Monday, January 26, 2015

Belleview take 3!!!!! WOOOO!

ooooh ma heavens, I don't have time.. Just wanted to tell you that I'm still in Belleview :) With my dearie lil sister Taylor! We're just having a blast and loving the people we get to work with.. Seriously, EVERYONE is sick. Not including us :) healthy as an ox. This week we've evaluated and decided to show some faith by dropping those who aren't prepared. Sad, but true. BUT we're stacked this week with some awesome opportunities!
Heard from the assistants the other day that John Vega (Semoran) is doing wonderfully and that he's dating someone who will be baptized soon along with her two boys and maybe his daughter!!!!! I've never been so happy! that just filled me right up.
Oh, mom, quick note.. my bike. Can i sell it to a sister coming in? How much should I sell it for? I don't know how much it was. It's in pretty good shape though!
The bishop's dad is into music and such and went to see Jimmy the other day. He kinda almost dropped us the other day cause his mind is so focused on his health.. he may not make it through this one.... he gets surgery in February and isn't doing too great. Keep him in your prayers please. 
Can't even think I'm trying to type so fast. Loves y'all and have a wonderful week! More to come next week, I promise. And pics ;)
Con carino, Hermanita Jackson II

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