Monday, February 17, 2014

"seriously so blessed" (joke, but the theory is true as ever

Hey hey Jackson squad! And all others who actually take the time to view these.. haha. Vaya semana! We're mind-blown at the miracles occurring here and way excited to see our area transforming. Miguel is progressing and we are enjoying working with him haha. He's a sweet lil thing (as in like 5 ft. tall) and is really prepared for this message and willing to make the changes. We didn't get him to church this week which was a bummer, but he's talking to his bosh to get next sunday off. We're gonna need to address keeping the sabbath day holy. OH! one day we were knocking an apartment complex (we've now knocked every door in it- it's a gold mine for spanish work) and we had THREE doors in a row that were incredible! TWO of which are now our potentials and really recognize the importance and value of The Book of Mormon! I'm loving this work and could probably blow up of joy one of these days. Which brings me to our special visit to the house of the Lord this week!! It's truly a special place that reminds you of your purpose, and God's love. I felt such a peace and was in love with the experience. It was just what I needed and I feel a fire in my bones to share it with everyone! Oh haha wait, I have a story. While knocking in this gem of apartments, we came across a door with scriptures (either super good or super not..). The lady answered the door peaking the top part of her head out and asked if it was just us. She scanned both ways and let us in. We got our purpose out before her husband went off on how it was so great that we were doing this. I finally asked if we could say a prayer for them. Got their names and right when I started saying it, he starts whaling his own prayer in spanish while clenching his bible and holding it out in front of him on the table. His wife then joins in with a synchronized, "gracias, gracias, gracias senor.. Poderoso.. gracias senor." We went along with it for a bit and then we both look up at each other and mouth, "what do we do?" He was yelling and clenching his fists to the air, just bawling. haha literally this went on for at least 5 minutes and that's not an exaggeration! Longest 5 minutes I've had in a while. We got out of there right as he was pulling his microphone out.. hahaha we died laughing after. I also had a man from Republica Dominicana sing 4 songs to me on the side of a busy street while snapping a nice beat. People driving by were laughing and I was as well haha! What a life we live here :) Yesterday I gave a talk in our branch about families and we sang a primary song with the elders. Then in our second hour we were asked to teach a primary class with 6 kids (they're nuts haha). It was a grand ol time. Ok, I have to hurry and send pictures and take pictures of emails haha. I love you all, feliz dia de los enamorados (un poco tarde). Y feliz cumpleanos a mamacita y papacito en espana!!! les quiero muchisimo! Hasta la proxima semana :)

XOXO, Hermana Jackson (II)

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