Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dey call me da smasher ...

HOOO-LLAAAAA! Kinda like what they do in hawaii but with Hola instead :) Como le van? I can hardly even remember my last week cause somehow everything is meshing together and time literally flies, but I'mma do my best to inform you of the happenings here in Semoran. So John is the coolest person! We met with him on Wednesday with Hno. Gutierrez y Hno. Mejia (let me inform yall that we weren't breaking rules because we are in a trio and got permission that we don't have to bring a woman). We had plans to teach the plan of salvation, but quickly changed the course as we realized he had lots of questions about "Mr. Smith" and prophets in general. We taught the restoration again and it was such an incredible experience! Hno. Gutierrez shared his lil 2 cents that fit in perfectly and strengthened John's knowledge on the basics. Hno. Mejia shared his testimony at the end of the lesson of the Book of Mormon and how he came to know it was true. The spirit was powerful! John told us he felt comfortable being open with all of us when he usually isn't. He also mentioned that he "knows we're working with God and could feel it in his heart". He is reading and praying every day and told us he would be baptized when he comes to know it's true. He was gonna come on Sunday and then bailed last second for something else, but we have a lesson for Tuesday and Friday and Hno. Mejia will be inviting him to watch the morning session of conference on Sunday! We have high hopes for him. Miguel was taught once more this last week with Hno. Gutierrez there and I think things are beginning to click with him. He too planned on coming to church but couldn't get anyone to switch shifts with him at work. Gabby was planning on coming to church and we set lots of things up for her and made sure she was still planning to come, when she texted us Saturday night to tell us she couldn't come to church and we couldn't go see her because her home is being remodeled. We asked if we could be of help with the home and she said no.. I'm slightly worried, but keeping hopes up. I really think General Conference will be THE BEST if we can just get people to watch even a lil bit!! Ok, how good was the women's conference!? woo. President Eyring sure did hit home with the Mama thing, but I sure loved his talk! I'll be reading that one when it's out. Oh, we saw a family there from Ogden and she took a picture to send home. I couldn't remember numbers but I think I gave her Lizzie's..? Fingers crossed! They were the cutest little chikas, I loved em. They were headed on a cruise for spring break. We had a Relief Society party Saturday morn for the anniversary and helped set up and take down. Not a huge group showed up despite our efforts to invite them and get rides, but that's ok. OH! While we were cleaning up a tornado warning went off!!! haha it was so cool! But obviously nothing out of the ordinary cause the women didn't make notice of it.. Yesterday while knocking in a complex we were on our way out when a man came marching over.. we were all a lil nervous that he'd chew us out. He starts out by telling us how much he respects what we're doing, that it's a part of us, etc. And then says, "If you got any trouble, you come see me ova der in ma partment! Right der in da top o dat bildin! We's got all deez people in a pact fur dis complex n if you got anyone givin you problems, you tell me! I fight for peace! Dey call me da smasher" haha so don't you worry bout me being safe I suppose! I've got the number of the smasher. Woah, gotta run! Love you all and enjoy conference!!!
Love, Hermana Jackson

Feliz CumpleaƱos Parker (el Miercoles)!!!

Family going on Cruise - texted to Elizabeth by the cute family.
"Rain soaked, but loving life" - transfers

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