Monday, January 20, 2014


Hey fam! So after reading Mama's email and the last paragraph of Dad's (sorry, I can't print them this week) apparently I need to tell you more of the experiences and such haha. SORRY! I'm tryin my hardest. Email time stresses me out. I'm happy to report that I'm here in the Semoran area with SISTER GRUBER! We were in the CCM together :) In the same casa, but not the same district. She's 21, from Oregon, loves to bake (win for hermana Jackson.. if we ever had time), and my personal favorite: She loves to work hard and be obedient. WIN. i'm still in the orlando South zone which is the best cause we have the temple and such. We share our car so this whole last week we were on bike! i'm totally happy with it because we get to contact everyone we see, get a work out and just feel more productive. However, some aspects are hard o work with.. oh well, you win some and you lose some. pro: I should have a body such as Lance Armstrong at the end of the next 6 weeks haha. This area is super new (sister gruber and her last companion white washed) and.. We don't have one investigator. But we're doing our best to find and get referrals and such. As stressful and slightly difficult as it is (just different from my last area), it's important to build a strong foundation to work off of, so that's that. it's been slightly chilly for the past week, but it's climbing back up- for which we are surely grateful. I didn't know Florida got so chilly haha. Oh, papa, you're gonna love this: My companion wants to run outside with me every morn! woooo! AND we only buy healthy stuff and we're doin our best to eat super healthy. I'm absolutely loving it. Elder Nelson comes on Saturday!! And we have exchanges on Friday so i should have lots to report next week! 
SIDE NOTE: I apologize this is everywhere, but I'm trying really hard o tell you guys what's going on haha.
Dad, you asked about people visiting.. I haven't seen or heard of anyone I know visiting. And I am receiving the pictures you send every week and LOVING them! I showed all e missionaries in the stake center when i got your video of the missionary purpose in spanish haha. I'm so proud of you mama! Ok so this week has been amazing for me to recognize my growth and to also recognize how much more I can grow. The members and people on the streets have complimented my spanish and I'm super excited about it. It's hard to see how far you've come sometimes. And I've had some special experiences in personal study recently. It's amazing how the lord leads you to exactly what you need and exactly what the people you teach need. FB is going well, we're just trying to get it going a little right now. Ahh, time's halting to and end. I hope this week was at least better in detail.. i try and keep a list of what I need to tell yuh. I love you all and pray that all is well - wherever you are in the world :) I appreciate you're love and prayers!!!

LOVE hermana Jackson

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