Monday, April 21, 2014

Still just hungry for more

What. A. Week. I don't even have words to describe the week haha but I LOVED it to say the least. Which is funny cause we had member present lessons (almost all) fall through, and it was just super hard.. But somehow I'm so so happy and still just hungry for more! haha. First off, I would love to know if yall used the video I sent!!! It's such a beautiful video filled with the spirit. I've easily watched it 20 times this week and still get chills. What a beautiful message we carry as members of this church and disciples of Christ that HE LIVES! I loved focusing on the resurrection of Jesus Christ this week and the huge amount of blessings that I enjoy #BecauseOfHIm (eh? :)). So Sister Marsh and I planned to expand our "inviting" to a different part of our area this week. We looked at the map during weekly planning and prayerfully picked some streets (kinda far away and on bike). We get there and it's SO nice haha we looked at each other and said, "we're not in Kansas anymore" haha. Just the most beautiful homes off cobble stone streets. But hey, it's our area and that's where The Lord wanted us. So we knocked down the street and not one person was answering. Sister Marsh was starting to question if it was worth our time when we reached a house and they answered just as we knocked! He said, "you must be the Mormons!" We nodded and started asking how he knew when he asked us to come in. His fiance greeted us with a hug. After sitting down she asked, "wait, you're not here specifically to see me?" She had seen missionaries from her ward down here (she's less active). We told them how we ended up there and they began to question about our missions. They were so intrigued to see "the girl missionaries" and that we're so young haha. After bearing testimony and sharing the video with them, the spirit was so strong and I truly know God sent us there for them! Sister Marsh and I just keep saying, "they may not be ready for it yet, but let's give em a good experience with the Mormons" (I know we ain't supposed to go by that, but that's what everyone down here knows us as). Next miracle: John (our investigator) is no longer MIA! We had a nice lesson with him and brother Mejia on Saturday about the plan of salvation. It was so powerful when brother Mejia shared his testimony and John expressed his desire to know if it's true because it would make sense. He also changed his plans for Easter to come to church and he LOVED it yesterday because he understood and lots of the brothers fellowshipped him!!! Unfortunately we had invited EVERYONE to come to church yesterday and had some solid yes's to come, but he was the only one.. Next miracle: we have been praying SO hard for new investigators! Friday during weekly planning we got a call from a potential we met once (Antonio) and he asked for us to come Sunday (yesterday). We went and two other roommates (Jose and Denis) came out to listen too. They all seemed so interested and intently listening. We will be seeing them later this week. Antonio told us he knew we found him for a reason that day and that he's open to hear more! K woah, gotta run. I love you all, I hope your Easter was swell and that you realized HOW AWESOME our family is!!!! I'm so grateful for you all and hope you're well :)

Love, Hermana Meg
A note to her Mom {responding to email}
Thanks for the pitchas and everything mama! I sure love getting your dearelder's as well! I don't always have remember to get back to questions and such, but I highlight parts and try to do my best. Unfortunately today is nuts and we basically don't have a pday, so I forgot to bring the letters i got this week from you and paps. Tell paps it's funny he asked about my bike haha this week has been rainy and windy (SO ROUGH on bikes in the wind) and my speeds havent been working so it's been an extra workout. BUT today we made a lil trip to get my bike fixed and all is well. He's a champ and I named him Helaman. K I'll get to the fam email and sending lots of pictures this week!! I sure hope yall shared the easter vid I sent you and also I hope you found it in spanish!!! It's the fav right now and I think i watched it 30 times this week haha. I love you tons and I'll try and get mother's day chattin figured out so I can let you know. Maybe talk to scoz and ask him how i'll be doin it..

LOVE, Hermanita Jackson
Ill live there one day! it's got a lake out back and a gazebo and all! we named it the Jackson Manor 
Miss Linda down a couple doors from our apartment! She's the sweetest southern lady ever and takes such good care of us! She calls us and brings us food, bed covers, etc haha.  
sisters conference 
Sister Sullivan and me with our cool shopping finds (toothpaste, kleenex and more..) totally loved it! 
Sister Hart (Nate Jackson's cousin! We met at BYU) 
LOOK WHO IT IS!!!!! {Hermana Allred - her trainer and "twin"} 

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