Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fin de Julio

Hey mommy!! How's the adventure goin? Alrighty so I have a few items
of business haha. I want you to know beforehand that I'm healthy as an
ox and happy as a clam 
I don't want clothes for my birthday. Let's be real, I'll just have to
lug it around haha.
I got my hair fixed the other day.. I couldn't handle how bad it
looked. So yeah that took some dough cause the only place we knew of
was ulta. Sorry bout that. It felt super nice though. I figured a lil
primp up is nice every once in a while haha.
Would you mind checking on the money on the card? We are going to wild
life Florida next week and it shouldn't cost cause a member owns it,
but I would like to be sure.

I'm running low on time today, I apologize!  we're all talkin and
chillin in the chapel after district pday haha. Plus these iPads just
don't function like computers. First world problems right? Hahaha hey
I heard they're taking iPads to 120 new missions!! Does that include
BUT please send everyone my love and assure them that I'm happy as can
be! I couldn't be more grateful to be here. And I couldn't love my
situation any more knowing that you and papa are doing most of the
same things in EspaƱa. This week in gospel principles they asked us to
think of someone who has sacrificed. I thought of Christ, I thought of
Joseph smith and others. But I thought of you and Papa and sure
appreciate the attitude in which you chose to accept such a big call!
We (my companion, me, the English sisters and the English elders in
the ward) also got to talking while reading in the Book of Mormon for
the day on Sunday. We read in Jacob two and were talking about the
influence of parents. Your influence has been incredible! I hope you
know how blessed I feel to have been born to goodly parents  this
Book of Mormon challenge has been the best thing to happen to me. To
read aloud and share insights every morning is the most special thing.
I'm growing tremendously out here. Like yeah, I'm still pretty
immature haha but I feel different inside at least. I'm continually in
awe of this sacred calling. How did I get so stinkin lucky?! Imma send
a message that sister brooks' dad sent her and let her share with me.
It's beautiful. Anyway, love y'all so much and hope everything is
great! Imma try and respond to the dearelders today! I love em!!

CON MUCHO AMOR, tu hija Hermana Jackson

While we lived in the pre-mortal life with Our Heavenly Father all of
us spiritual children wanted to be like our Heavenly parents. We
wanted so much to be like them that we were willing to leave their
presence, on the chance of not returning through choices of agency,
and come to earth to gain a body with which we would make choices and
in-act the Atonement. We knew that it was Father's plan and that our
Elder Brother and Savior would implement this plan. We all agreed, at
least all of us that are here upon the earth. And when we decided on
the plan i am sure as is usually the case by common consent, we raised
our arm to the square and witnessed that we would accept this plan of
salvation. Sometimes we raise our arm to the square only for ourselves
as individuals, as in the temple ceremony and also when we sustain
leaders or those to new callings we raise our arm to the square not
only as individuals but as a ward or as a church. In the temple after
having received our own endowments then  we go on behalf of others we
raise our arm on and in their behalf. I believe that in the grand
council we all raised our arm for us individually for Father"s plan
but then most important on behalf of every soul that was coming to
this earth that we would sustain and lift up and assist all of
Father"s children from the prophet to our bishop from our bishop to
our earthly families. But what i think we sometimes forget in  our
selfishness is that when we raised our arm to the square before this
earth came into being we raised our arm to support each other. Yes
every soul that would come to this sphere. That means i raised my arm
for those who are drunkards, rapists, homeless,the sick and afflicted.
I raised my arm for what we call the dregs of society as they stood
next to and with me in that grand council. I raised my arm for those
who would be fatherless and the widows. Those that suffer depressions
and addictions, those with genders differences. These same individuals
stood next to me and raised their arm high in that council to support
me in my earthly trials and now i cannot, no i must not forget them. I
once loved them and i must learn to and remember to love them once
more. As you go forth in your labors as a called and set apart servant
of the one who has set the plan of salvation may you look upon all of
His children as those we stood next to and with in the council in
Heaven. Every contact, every referral and every member, we raised are
arm for. This has helped me as i go forth in my calling.

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