Monday, February 24, 2014

coming soon ... (like tomorrow)

Sister Gruber and I are gonna be in a TRIO!!!! We've got a lil hermanita coming in from el ccm de mexico today and we'll get to meet her tomorrow! We're pretty excited about it. However, I'm so open to advice from the alumni and the MVP's in Espana! To be completely honest, I prolly looked like a deer in the headlights when president asked us to do this, cause I've heard some rough stories.. BUT it is what you make it so we'll make it THE BEST! I'm a lil worried about her feeling left out or far behind on spanish or something, but it'll all work out. One step at a time I suppose. Our lil apartment is lookin pretty cozy right now so I can only imagine what it'll be when she actually comes haha! Oh, to update on the dentist situation last week. I had to go in on Tuesday and get it fixed. The dentist was a member and was way sweet in putting it as worker's comp., or whatever (Mom and Dad, you didn't have to pay)! On Saturday there was pioneer days in our area and we had a booth, so we were there with the english sisters and had a grand ol time. Not too much success for us cause it rained.. BUT there was a war reenactment hahaha. I thought that only happened in the movie Sweet Home Alabama..? IT was pretty exciting ;) Yesterday we had a lesson with Salatiel! we got permission to teach him since he should be in the single adult ward but doesn't know english. We had a member there (outside of dunkin donuts.. you do whatcha gotta) and for the most part it went pretty good. It was hard with the member going off on details and such, BUT he has a baptismal date for March 23!!! He's pretty solid. Ok Mama and Papa, don't kill me but I gotta go.. :) I love you all!!!! I promise I'll have more next week!
XOXO, Hermanita Jackson
PS feliz cumpleanos to papa last week and chels and mama this week!!!

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