Monday, July 7, 2014

Maketh me melt like a popthicle on the fort of the lie.

Man, what a WEEK! I got a new comp- Hermana Day (nailed it) and she's super great! It's quite an adjustment switching companions and such, but we're enjoying ourselves. Before I forget, Sister Brooks and I already have jobs lined up for after the mish - so money. Check out Echo water. The owner lives in our ward here in Kissmmee, the Barattieros. They're the coolest! 
So the 4th just ain't the same as it is in Utah haha. BUT we got to go to this huge festival right by a lake where we had a booth and there were about 10 missionaries per 2 hour shift where we just got to talk to EVERYONE and get referrals and such. Every missionary's dream.... Minues the stand 2 away selling marijuana and the crazy loud worldly music.. Yeah, kinda odd. I heard Sister Berry was doing some dancing and when President Berry said she couldn't she goes, "Hey, I was a dance major, I've gotta dance!" hahaha she's a hoot. We actually got tons of spanish contacts as well, sop definitely well worth our time. We were on the night shift so at 9 we got to watch fireworks!! 
We have a new senior couple in our ward that uncle Bob knows! Elder and Sister Bean from Kaysville. I guess he and Bob were ski instructors at the U. They're super cool though and gonna be way helpful. 
We went to visit a less active Hermano Marroquin last week and he was painting his walls. We basically insisted we could help, but he turned it down. However, we shared a message and invited him to church. He didn't come cause Colombia was playing in the world cup. So this week we went by and talked about the importance of church and everything, and I ain't gonna lie, we were pretty blunt. But his non-member wife was there and was probably more excited to come to church than he was!! They came to the ward party on Saturday but only stayed a few minutes cause their young son wasn't too stoked to be there. Then yesterday they didn't show up and wouldn't answer our call!!! NOOO. Why is it so stinkin hard to get people to church!? Whatever, unphased. We'll get them there this week for sure. 
Maria Mejia has been fallin through tons recently as they're having to move and their life is getting crazy (Satan's tryin em). She bore her testimony this week and it was the sweetest thing! Our members are pretty great to welcome her and everything too, so that's helpful.
2 weeks ago Sister Scheckman who's been so helpful with Maria called and had us clean the house of one of her friend's names Louis. Louis speaks all english, so we can't teach her. The Lord must want me to learn something, because we keep getting in situations to clean the craziest houses. We were happy to do it, but man, I promise I will always be clean! We spent 3 hours cleaning it and it looks tons better! We dropped by last night cause we were in the area and we shared a video and a thought. We asked her what she thought her purpose in life was and she said, "you know what, I DON'T KNOW!". We went over the plan of salvation briefly. She went to church yesterday but didn't seem to love it cause she said she wouldn't go back. When we invited her to be baptized she said, "I will NOT be a mormon". We asked her what we could pray for and after a long pause, she told us she wants to lose weight. We asked if we could work out with her every other morning at 6:30 and she was so excited about it! haha so this morning we rode our bikes over and walked with her for a bit. Hopefully we can soften her heart a bit and gain some trust. 
We were given a "challenge" this week to read the BOM in 100 days!!!! YESSS! We've already started and it's the best thing ever, I'm so excited about it. So I want to invite yall to do it with me :) You'll just be a few days behind. The Book of Mormon is incredible and such a good way to receive answers! The promised within it are so powerful and so TRUE. I know that it's the word of God.
I love yall and wish you the best of luck :) Have a wonderful week!!



Don't worry, I'm in Zion!! 
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