Saturday, January 4, 2014

How fun to see y'all!

This is gonna have to be a quick one.. I apologize.. But i loved seeing all of you on Christmas!!! I'm sorry we didn't have much time and the technology kinda bailed on us, but at least i got to see some lovely faces and a chunky lil tummy ;) dang, she's huge! Ok, haha I really gotta go so I can send a few pitchas of our festivities. But thanks to all those who sent me love- christmas cards, packages and all! As much as I enjoyed the packages and cards, It was the most special Christmas ever to focus on Christ and the humble people here. The members and our investigators are the sweetest people!! Also, who knew they celebrated on the 24th? new to this gringa. K LOVES YOU ALL!!!


Con Carino, Hermana Jackson

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