Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Hey hey fam bam! N friends. So this week is limiting in time cause I'm typing on the iPad.. Getting pretty techy around these parts (insert finger to bridge of nose). Ima prolly be better at the iPadsie stuff than both mama AND Scoz, eh? Heh heh. Ok so this week was oddly awesome!! We had dinner at a member's house and sister marsh had to finish my food when they left the room cause I was literally gonna bust (wow, I felt so much love for her! I owe her big time), a lady called us brainwashed, and I was asked out by a homeless man. I'd say I'm the luckiest ever haha I LOVE IT. As for a report on our investigator Juan and his less active wife Aurora- she came to church yesterday, but he didn't want to. We saw them almost every day this last week and we were getting a lil frustrated by the end by the lack of progression. He has had lots of hang ups by the BOM and Joseph Smith. However, we finally got a member to join us last night and made some headway!! He had lots of questions answered as we just read through some of the BOM and kept it simple and according to his needs. It was super cool. He agreed to be baptized when he comes to know its true, but as hard as we tried, no date. That's the push this week. We will also be asking EVERYONE to come to church!! Man, it's hard to get people to church, especially since it's super far (as in 20 minutes. First world problems). But no one has cars here. Aurora on the other hand is making some progress and we are getting her records back into the branch so she can receive a calling! As for other investigators, no news really to report.
So we had a way cool "Sisters Gathering" on Friday with Sister Berry and all the sisters in the mish! We had classes about health, exercise, laundry, sewing, hair, makeup, etc. and THEN they had a
"missionary mall" of things people had donated- shoes, clothes, and hygiene supplies. By the time I got to it, the goods were mulled over, but I was perfectly happy getting a stock of toothpaste and other goods πŸ‘ haha. It was way cool, I'll send pictures next week. And mama, I'll tell you in more detail in a letta.
Exciting news: Elder CHRISTOFFERSON is coming May 18 (right before transfers πŸ™) Commitment: PLEASE, EVERYONE WHO READS THIS, go check out the Because of Him video on and share it! On Facebook, insta, whatever other things that have come out, with a friend in person.. Anything! Get creative πŸ‘Œ and use the hashtag #BecauseOfHim. We are using it all week and super excited about itπŸ‘ here's the link:

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