Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nice and balmy again ...

Well hey fam! wow, so the world decided to email me today! I can't even complain cause I love it, but I'm sorry I don't have loads of time to tell you bout my BOMB week! I'll get goin.. First off, three cheers for the Semoran spanish sistas for getting not 1, but TWO new investigators!!! We couldn't be more excited about it. Things are really starting to move in this area.. or on the verge anyway haha. I think I say that every week, but it's da truth. So one of them is Miguel Angel de Guatemala. We had a great lesson with him this last week and he's totally interested and excited about the Book of Mormon and learning more. Problem: he works on Sunday. Only minor though, we can work with that. We will be seeing him twice this week and hopefully getting a baptismal date set and getting the man to church! The other one was taught while we were on exchanges (again!) and sister Gruber taught him so I don't know much, but we met him on the street the day before. He is from the Dominican Republic and seems like a happy older fellow. I guess he loves the bible and may have some problems with believing the Book of Mormon. Ok so on exchanges I was with good ol Sister Thomson from NEW ZEALAND! I'm obsessed with her, and not to mention that accent haha. We had tons of fun, and as usual, it was an opportunity to recognize the areas I need to strengthen and receive advice on how I can do it. She has the sweetest spirit, just so genuine, and still has the funniest personality. Oh, it was way cool actually, we met with a lady in their ward, sister scrivens and she started talking about her daughter in Spain. She told me some story about how the mission president in MADRID (DAD) sent the missionaries to Javea? to see Elizabeth Rives? I obviously don't even know the whole story, but she was freaking out about how inspired it was and that she really needed it. Not sure how her daughter fits in.. Ok so I ruined the story, i apologize. I'll have to ask her again next time I see her haha but dad, nice work! she says to send the missionaries back haha. Next item of business- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTY!!! I miss yuh. Hope it was swell :) Ok i have to hurry, but this week we go to the temple!!!!! man, i yearn to go there! I'm way too excited about it. K Imma send a couple pitchas.. I love you all and thanks a million for emailing and keeping up with me! thanks also for the prayers, they are surely appreciated and felt here in the promised land of Orlando. Have the best week :)
XOXO, Hermana Jackson

I totally mowed the lawn on Tuesday at temple service! It was hot as the devil out there but it was a blast haha I had a smile the whole time. Thought paps and da brothas would be proud of me :)
My New Zealander amiga

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