Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day, Papi!

Ahhhh I just wrote a good long email and somehow losst it..... Really quick I wanna tell Grammy a happy birthday too :) love you and miss you Grams!!
Ok so we are being incredibly blessed here in Kissimmee!!! We're starting to get a good group of investigators and solid ones! 
side note: A huge thunder just cracked and sister Brooks and I slowly turned to look at each other wide-eyed hahaha it just doesn't get old. It's seriously huge. The lightnight is also incredible. Love it.
So we went to see a less-active this week who has MS and only can move her head and one arm. She's the most positive person and so filled with faith. She wants to go to church, but it's just too hard for her and her husband. We showed her an "I'm a mormon" video and at the end she got quiet and started to sob. Through her tears she said, "soy mormona". It hit me so hard that I couldn't hold back tears. It made me realize just how blessed I am that "I'm a Mormon". The spirit was definitely dwelling with that sweet lady in her home. 
Yesterday we went to see an investigator and her friend and they weren't home. We stopped at the hoouse next to them where there were some people talking. yeah, they were JW's and wanted to bible bash. We didn't fan the fire, only testified of simple truths. Then Our investigator walked out and invited us in! I know that if we hadn't stopped to talk to everyone, we wouldn't have been able toteach her and her friend (whose dad just died a week or two ago) the plan of salvation. They ATE IT UP and invited us back. 
The cuban couple, Jesus and nancy are totally the coolest and have strong desires to know if this is the truth. They've been so sweet to us and the other day leaving their home they called from the driveway for us to come back to them, we went back and Jesus said that he feels like we are their daughters (they have all boys) and that they love us! Oh I love them so much and want them to embrace this message!!!
The Mejia girls are doing so great! Barbara LOVED trek this week and when we taught the law of chastity, their mom started crying at the end and testified that she knows this is where they should be. They came to church and were slightly late.. missed sacrament, so after all the meetings AND a lesson from us, the mom said, we're going to stay for the next sacrament so we can take the sacrament!!! Golden I tell you!
Running out of time, but I love you all and hope all is well! :)

Con mucho amor, Hermana Jackson

Hey mama!

Yeah so the cubans we found by taking their groceries are back in Semoran, i haven't heard from Sister Marsh! I sure hope they're taking the discussions still! And I'm not even sure why but we seriously have a great teaching pool right now! We almost taught 8 or 9 lessons Tuesday but 2 fell through so we got 7. The Mejia girls are being baptized this week and their sweet mama is the happiest! She's totally next. She keeps telling us that she knows this is where they need to be. She's cried a couple times thinking about it. Yeah, we're being so blessed. Also, I received the packages!!! ... man, you take good care of me mama, thank you!! I pray for yall every night and hope you're not going insane with how busy you are! I love you so much and you look fantastic! Just know that I couldn't be happier here and I'm workin hard. K i'mma get to the big letter. I have tons to report on. 

Con mucho amor, Hermanita Jackson
Went to the beach for district pday!! SO fun. Yeah, the sister who took the picture timed it great... Both times. 
Lovely morn 
caught a lil froggy :) and then felt bad and let it go 5 minutes later 

the apartment we helped with... words don't even describe. It's like worse every time we go now.. 

The beautiful puffy clouds that gather early afternoon..
And the big black sky just an hourish later

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