Saturday, May 24, 2014

Received from Gary and Joey Larson

Hello Ruthann's and mom of sis brooks

Quick intro as Ruthanne knows me but sis brooks mom does not. My name is Joey Larson. My husband, Gary is a member and I am not. We moved our family from Florida long enough to get them through hs (4 kids) then retreated back to Florida to our home/family/business

Along the way we made wonderful friends as did our children. The Lds world can be so very small at times. We knew sis Jackson was called to Spanish speaking Orlando mission. Jackpot as one from Vegas might say. I have tried to have a lunch or dinner with Megan but her mission president allows only within area boundaries. I jumped at chance to help transfer the elders this week ( yes Ruthann in big black truck. Perfect for bikes!) my intel had let me know sis Jackson was transferring but did not know where. Tuesday not only did I get to see sis j but also a few other sisters which I've come to grow fond if and then if course did brooks. Then TGIF best news. They were going to Kissimmee. Childhood home of my husband and town where my children were born. I directly introduced myself to president berry and asked permission to have a dinner date and from that time we planned. 

Things you should know. Both sisters were concerned about being obedient. Both came out together and were in the same house in Mexican MTC. Both dress as if they are siblings. Bright beautiful smiles and new basically new to area. It is big!! They are positive and both met some of Gary's non member family. Mimi is a great pillar in that community. Unfortunately she is old time country and the Spanish speaking areas her band will be of no help. They have bikes and limited miles. They are using a new digital program of member names so they are not sure which are the less active etc. Gary wanted to help as he is Spanish speaking rm and when we left Kissimmee Orlando was still one stake and Kissimmee and St. Cloud were the only two wards. Later a Spanish branch was arranged. But wow has it grown. He did not recognize the bishop it ward mission leader names. He maybe could help but I'm confident the sisters have hit this area and won't be needing much help from us old folks. So bright and energetic. They gave Gary's mother and brothers phone number if they just need a quick
Pit stop if help from some friendly non members. Sis brooks was patient as we reminisced a little. Probably too much, but they are not home sick and in the zone as I call it. Such a pleasure to spend time with them. What a companionship they will make. Thx for sharing your daughters. They are mature young women which has to be do reassuring to the mission president. As we gave spent time in Tampa with our dear friends the cusicks, I have an idea of your life right now Ruthanne. I Kate/house sit when they gave training and if course summer and Christmas we fight over where the Taylor's are sleeping :). We hope to help more once done business weight us lifted. As pres Cusick says they are young but each missionary has a unique characteristic that will help someone in his mission needs it will respond to. Keeping it positive always 240 18-19-20 year olds. And the cusicks have long hard days but are seeing results as elders and sisters mature and learn. Your daughters are much needed and how wonderful that they can lift others also. I would say they are a mission presidents prayer answered. 

So that us my opinion that I wanted to share. If you gave any questions , pls ask. Ruthanne would agree that I pretty much have been around a lot if Lds and non Lds hs and college kids, athletes or musical  ( btw I ratted out sis Jackson and told sis brooks she dies play the piano and has a beautiful voice)
So I know your baby girls look and sound great. Skin, hair even nails beautiful. Composed and polite. The whole package. 
Well done moms

Gary is sending more pics in morning....


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