Monday, January 13, 2014

Losing creativity.. Dephault: Lovin life! .. :)

HEY FAM! How's it goin in the tah, Idaho and espana? Life is grand here in the 407! I was caught off guard earlier this week by a frigid day.. who knew it actually got pretty cold here? haha Not even joking, it hit the bone. Don't fret, we're back to the 80s :) I thought of my friends in Sweden and I totally have a new appreciation for the rough life they have. Oh, we went VIRAL this week and hit up Facebook!! Before y'all go add me, please understand that I won't be accepting friend requests from home.. From friends or family. I apologize, but I think that's the best way for me to remain focused on my area- WHICH is no longer WINDY RIDGE EAST!!! Wow, we're totally surprised and a lil bit sentimental about it to say the least haha. I NEVER thought I would be best friends with a companion, but I can truly say Sista A and I best friends! She's been an incredible trainer and I'm SO grateful for her example. We had comp inventory on Friday and both ended crying.. que verguenza. But we've obviously had too much fun and all so it's time for some change. I'm way excited, but sad to leave this beautiful area- I'll be missing Keren's baptism this Sunday (after stressing getting permission from her lost dad.. it all worked out) and Carlos' on the 9th. As sad as that is, I can handle it and I'm excited to love more people in another area! Mama, you asked about my spanish.. It's going great! Still not perfect or anything, but I'm to the point where I'm not afraid to mess up and to go for it. My accent is getting better and I'm feeling more comfortable speaking it. You also mentioned that I was homesick... HAHA! Mamacita, I apologize if I said something that sounded like I was, but don't even worry bout this Hermanita! I'm lovin life and couldn't be happier. OH! Elder Nelson is coming for a mission conference pretty soon!!! I'm so excited. Also, we get to go to the temple on Feb.14!! Are we the luckiest people ever? I'll be sure to letcha know where I am and who I'm with next Monday! I don't think I've got anything else to report.. haha sorry! But I love you all so much and hope y'all are well :) thanks for the emails, letters and pictures- I LOVE THEM! 

Les quiero muchisimo!
Hermana Jackson

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