Wednesday, April 30, 2014

There aren't really words ... BUCKLE UP!

Oh. My. Heavens ta betsy has it been a week here!? Imma go straight into it cause there's about a mile long list to tell yall about. 1. I learned from Dear sister Allred this week that CARLOS is getting baptized!!!! They moved to Idaho and they got married and I suppose he just got baptized on Saturday! Wow, prayers are answered. I'm the happiest person ever to hear that cause I fell in love with that lil family. Also, We have been meeting with John and on Wednesday he accepted a date for the 17 of May!!! He's so ready and really making the effort to follow through with it. He had a bit of hesitation with the law of tithing, so we fasted for him and are praying for him, but he does have a desire to do it. He's so solid and we're getting so excited for him! Hermano Mejia has been the biggest help in his progress as well. It's the truth that member referrals are from the Heavens. John came to church yesterday and attended the baptism after of these two SWEET people the elders have been teaching. They've had such a rough time lately and believe that the reason they moved here was to find this church. They are currently having a difficulty with staying here on their visa and might be moving to Venezuela where the rest of her kids are... Oh, ok so we had a lesson last Monday with Miguel and just straight up told him he has to come to church! We then had another lesson with him later that week and we had called just about every female in the branch to come with us, right up to the last hour.. Finally we got desperate and called the english sisters. Luckily they didn't have anything going on. BUT he was so great and accepted the word of wisdom! He also changed his work schedule on sunday so that he worked at 2 in the morn and could come for all three hours!!! He was exhausted, but loved it. He will be moving to Boston this Friday where I hope with all my heart that Hermana Lauryn Hansen will be in that area and can take over!! How cool would that be? too cool. K this week, although it was like pullin teeth, we got lots of member presents! man, it's so nice to have them there! Especially so we can teach inside apartments. We had exchanges on Tuesday and I went to Olympia with Sister Welch from Texas! I LOVE exchanges! I learned so much and just had a blast! Sister Welch is an incredible teacher, so I'm trying to apply some of her ways. Also, it was so hard to teach and especially to pray in english! haha I'mma count that as a blessing. I met one of their investigators with a date that is the most prepared person I've ever met! Good heavens, she was the sweetest lil southern lady I ever did meet. I kept thinkin, man, she's gotta have some kind of difficulty somewhere in here, but no. She said, "I've been lied to for 76 years. It's about time someone told me the truth!" She was so faithful. I love love love getting to just talk to everyone here and that Heavenly Father allows me to feel so much love for them! K how many times have I said love now..? haha bless ma heart. sorry. It was the most exhausting week, but also the most filled with growth and miracles! This work couldn't be any more satisfying. To see where this area has come since I got here makes me so incredibly happy. It also makes me wanna stay cause there's so much more to be done.. knock on wood. The Lord is truly moving this work along!! One last thing: Sister Marsh's grandma totally sent me cadbury eggs! :) what more could I ask for right now? haha Life is good. Also, a HUGE shout out to my cool nephew JACKSY!!! Feliz cumpleanos mi sobrinito :) loves you tons and please stop growing! Alrighty, I'mma sign off with a big les quiero y les extra├▒o!
LOVE, Hermana stink Jackson (is that allowed?)
Miguel Angel yall. The sweetest lil thing from Guatemala. 
What a timeline eh?

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