Monday, February 3, 2014


What up fam?! Life is grand down here in the sunshine state :) mostly cause the sunshine finally came out again yesterday! We're back to the 70's and 80's and we're pretty happy about it. Sorry about the super bowl game haha not mad i missed it. Ok I've got ma list here with me so here it goes: First of all, I came to a wonderful conclusion this week that I'm super honored to be in my area. Anyone can be in an on-fire area and having tons of success, but God trusts us here in Semoran to BUILD the area and get it going and I'm totally excited about it. Second, we received iPads this week..???! Kinda the weirdest transition ever and a lil hard, but it'll get going in a bit. It's nice to feel pretty organized with it and all. And to show videos. We only have wifi at the church and there are tons of rules and such, so don't worry. Obviously it's inspired. Third, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLA!! I think I'm late on that.. maybe.. forgot. It's on my calendar haha. Fourth, Dad, I have a joke for yuh.."Porque las camisas de Jose Smith estaban arrugadas?........ "Por que Moroni quito las planchas" haha I think you'll enjoy that. Please excuse the lack of accents. Next item of business- ELDER PERRY CAME ON SATURDAY!! what is life? we're feeling pretty blessed down here in Orlando hearing from two apostles in one week and there were 7 from the 70 there on saturday! we're suspicious of something big comin to these parts. It was with all the members and was broadcast to 164 places or something. They're really pounding the hastening of the work and the members getting involved (insert emoticon with heart eyes). Elder Perry is the most ENERGETIC, hilarious, powerful, adorable person! man, I fell in love with him. He always says to people "we're mormons and we're the happiest people on the face of the earth!" haha. He was on one. Oh, elder zwyck, rasband and muns were there (don't know the other ones). One thing that we noticed was that the number of missionaries since just last week went up 1,000! It was super inspiring and exciting to hear them giving suggestions of how we can catch the fire and help each other get goin. He had the missionaries stand (we were pretty close to the front) and recite our purpose... in english. I was SO embarrassed cause I couldn't say it in english haha. The spirit in that room though was absolutely incredible and I got so pumped up!! Other than that, we really didn't have much else happen this week to report cause we were in meetings a ton. However, we have some potentials lined up for this week and we're really thinking they could be ready! Gotta run, but I love you all and would love to hear from the homies in utah and idaho! Stay safe and happy and have a wonderful week!! 

Con Carino, Hermanita Jackson

 The Conway sisters and us having a "picnic" at the chapel ...
Ma lil' mini ipad ... not yet named ...

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