Sunday, July 27, 2014

An email from the Grovers

(Hermana Grover is from Orlando, and is serving in our mission - currently serving in the Canary Islands. She and Megan had an art class together at BYU. One day in the spring, Hermana Grover said to Megan, "I received my mission call!" When Megan asked where, Hermana Grover told her it was to the Spain, Madrid Mission. Megan of course told her that we were here, serving, and would be her Mission Parents. A few weeks later, Megan got her mission call, and when she told Hermana Grover, she said, "That's where I'm from!" The Church makes the world much smaller!)

President and Sister Jackson,

We've been waiting and waiting for the opportunity to meet Hermana Jackson while she's serving here in Florida.  Since it was beginning to look like we might not ever have the privilege of Spanish-speaking sisters assigned to our ward, we asked President Berry if it would be okay if we sort of took matters into our own hands and traveled to her!  President Berry was characteristically accommodating, and okayed our getting together in Kissimmee (only about an hour away from us).

What a delight it was to meet your daughter and her companion, Hermana Day!  We had so much fun visiting over lunch.  They even took the time to prepare a spiritual message for us.  As we're sure you know, you have every reason to be proud of your daughter.  She appears to be serving valiantly, carries the Spirit with her, and represents the Lord and your family extremely well.  She is a special young woman.

Here are a few photos from our visit today.  In a following email is a little voice recording we made for Hermana Grover that we thought you would enjoy too.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful daughter with us here in the Florida Orlando Mission!  Thank you, also, for taking such good care of our daughter there in the Spain Madrid Mission!


Bob & Melissa

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