Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day y'all!

I'm absolutely baffled that it's Monday again! How? It's like every other day is p-day! This week was a crazy one. To answer Papas question about Kyle... Unfortunately we handed him to YSA (thats not the bad part) and he hasn't been answering for them and such.. We're praying he'll open up to them!!! Man, he's golden. Update on other investigators real quick: Michelle (13) has really been doing well MINUS the fact that she didn't make it to church yesterday (kind of a big deal actually..) but she prayed about a date for a few days and was super excited to tell us that she felt sure about Sep. 20th. She's gotta show her Mama she's committed. Luckily we got to talk to her mom the other day and she seems to like us. We're slowly getting her more involved. Shawn (16) we had a lesson set and he hadn't gotten back to us to confirm, but we went to his house anyway. We were saddened when we pulled up and it appeared like no one was home. But we prayed real hard and told each other he was gonna be there and as we walked to the door he peaked out the window and had opened the door before we got there! He was so excited (not a thing for him, so this was huge) and just seemed happier! THEN his mama pulled in the driveway (we haven't met her before and she's the reason why he didn't get baptized a few weeks ago) and we were able to talk to her some. Her husband is kinda negative too, but whatever, hearts can be changed. Shawn really does want to come to church and mutual but this Sunday his family was going to the beach and he couldn't get out of it. We're trying to talk to his mom more and figure things out. Richard (40's) SOO solid. I wasn't at his last lesson because I was on exchanges in another area, but it sounds like he's really open and honestly like he's already gotten his answer that it's true, but he wants to read more in the BOM first. 
So yeah, we had 2 exchanges this week with the Kissimmee english and spanish sisters!! The first exchange was so much fun cause I'm really good friends with the sister who came here. But their companionship REALLY has some issues right now with communication. She recently had a family thing come up that's been hard on her too. So she was crying a lot of the exchange and unseure she could finish the transfer. But it was really good for her to get away and have a fun day! On the other hand, Sister Kreiberg had a hard exchange with the companion.. Obedience issues. eeek! That was all a crazy problem even into the next few days. But they seem to be doing better. Then at MLC (yeah, we had it AGAIN!) President Berry was totally inspired to give us a packet all on communication that we can use on exchanges! The next exchange we had was way more balanced and the hermanita I went with was SUCH an awesome missionary. Like I feel like I learn way more on these exchanges than they do haha. Like I'm just here to give them a lil break I guess. No, but we had a blast. They're area is struggling really bad to find new solid investigators, so they've been finding a ton. Unfortunately they're having communication problems too, so that's been a stresser, but it'll all work out. Shoot, I've gotta run. I love you all so much!!! Haha sorry that's the most boring letter ever.... :) 

XOXO, Hermana Jackson

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