Monday, May 12, 2014

I love you Mama

I suppose only pictures will do because I'm swamped today. SORRY! But this last Monday we went to international drive and had a blast with the english sisters :) Turns out BJ's was just opening that day and we were one of their first customers. I really just wanted a pizzookie and then they messed up on my pizza and insisted that they give me something free.. haha YES! I got their newest caramel one.. not sure what it really was, but we finished it pretty quick. Also, I finally got a picture with the upsidedown house. We got stuck in the median place where we took pictures cause no one was walking by so we had to wait like 5 minutes for someone to come push the cross walk button haha!
I gave sister Sillivan my bag.. As stinkin cute as it is, I don't need two and she had been commenting on my kath kidston bags forever!

How awkward is my hand? haha!

To her Mom the day after Mother's Day -
So for the past two weeks I've been taking these for you.. The heart one is slightly rough, but notice Hno. Mejia's Real Madrid jersey from this year hahaha he's so funny. He was so excited when I told him I had been to the final last year and everything. Anyway, I love you so much Mama and miss you tons! sorry this isn't anything too exciting.
XOXO, Megs

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