Monday, June 9, 2014

What day is it? ..... Hump Dayyyy!

So the subject is a little off topic, but there's something I've learned out here and that is to be myself and also to celebrate life. We also think we're hilarious. This last week has gotten slightly sentimental with Hermanita Brooks n me due to our realization of time FLYING, but all in all I'm just so filled with gratitude to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to be here!!!
This week was one where I needed to assess myself and make sure I'm doing what the Lord wants me to do and becoming what he wants me to be. Hermana Brooks and I are focused on becoming more consecrated in our work. Wow, what miracles come when we're truly focused on our purpose 100%. I can say that I'm a happier person.
Last Sunday we had a fireside that I'm not sure I told you about. It was SO awesome! The bishops, WML's and Ward missionaries were all encouraged to come as well as other members who wanted to. President Berry was there as well as stake leaders. We all broke into little classes to talk about how we can magnify our callings and hasten the work together. And to get everyone pumped up about missionary work! This Sunday one of the stake leadrs was in our sacrament (of about 30) and invited all the members to invite their friends to be taught by us! wooo! We're on the verge of receiving 3 referrals from members- the best way to do it.
The Mejia girls are progressing wonderfully and Barbara is planning to go on trek this week! We're praying she'll have a great experience. I'm sad i never had the chance to go on trek. They're still planned for the 21st of June.
This week we had some more members coming out with us and one of them, Hermana De Couto totally LOVED it haha she's asking if she can come more and sharing her experiences with the other members and such! I'm still converted to the importance of member presents.
Haha ok wait I gotta tell you about our Friday afternoon. We had a lesson set with a woman whose husband was killed in a car accident last Sunday. We got there and she was overwhelmed that she needed to get her house cleaned before the funeral tomorrow so we offered to help. Not gonna lie, I wanted to turn and run the minute we entered her apartment... Words can't even describe the putrid stench in that lil space. Besides that there were belongings and food just everywhere. Anyway, we helped her for about 10 minutes when Hermana Brooks turned to me with tears in her eyes and said, "I'm gonna throw up sister" haha so we told her we could come back in just a bit. We had the idea of calling in backup. Unfortunately the backup plan failed so we ended up going back just us again but SHE had called backup. These ladies were from other churches and the minute we got in there they were raving about the service that the "mormons" give. After turning the place inside-out, we said a prayer with her and she was so touched by it all she started crying. I think if anything her heart was touched by a lil service and a prayer. Simplicity right there!
Ok I gotta hurry and tell yall this other amazing story that took place last night! We have been trying so hard to see this one potential that we contacted that didn't even seem too interrested besides for his son. We had an appointment set with him last night and when we arrived, his wife answered and he was sleeping... We were lookin a lil bummed that he would cancel, but she invited us in and he came out after a lil wait. Soon after we began the lesson his wife came to the table and joined in. They both were asking great questions and giving insight. She was touched that our message has to do with families and he just understood the apostacy (LOVED amos 8 where it talks about the famine. That's what hit home I think) and the need for authority. We explained the Book of Mormon and he goes, "I've got to read this book!". Sister Brooks and I did a lil squeel and a high five and told them how excited we were that they GOT IT haha. Then they invited us to stay for dinner. When he got back from buying it (yeah, we gotta repent for that, we didn't know he was gonna run to the store) he goes, "so if I were to have a friend over could we have a lil beer?". We explained the WOW and he was a lil hesitant on the coffee. K I so wish I had more time and more the ability to even explain how cool this couple is! haha they're the best and we'll be seeing them in a couple days again! Gotta run, but I love yall and hope you'll share the gospel in every opportunity you get! Just do it!
LOVE, Hermana Jackson

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