Monday, September 8, 2014

From the Sunshine State ...

Runnin low on time already so I'll be quick! 
1. last monday we gave a temple tour to a cute les active family we're working with :) it was so special and they're ready to work toward the temple as a family. Their 5 month old baby was SO excited to be there and we all knew why! She knew were she was.
2. we had 2 AWESOME exchanges this week! The first one I stayed here and was super impressed by the sister with me. We saw some cool miracles here in lake nona. We had a lesson with Richard and he was havin a hard time with his wife and didn't know what to do, but after an intense conversation with him and THANKS to the member who came with us he's still really wanting to meet with us and reading and praying. The other exchange I went to St. Cloud with a sister who was just an STL and about to go home. I got to learn so much from her!! I swear these exchanges do more for me than they do for these sisters! We saw the COOLEST miracles. One of the lessons with a new investigator was prolly the coolest restoration lessons I've ever had! He just was the most prepared person ever! That day was a boost of energy for me! Not that I was lacking too much, but I could always use a lil more :) especially after...
3. I gave my first training at ZTM!! haha wow, that was scary. Especially cause it was on comp. unity and communication which seems to be a bit of a sore subject here in our zone. But it was completely inspired of president berry in MLC! We hadn't even reported our exchanges to him yet, when he gave that training. Anyway, it turned out nicely, I think. It was pretty fun too! 
4. Michelle is progressing tons in lessons but not getting to church so we're going to have to push the baptismal date for later. She's SO COOL and a YW came and really helped us in a lesson this week, but somethin's keeping her from church. I think it's her mama though. So we're working on finding a lot. Elder Hamula challenged us to get 4 new gators every week, so we're on it!
5. Had a MIRACLE last night with a member. He invited us over and when we got there he told us his wife isn't a member! She was so ready to hear more! Like, this is manna from Heaven! We're so excited to share the lessons with her! He's also slightly less active so this'll be good.
K I've gotta run!! Love you all so much and thanks for being so good to me!
Haha side note.. We haven't been getting letters really at all in the past two weeks (as in only from mom n dad). This morning we read in Alma 60:6 and laughed so hard. Please read it :)
XOXO, Hermana Jackson

Editor's note: Alma 60:6 And now behold, we desire to know the cause of this exceedingly great neglect; yea, we desire to know the cause of your thoughtless state.

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