Thursday, April 10, 2014

Conferencia General

In a rush today! eeek, I'm sorry! haha but lots happened this week and I really wanna share it so I'mma get straight to it! (P.S I worry these emails are all over the place and that I don't even end up knowing what I shared or how I shared it, so I apologize and hope they even sound like me! haha the struggle..). So CONFERENCE was incredible! I found myself kinda praying it wouldn't end haha. BUT, like Elder Hales I think said last conference.. We gather to hear the word and then return home to live it. So I'm ready to implement some wonderful things I learned and felt this weekend!! I loved how much they talked about the atonement! Man, they were all on fire. Oh, before I forget, I would LOVE receiving some stories from ancestors and such! I've been meaning to ask but Elder Cook reminded me and now I really do have to act on it haha. That would be way nice. So we originally had great plans for conference and slowly they destructed a bit. We planned to go to Hno. Mejias for the Sunday morning session to watch it with John, but learned on Friday night that we are supposed to watch all sessions at the church buildings.. give it up for the rookies haha. That was a bummer and we're hoping John even saw it cause we haven't heard anything!!! We saw him earlier in the week and taught the first part of the plan of salvation and it was great! Hno. Gutierrez shared his testimony of the atonement and it was really simple and powerful. Simplicity- I'm understanding more and more the need for it. Also, with Hermanita Gruber LEAVING US this week for transfers, I suppose we're back to the search of finding women in the ward to accompany us to lessons.. All is well though. We're totally sad she's leaving us! I'm amazed still at how well our trio worked out these past 6 weeks! I really have only heard bad things and was pretty nervous for it, but I love these sistas and have learned un montón of things from them! It was also pretty awesome to have three working together to tackle tasks and such. She's excited a lil though cause she's been in Smoran since we got here! Ok so we had the beeeessssttt ZTM on Thursday! My mind was blown. We had a training on asking people to be baptized and how important it is to extend that invitation ALWAYS on the first visit. Even if on the doorstep. We also learned a ton about the pamphlets. Did yall know they were written by non-members?! Yeah I had no idea, but we've implemented them more in our teaching and contacting. The pictures were also prayerfully picked and such which was a real surprise for me cause they kinda seem ancient looking. That night we saw Aurora and Juan and he accepted baptism (but not a date) and then invited us to come teach every night this week! haha so every night we have a lesson planned for them!! wooo. They also came to the morning session of conference and we watched it in spanish with them. What do yuh know, I actually could follow along pretty well! Downer: Juan missed all of Elder Bednar's about the atonement which he's been having questions on.. Anyway, later that night we saw Karla and Jimmy (she's also less active and he's not a member) and he accepted baptism as well (not a date). Ok I've gotta be closing even though I have so much more to talk about! I'll save it for next week. I love yall and pray you're doing well!! I'mma leave a commitment to yuh to go over your notes or read some talks again from general conference and pick something to apply! Buena suerte :)
LOVE, Hermana Jackson

Letter to her mamacita -
wait, I did NOT hear Scott Runia called! hahaha but thats hilarious cause I literally thought of him during the sautrday session that I could see him being called! woooah. That's nuts though! I do get the Dearelder letters and LOVE them! I actually wanna answer some questions and such real quick..
1. That's SO cool that you go out with the sisters and elders!! I'm not sure if the Berry's do, but that would be the best! I bet they're loving/stressing a bit haha having yall there!
2. Welcome to the life of understanding the dominicans haha it's pretty difficult, but I'm getting used to it. Puertorriquenos son dificiles tambien para mi. The spanish is really comin along though! obviously there is always room for improvement, but I've been way blessed to be able to pick it up pretty quickly I suppose. It's beginning to be comfortable.. I actually had a really hard time saying an english prayer the other day.. Sister Marsh and I are going to start speaking spanish ALL THE TIME now and although it's difficult, it'll help us master the language. OH, that's the other thing! Hermanita Gruber is leaving us!  :( Not too surprised cause she's been in this area her whole mission, but she's excited to switch things up. It'll be odd going back to 2 of us.
3. Mike, the coka cola shirt man.. He was taught by the sisters and accepted a baptismal date. He also told them he tried to commit suicide and something "out of this world" stopped him. He was standing on a highway overpass in a suit. We were all way excited for him. Then the next day when they went to see him at the park, he had just gotten off the phone with his wife that he's in the middle of a divorce with. He seemed a lil over the edge and just wouldn't believe the sisters and the spirit wasn't there. The sisters handled it all very well. When they tried to leave, he would tell them, "oh so you're going to abandon me too? just like everyone else?". They ended out getting out just fine, but sister Sillivan called us crying and had us come pick them up. She received a blessing and Mike actually called them a few days later leaving a message that he was sorry. The sisters handed him off to the elders and that's the last we've heard. I learned that night at the Bevan's (sr couple) about how important it is to constantly be worthy of the spirit and to LISTEN and ACT. We're just glad they're alright. Don't let this freak you out mama. I was wondering if I should tell you, but you know I'm doing my best to be obedient and follow the promptings of the spirit. We're all safe and well :)
4. Ok so since Sister Gruber is leaving, we don't ave a gps... Would it be best for me to find one here or for scoz to send one? What do you think about that as well? Is that ok?
5. In the Women's meeting President Eyring told us to shoot a smile to our Mommies.....
This is my BIG, grateful smile to you mama! I love you!!!!!!!
XOXO, Meggie

relief society stuff 
last pday we had district pday and biked to Twistee treat and then played raquetball (?) 

Temple service. 
dinner at los Lopez. Their daughter made us roses :)

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