Monday, December 23, 2013

!Feliz Navidad!

"hello, hi, how are yuh, como esta(n)?"- a message from a gringa secretary of someone we tried to get a hold of. WOW, it's Christmas? not real. Our apartment definitely feels Christmassy haha, thats not even a problem. But it's so balmy here and just an odd thought. ANYWAY. First off I'd life to give Scoz a nice FELIZ CUMPLEANOS!!! Gettin old there papi.
So what a week i've had! We went into our lesson with Carlos and family worried, because a few days prior when we asked his "wife" how the divorce papers were going she said they were having problems. But, as always, we were amazed. First, Carlos should have the papers done pretty soon- they found some kind of loop-hole! Second, Sarah ("wife") quite her job and is looking for a new one so she can come to church every week! Third, CARLOS STOPPED SMOKING for the first time in 35 years!! We're stoked for him and can't believe how much faith they have. Also, we had to change the baptismal date to February 9 so they can actually reach it. It will be Carlos' birthday, so that should be really special. Now the heartbreaking news of the week.. We had been working with a senora named Nati with her two little kids (9 and 6) and she was so solid, coming to church every week, good friends with Hermana Lopez in our ward, came to the Christmas party.. Seriously, solid. This last Sunday she wasn't at church. In our lesson we asked her about it and apparently her husband found a new full-time job, she said it's probably because they had been praying and he goes, "yeah, let's go to church this week.. to our church". She loved the idea because she really wanted the whole family to go to church all together. So they went to their catholic church and loved it. I honestly felt as if I was being broken up with while she was telling us through her tears how much she loved it and that it reminded her of being in Peru with her mom. So we were dumped. It hurt super bad, but maybe it's just not the right time for her. Next item of business, the Christmas devotional with all the missionaries in the mission and the presidency! We've got some big things happening to the mission! First, we're going viral. We've been taking a survey for online proselyting since a little after I got here and next month we are all hittin Facebook. I'll be on my same facebook account, but I need to go through and "clean it up" and such. I can tell you more of the details WEDNESDAY! Second, it used to be a rule that we could only go to the temple on the last day of our mission. But President Berry thinks it would really help the work if we could attend twice a year so we're going next month!!!! I can't even tell you how excited I am! Wow, that'll be the best. Anyway, life is wonderful here and I'm enjoying every minute. I love that I get to experience so many different cultures! We meet everyone from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Venezuela, Honduras, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Uruguay, to Peru. It's a lil hard to catch on to all the lingo sometimes (Puerto Rico basically has their own vocabulary) and the accents throw me off every once in a while haha, but it's a grand ol' time. Not sure what else I wanted to tell you about this lovely place, but I guess I'll write it down for Wednesday haha. So excited to see you all and praying really hard that it works! I should be calling around 12:30 or 1 so keep your ears open. I love you all and I really hope you keep in mind our savior this Christmas! FELIZ NAVIDAD :)

Love, Sista Jackson

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