Monday, June 30, 2014

The Sunshine State and Lightning Capital of the World ... isn't that an oxymoron?!

So this week sure was a great one! Minus the fact that it's tranfers and we received the sad news that sister Brooks will be leaving tomorrow. We're almost 100% sure she'll be going to Windy Ridge and sister Dia (Day) will be coming here! With a whoppin 12 spanish sisters it's really fun to figure out what's gonna happen haha. Call us pioneers. I'm super sad I only got a transfer with Sister Brooks cause we had lots of fun together. BUT bring on whatever's ahead I suppose :) 

Let me please tell yall how cool the lightning here is!! I've never seen it just fill the whole sky and it's constantly goin- looks like paparazzi. I also prolly have more pictures of the clouds and sunsets than I do of anything else.. What a beautiful place I'm in!

Anway, this week we had a goal to get some more investigators and to contact more to reach that goal. Let's just say if I wasn't fit before, I'm definitely on my way. We rode at LEAST 20 miles for 4 days straight due to our lack of saving miles (sound familiar?) hahaha bless our hearts. I ain't complaining though cause I actually LOVE being active and talking to everyone! The only downside is the huge overpass we ride over twice a day. So we were riding to a less active's when we stopped to talk to a guy on a walk with earphones in. He wouldn't tell us his name and said his day was going super crappy. He was reluctant to inform us of why but then he finally softened and told us that yesterday his wife told him she wants a divorce and now he has nowhere to live. He said yesterday he was cursing God for doing this to him. We shared the "Mountains to Climb" Mormon Message with him and look up at the end to see him literally bawling. We bore testimony that our message could help him and asked if we could meet him somewhere to share it but he said he's got to organize himself and prepare himself before. So we told him he could learn more by reading the BOM and gave him one. Enrique looked each of us straight in the eyes and said so sincerely, "thank you". He didn't want any other missionaries to come by cause we were "the angels" that found him so he got our number. I've been praying for the past few days that he'll call or somehow get in contact with missionaries!!

We stopped by a potential that's super hard to get a hold of and sitting on the porch was Luis, whom we've met before, playing on his tablet. We asked if he'd seen the website on the back of the picture of Jesus Christ and he said no. So we invited him to check it out. Then Virginia came to the door and allowed us to teach her a lil bit. We mostly got to know her, but she shared that her father left her when she was young, but that she knows her Heavenly Father loves her. She just seems to get things and have such a strong testimony! When we came out of the house Luis was listening to the Book of Mormon! hahaha he told us all about what he had read about Joseph Smith and such, it was the coolest! We saw her again on Saturday and had plans to invite her to go to the baptism close to her house instead of us sharing a message. While waiting at the door we were saying, "what if she just came to the door dressed up for the baptism?". Pfff, she totally came to the door with a dress on! We asked her why she was dressed up and she said it was cause we were coming. However, she made some lil excuses to not go to the baptism. Again she was incredible and seemed to understand the need for a prophet in these days and especially the importance of being old enough to choose to be baptized showing heavenly father that we are willing to follow him. Yeah, she's unreal! She wouldn't set a date cause she wants it to be spontaneous.... haha but we'll see what we can do this week!

Cano Ramos is the coolest Puertorriqueno that Sister Brooks and I met on our first week in Kissimmee. We called him last week and he gladly invited us to come over! We had such a great restoration lesson with him and when we invited him to be baptized he was so pumped! We set a date for the 26th and he invited us to come the next day! sadly he fell through, but we'll see him this week. Also, he's got a sick mullet haha. I'll for sure get a picture.

Sister Brooks sent a message to her mother this week via facebook asking her to read in the BOM and bearing her testimony! She got a message back that her mama was a few chapters in and just having a hard time understanding so Sister Brooks is going to send a manual. But how cool is that?! Technology folks, it's bringing miracles!

Alrighty, it's time to say see yuh lata, but I love you all and invite you to read in the BOM and pray to know it's true. I've loved the experiences of asking again to confirm and strengthen my testimony! That book is powerful. I know it's true and can teach us the pure principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love that it teaches about the plan of salvation! Good luck yall, have a good one! over n out.

Hermana Jackson

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