Monday, July 14, 2014

The plan of the Lord is incredible.

Que tal?! Man, these weeks are always so filled with cool stuff, i get pretty stressed trying to fit all the goods in! Here it goes:
1. Luis. Remember the guy that we came out of a lesson and he was sitting on the front porch listening to the BOM? Yeah, he's the bomb. He keeps asking really great questions and seems to be super interested. One minor detail though: in his excitement to learn more, he discovered anti Joseph Smith stuff on Youtube. But we basically told him that he's gotta have an open heart and search the correct sources. He's reading in the BOM and unfortunately couldn't come to church yesterday, but this week for sure!
2. We saw Maria Mejia earlier in the week and had johanna share her thoughts from her baptism- that brought the spirit perfectly. After saying the closing prayer to our lil lesson, I felt prompted to tell Maria that I know she knows this is all true and that she's ready for baptism. We got to the bottom of her problem which is Ernesto who is living with them. He's still married to a woman in Honduras and she won't divorce him until he gives her money. He also hadn't had a job for a month so Maria was getting worried. I told her we would start praying for him to get a job. I also asked her to pray this week until we see her this friday about a baptismal date. The girls and us (she can't cause she has diabetes) are going to do a fast tomorrow. BUT the next day when we saw them again, she told us Ernesto got a call and now has a job! Wooo, the hand of the Lord!
3. Stopped by the house of a couple from the DR that we've seen off n on. She's pretty interested and he's definitely closed off but loves us. We are going to do a temple tour with her next week cause shes super interested in the temple. We're excited. Her name is Korina and she seriously has a strong testimony. 
4. We're starting to really do english classes this week, so last week we put a thing on FB and on the website of El Sazon (our favorite Mexican hole in the wall) and then put a lil flyer in their restaurant. They're the coolest couple that own it and they're helping us out tons with getting people to our classes. We've been inviting them to church for a couple of weeks and this week we finally cracked down haha. They said Sundays are their only days to clean the reastaurant n stuff, so we insisted on coming by this Saturday to wash the cars and help them out so they'll come to church! We've been able to take advantage of lots of service opportunities lately that we're super excited about! We still walk with Louise every other day and this morning I mentioned the lessons she agreed to have. She's not stoked about the elders (assistants) coming by, but we'll keep tryin. We and the english sisters are going by Mimi's (Alley Larson's grandma) to do some service in her yard. We got special permission cause she's english but doesn't want to be threatened by missionaries she doesn't know, so we're hoping to open the door for the english sisters. 
5. A recent convert in our area, Carlos Utitiaj, is the coolest! He's on fire and wanting to come out with us and is inviting tons of family and friends to listen to his very first talk in church :) He's really excited and is taking his talk so seriously, I LOVE IT. We're going by to mow his lawn tonight and we told him the way he could "pay" us is to keep sharing his testimony and providing references, wooo! solid deal, I'd say. 
6. This 100 day reading "challenge" is the best thing that's happened to me! We're reading it out loud as a companionship and I'm learning so much and it really enriches our teaching. President wants us to be focused on the promises of the BOM and how we can use those with investigators. This morning we were reading more about the promised land... I really can't even begin to explain my thoughts. The plan of the Lord is incredible. I sure hope y'all are doing this challenge as well! If not, today's a new day and you can start! Repentance is real haha. 
7. This Friday is our temple day...! I'm SO excited to go to the temple as a missionary and to receive guidance for my area and my people. I'll letcha know how that goes. Last time I didn't tell you, but the night after the temple we were weekly planning and I had the most horrible feeling come over me. I couldn't even explain what it was, nor can I now haha but I'm pretty sure Satan was trying to attack me after such a spiritual high at the temple. I got a sweet blessing that night from Elder Bevans, a senior missionary. I've learned on the mish that Satan works like that though. 
Well yall, I'mma send some pictures I've been slacking to send. I hope you have a wonderful week!!! Lizzie and da homies should be partyin this week- don't forget to send the Hermanita some pictures! ;) 

Love, Hermana Jackson (stink)

MMM yeah. Maria sure knows what she's doin! 
I think I'm pretty clever and hilarious. 

the tiniest froggy 
What a surprise we found in our apartment this morning.......... BAAAA! We're safe and well cause my companion's tough.

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