Monday, March 24, 2014

Is it spring? 'cause the area is blooming!

It must be spring cause y'all are vacationing! haha I hope Scotty and Chels are safe and that Lizzy, Park and crew are enjoying beloved Utah :) I gotta get goin cause I want to send pictures and I have TONS to share! First, remember Miguel who we were teaching last transfer? We stopped by his house this week and set a time to come back to see him. We had an incredible lesson with him that was so simple about prayer, the holy ghost and reading the scriptures. He opened up so much with us and accepted baptism.. but not a date unfortunately cause he's moving to Boston in a couple weeks. SIN EMBARGO, we're hoping to strengthen his knowledge and testimony so that when he goes to Boston, we will have the missionaries there get to him and he will be ready! We had exchanges on Friday with dear Sister Thomson from New Zealand again :) SIster Gruber and I stayed here in Semoran and Sister Marsh left for Olympia. Exchanges are THE BEST! I learned so much from her and we learned how to be better teachers and such. We also got to go see a family that we've been trying so hard to see for so long. He is way strong in the church, comes every week, etc., but the rest of his family is struggling. His wife doesn't want anything to really do with it anymore and his grown kids don't see where it fits in their lives either. Anyway, we had a noche de hogar con ellos y fue bien increible! Wow, the spirit was so strong, especially when he bore his testimony and his daughter in law wants to start meeting with us! 
Ok, now Aurora and Juan! He enjoyed church and when we went over earlier in the week, he told us he wants the discussions! He was asking tons of questions which was great, minus the fact that we couldn't understand him cause he was mumbling a lil bit and talks so fast! They give us a hard time on the spanish end, but they're helping us to get better. Anyway, then we had a temple tour with them on Saturday. Couldn't find any members to come so guess who translated.... me! hahaha Besides it being toasty and humid out, I was extra hot! But with the help of another 2 elders, we conquered. Juan really liked it and kept saying, "one day I'll go in" "one day I'll get baptized". He asked questions about entering the temple as well and why his wife couldn't go in (she's less active). She's so happy with us coming over all the time and with going to church. They have come the last two weeks :) Saturday night we didn't have many miles left for the day (we were actually over a lil from the temple tour) and thought we may not be able to visit our members for dinner. They came to pick us up and they had a less active  (I know, we're magnets to less actives!) that we didn't know about in our area and a non-member friend. After sharing the restoration, he wants to know more, came to church yesterday with his daughter and we will be seeing him in a few days!! His name is John. Sunday we saw our investigator Gabby again! She's awesome and reads the Book of Mormon before every visit! She's 15, so there are some things that need to happen like especially her getting to church before we can move on with her much more. Her mother isn't too interested. But yesterday after talking about the plan of salvation Gabby accepted a date for April 20th!!!! We're praying really hard for everything to work out. Ok, running out of time!!! I love you all and hope you're enjoying your break!
Hermana Megs
This lil chika will be famous for her voice one day! 
Sister Sullivan. Bringin the 90's back? 

not pictured: Juan 

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