Monday, January 27, 2014

What is Life?!

Another solid week here in the Semoran (samorai- sp?) uhrea :) holy canoly, I don't even really know where to start, but I'll be following my notes so I apologize if this goes all over the place (what's new?). So Friday we had exchanges and I was in my area with good ol Sista Heiner- my P-town senorita!! Man, she's awesome and we sure had a grand time! Exchanges truly bring miracles and inspiration. Sister Gruber and I haven't had any investigators and have been striving to get one a week. Friday came and sister Heiner and I had a goal of teaching 2 other lessons during contact time and receiving a new investigator from a lesson we had set. The set lesson ended up falling through, but we knocked in a complex and at one door a Puertorriquena answered. Before I was even finished telling her who we were, she opened the door and motioned for us to enter! I was a little nervous as I would be the one teaching the whole lesson, but of course that isn't the truth- the spirit teaches the lesson if we allow it. I fully put my confidence in the Lord and tried hard to listen to the promptings. I had studied the points of "How to begin teaching" that morning and I believe that even though I didn't recite any of them word for word, I was qualified to use the priciples in the way that Blanca needed. I have no idea what I said that lesson, but I definitely remember how I felt. The spirit was so powerful and I knew she felt it too. We have a date to meet with her this week and a member to accompany us :) I'm so grateful for exchanges and the opportunity it provides for us to recognize where we can be better and where we have strengths. Then to be able to identify the way to balance those weaknesses and strengths and of course, then we execute :) Sister Heiner is an incredible missionary and example in so many aspects. I look up to her and I'm grateful for all that she has taught me. This is her last transfer here so I'm taking full advantage of learning from her. K now let's talk about how ELDER NELSON came on Saturday morn!! Wow, he's the sweetest person and just radiates love (as I'm sure all the apostles do). From him I learned more about how to teach with power! Wow, I want to teach with power and authority!! I want people to recognize that I'm not just another missionary, but a true representative of my savior Jesus Christ and I've been sent here by God. So this week I am doing my best to act as such in all times and to provide the type of environment where that power and spirit can be present. Another thing I recognized that I loved was that he was so chill, but so enthusiastic about his message at the same time.. Not even sure how to explain what I would like to, but needless to say, I truly enjoyed the time we had to be instructed by one called by the Lord. Saturday night we had Region Conference.. Stake conference maybe.. haha I have no idea even, but it was great. Sunday morn we were supposed to hear from Elder Nelson with the Stake, but Sister Gruber woke up with her eye almost swollen shut and her whole face was swollen and itchy! haha So we were at an urgent care for the whole morn, but have no fear, she's doin great and all is well. I'm a lil bummed to have missed another great meeting, but what can yuh do? DAD! Every time I meet Colombians I tell them that my papa served there :) we had lunch this week with a cute older lady with the last name "Cardona" and she said she recognized the name and that you may have taught her. This is pretty embarrassing, but I'm not sure when you served your mission...... I'd love to know so I can tell all Colombians that too haha. And any other stories from the mish and pieces of information from it. She was baptized in 1978 I guess. K I'm gonna send some pitchas today as I'm pretty behind on that. I love you all so so much and hope all is well. I'd also love to hear from yall and what's happenin back in the 801 (slash whatever the zipcode is in Idaho haha). Have a great week :)

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