stuart!! Wow, that'll be nuts. K I need to know how to call you via SKYPE. We can only use Skype. I also can't call the rest of the fam. Yall have to add them for me to talk to them. PLEASE quickly email me back with info to call you on Sunday! A number or name or something! I LOVE YOU!!! See you Sunday :) Also, I'm totally excited to tall you about our week this week!

Servicio del templo :) 
I think I'm hilarious.

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