Wednesday, March 5, 2014

la la la fabrica

Hola familia! Que pasa? Wow, this lil (lil being all relevant.. I'm so scared i'm gaining weight.. apparently in the cheeksies) Hermanita is happy as a clam :) SIster Gruber and I received our newby on Tuesday morn and odds be havin it, she's from Utah haha. And we knew each other at BYU! Her name is sister Marsh from Joseph, Utah (I don't even know where that is..). She is 20 and tall and knows a surprising amount of espanol. Willing to work way hard, try things and mess up, and has a genuine love for the people here! As scared as I was, of course I'm pleased as punch with how things are going. This week however was slightly rough in the way of investigators.. Both Miguel and Salatiel won't answer calls, don't wanna see us.. So we're doing our best to sort that out. We recognize the need to continue finding though to cycle through and find the elect, so we have been finding like crazy this week! We have a few complexes we are knocking out right now and got super lucky in the past few days! We found a girl named Carla from Honduras living with her mama and Carla is a less-active! she has been looking for a church here and is excited to come.. EVEN though she didn't show up yesterday..? Struggle around here. But she has a car so that's a huge plus. Our chapel is about 20 minutes from where we live right now cause the normal one is under construction. Anyway, we have a lesson with her, her two young boys and her mother tonight and we are bringing a recent convert her age that we're super excited about!! Should go well and we are hoping her mother will be receptive. Then yesterday afternoon we were knocking and found ANOTHER less-active from Mexico named Aurora and her husband who doesn't sound like is a member (Juan). WOOO, that'll be so great to work with these two families to regain activity and hopefully even get the non-members in on it! We love to say prayers at door steps cause it invites the spirit and really opens up hearts! I've been so amazed at the way people open up after the prayers. We gain such a love from them as well when we understand what God wants them to know and feel. What a joy this work is!!!! I can't even believe how happy it makes me! Yeah, it's frustrating and tiring sometimes, but WAY worth it! Haha so I have to tell you about sacrament meeting and the contrast of the last two.... Kinda luckily we didn't have any investigators last fast sunday cause it was a lil bit off-topic and THEN a guy gets up and starts telling a way long story about the farm and roosters. I started zoning out after a lil cause it was a lil monotone as well, but I got a nice wake up call to a "cockle-doodle-doo" from the pulpet..! hahahaha my heavens. I thought the branch president and some of the members would die. However, this week I was expecting kind of the same and I got quite the opposite experience. The testimonies were so centered on Jesus Christ and the spirit was radiating! I wish I could go into details, but I better not. We loved it though. Ok I've got more time and I'm not sure what else to report on, so I guess I'm done? haha. But I do want to tell yall how much I love you and count my blessings to have such wonderful examples to follow! We're so blessed with a knowledge of this gospel and I hope we'll all remember that so we will share it with others! This work is the work of the Lord and it's really gettin rolling right now! I pray that you're all safe, healthy and enjoying yourselves (wherever you are and whatever you're doing :) Loves from da sunshine state!
Con mucho amor, Hermana Jackson

Leaving my mark on the mission :) 

the girl over my shoulder behind me is from Denmark and I've been told since the day I got here that we look alike :) I must be danish or something. 
The pioneer days with the english sisters! last week..
The District - awful picture of me, haha!

 My sista Heiney came home this week! I hope she brings my stuff over soon :)
Mantando en la lluvia :) Pay no mind to the lovely duct taped helmet.

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